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Last day for 2012

yyyaahhhoooo! Last day for work... vacation mode! 

I`m one of the few who has the benefit for a long vacation during Christmas season. Start tomorrow until January 2 of next year, eleven days on my count. No need to wake up early in the morning or keeping awake and alive during night shift. It`s time to relax and enjoy. :)

Three more days, and it`s Christmas. I decided to spend Christmas here in Manila with HiM and also to give way with my Ate`s family vacation, I`m the one left at home and be a care taker.. hehhe! But on new year I will be in bicol too, I will start my 2013 with my family.

I had the best 2012. I`m family is good, no one got sick seriously. I did my best at work and they give me good thing also in return. God blessed me so much, for having a good health through out the year. Being happy and inspired each day. I`ve been through some obstacles but He never put me down. 

Thank you Lord for everything and be with me on my vacation as you always will.


Simbang Gabi

St. Anthony de Padua Parish Church, Gubat. Sor.

Simbang Gabi (Night Mass) a nine days novena mass most practiced here in the Philippines by Roman Catholics. Originally it`s an early morning mass but in recent years it`s already done in the evening too. Which is good also, people have other option to attend the mass on their convenient time.

When I was a kid, I always want to have a perfect attendance for this nine days, because they say you can make a wish if you`ll be able to perfect it, but I know it`s was too hard to accomplished by then, the church is almost 5 km away from the house, we have to walked going there as early as 3 o`clock. So mostly, I just have 2 to 4 days on my attendance, worst there years that I`m zero.

It was 2008, I make my perfect attendance, It`s a dream come true to me, I feel I have accomplished something good for myself, and yes I make a wish. Not all my wish has been granted, but some, Yes. 2009 and 2010 I didn`t make it. But last year I do, and for this year I still aiming for it. Six mornings is finished, three more mornings to go. Just a little sacrifice with my sleepy head... ^_~

(Photo above is not mine, I will give credit to its owner Mr. Raymond Enaje)


Looked who I have lunch with...

May 2001 the last time we`ve together, eleven years on the count. Allan, is my best and my closest cousin ever. We`re in grade six when we`re first introduced, by then, all things been good and comfortable for both of us. Though, we didn`t grow up together, we studied in separate school during elementary and highschool. We just see each for some family occasions, but most during summer vacation. But during our 3rd and 4th year in highschool, we`re given the opportunity to work together as we both become the leaders of Youth Ministry of our Cluster. We handed 7 baranggay kapilyas, with more than hundred members. Working together as leaders, strengthen more our relationship not only as cousins but also as friends. We really have fun working together and enjoy each others company. Though, there are times we also have misunderstanding, but we get all through with those times. Until we got separated as we graduated highschool, and we lost our communication as we studied here in Manila.

Until last Sunday, our path crossed again, It was Mr. Facebook help us  first to locate each other and to update both of us of our whereabouts... The meet up has been plan many times, but just last Sunday has paid those plans. It`s really good to see Allan again. Not so much change on him, physically bigger than he is before, for obviously he gain pounds, and nothing so far. He is Allan I used to be with before. The way he talked, he smile and laugh. The person I admired with intelligence and with good heart. 

Now we`re really grown ups, not only by age but by the way we think and view about life.We maybe believe, see and understand things in differently, have principle that view in separate perspective. But nothing can change what we are before, the foundation that we build and blood that we have that connect us most.

Be noted, we enjoy the shirmp and rib treat at Cajun red rock...:))


Done with x-mas shopping

hhaiysst! so tiring... :)

One week before Christmas, shoppers are really on the go. But thanks God I`m done with my list. Last weekend, buying gifts for Christmas is one of my schedule. I haven`t recover yet with my less hour sleep but I really have to do the shopping, I don`t have much time lift to put it on other day.

Good thing, HiM favored me in helping doing the task. It take us also 6 hours walking and roaming inside department store after we finished what to buy. Having the list of names and what items preferred for them really a big help, though because I have lots of option when we`re inside the store, some items on my list I think to replace... and most,  I`m having a hard time which to choose, this make us consumed little more time. hehehe...Hope my inaanak, nieces and nephews will like what I have buy for them. Items don`t have much monetary value but its really form the heart.


Fun night with a little charity

For a month awaited event, last Saturday, Sarung Banggi was a fun and successful event. Once again, Burugkos Inc make it this year, Congratulations Folks! (clap, clap, clap).

A little less attendees as to compared to the first year, but still the night is great, and we really have fun, we enjoy the activities prepared, the Bingo is good but the Trivia questions are funnier. Questions are out of  somewhere, but do really exist and happened... hahahhaha

With the small amount paid for the registration, is also charity shared. But if those are sum up, this would be a big help for the benefits of our own kababayan, especially the kids who will be provided with the library as the cause of the Book drive.

We share, we bond, we enjoy... until next year :)


Worked with the Best One

Sometimes when we`re asked and given the task to work with other people whom we know that they are really good and well experienced on the field, we`ve got the fear, turns back and decline to accept the job. It already happened to me, which I regret after.

It`s really good working with some people who have lots of experience toward your job. Aside form you will learn a lot of things from them and gain some tips to be more effective on your job. It also give challenge to you, and make you appreciate more what your doing.

For the two and half days visit of one of our colleague from Japan and given the task to assist him and have some discussion about development project, its really a nice Accuracy Up meeting which I realized that for 3 years working here there are lot of things I`m not familiar with. I was astonished the way his mind working and to his imagination how things work and will work so far. Having very limited time left to his deadline, his very positive that he could come up with the best result that has an accuracy to meet client requirements.

The positive attitude towards work is very remarkable.


Late B-day gifts

The saying " It`s better late than never" always count... and more often reasons and alibis people are busy. Whatever! and when it comes to gift... late gifts still good :)

My birthday is September, and only last Monday I receive my gift from Eman, gifts for this year and for my last years birthday. Super duper late, but so happy, at last I have it with me. I`m so thankful I have a friend like Eman, very thoughtful and sweet as well.

This books are supposed to be for my last years birthday, but we are not able to meet up buy then. Too grateful, he preserve it for me and not given to anyone. Maybe, because he knows very well that I love reading. I`m not surprised with the books he choose, because he knows what I`ve been through. And this two books, reminds me how much he encouraged me to be tough no matter how hard life is and  inspired me to be happy and thankful for what I have.

And this Hua Mulan comb is for my last September birthday, though I already know I have another gift from him because we already talked over the phone. But he didn`t give any details. I`ve never expected that he would give me a comb. I`m surprised when I saw it, I burst into laughter... I told him.." You`ve really thought and know I don`t comb my hair so often, so you give me this".. hahhaha! But he said .. "No, you better read it"... I really appreciates the gifts and his thoughtfulness. But I`m so touched after reading, why this kind of comb and its meaning as a gift.

Thank you Eman and more blessing in return to you my dear friend.


Track and Field

The picture was tag to me by Teacher Lala, it was Yanna running and competing for 200m dash on track and field event. Yanna is the eldest daughter of my cousin, and this kid  really close to my heart, she is one my niece so close to me! And seeing her on the picture, strike my heart in tears, she brings me back on my childhood.

If I`m not mistaken, it was the same field I do my first take off as the sound of the clapper goes on air... "On your mark... Ready!!!... Set!!!... Go!!!...that was 17 yrs ago! I`m on 100 and 200 meters dash event, but I`m more comfortable with 200, which I won, I go for more training on the field, and I shift on the long distance running event, 1800 meter run, were I excel most. Its my pride and honor to compete in the name of my dear Alma Matter and bring home the bacon.

The track and field is the reflection of my childhood... place were I run under the sun, compete under the rain... people see my big smile as I go 1st on the finish line, also they watch me fall on the ground but cheer me up to stand and finish the race. My childhood, were I enjoy most and learned more that brings me of what I am today.


Sarung Banggi : A benefit Concert

Here it is again... the yearly event that all Gubatnons looked forward, Sarung Banggi: A benefit concert. Sarung banggi means "one night". This is a one night of music featuring local bands of Gubat and some invited bands from neighboring towns. This was started last 2009, held every December and it becomes the reunion event of all Gubatnons who are here in Manila.

This event was organized by Burukgos Inc., and for this year they add some twist on the event. Aside for the concert, there would be Bingo games and Hat making contest were there are prizes to be given to the winners. There is also books donating, for every 5 books donated, you`ll get one Binggo card.

All the proceed of this event will be use for the project of Burugkos Inc., like feeding program, environmental care program and more. And the books that are donated will help to build libraries in Elementary school in Gubat.

I really hope I can join again. For this year, it is on December 8, 2012 at My Brother`s Mustache in Scout Tuazon, cor Scout Madrinan, Brgy. Laging Handa, QC and will start at 6:00 o`clock pm. You can visit and like it on Facebook, Sarung Banggi.


Quality time

Time is precious, we can`t turn back the the seconds that passed, it`s good take the most of it. HiM and I both work in shifting schedule and not so often that we both in same work time frame, good thing that Sunday is given to us we`re both rest day by then.

But one day for a week is not enough for me to give him quality time that I could share stories of what activities I have each day. Watch DVD movies with him, though most of the time he always fell asleep. Eat breakfast, lunch and dinner with him or just stay awake talking and laughing together.

Having two consecutive long weekend, I really make sure to give him quality time to have bonding with him, even in simple way that I can. Last Friday I surprised him, when I dropped by in their store and waited him until he finished his shift. We make quick photo shot at the Ayala triangle garden, have Mcfloat at McDonald as we catches what we have for the day. I just love being with him, and I will seize each free time and day that I have to spent with him and I`m looking forward for more...


At last... Tagaytay!

At last... I`ve been to Tagaytay, ever since I came to Manila, this is one place I want to visit! But every time it was planned, it was also canceled. Just this one, and thank you for the effort of my Nhelpotz, thinking this idea for her best friend, Ms. Rhe post birthday bonding.

We`re just five, Me, payts, Nhel, Ms. Rhe and Lei ( Nhel`s little nephew)! We have late lunch at Koorah Koorah first before we go for a walked at picnic grove. My ignorance about the true beauty of  Taal lake and Volcano has been alleviated, because I`ve seen it, not only at pictures :)).  Lei enjoyed the horseback ride with Payts, Nhelpotz and Ms. Rhe go for fish spa and foot massage. We don`t go for zipline! But I really enjoy the day, and I know they too.

Its a happy day bonding, feel so free, relaxed and refresh! Afternoon full of laughter, Me and Payts really enjoy being with this two pretty lady. Hope to have next time!!!



Like most relationship, HiM and I have misunderstanding every now and then. Even just on small things, and I think its normal. Because we`re different individuals with different likes and dislikes at one point. Not all the time our views and opinions laid on same plane. And perhaps all these, make us more strong as one.

When HiM knows he made a mistake, he will admits it and will say sorry!, but most of the time he will never explain why it happened or why he do it so... that something get to my nerves, because I want explanation. His reason why do explaining he admitted it already, he say sorry and with action plan not to do it again... grrrrhhh!... this is HiM and I need to accept it, because His attitude and character is part of what he is as a whole. This makes us give the sweetest smile for each other after the fight :))

Accepting the things the we don`t like from our partner, does not mean we`re blinded, love is just strong enough to make us embrace things beyond our perspective. And on the other way, our partners also doing the same thing with us.


Birthday Vacation

Just came back here in Manila yesterday morning from my super enjoy and happy Birthday vacation in Bicol. And I still have hangover with my vacation until now. So timing of going home, there are lots of activities for four days of my stay.

One thing that I miss and enjoy most is drying the new harvest Palay. Raking of palay under the heat of the sun, it has been years was`t able to do it, and for once I enjoy it much. For two days I take the role of "taga bilad ng Palay".. . hehehehe

"taga bilad ang Palay"

There was a scout camping and Yes- O camp ( Youth for Environment Summer Camp), my nephew Paul is one of the participant. There is torch parade, campfire and other camping activities that all participants and visitors enjoyed to watch.

Our barangay Benguet, was the host for the ALAY LAKAD 2012 in Gubat it was in celebration of Civil Service month. Though, I did not join walking form town proper up to Benguet, I was able to capture moments by taking pictures during the whole activity. I even reunite with my former teachers in elementary and High school, who`s until now doing their mission, to educate and mold ones life.

Alay Lakad participants

With my former teachers

But the most is, I accomplished my mission on my birthday to start my own little advocacy, to help kids appreciates and understand, how important education is. I give few story books for kids in our Elementary school to add on their mini-library. And perhaps, teachers can use it as medium for teaching. I`m really thankful I have given the opportunity to do it. It makes my big day more special and meaningful. Thank you to my sponsors :)). I`m hoping and praying, that I can do it again, for many years to come...

Elementary pupils with teacher Lala and teacher Lerma


All my bags are packed, I`m ready to go :)))

It`s the day... its time!!!! I`m so much excited to go home. I`ve be travelling this evening going to Bicol and by tomorrow morning I`ll be home, by then I`m 28. wwoosshhhh :))). Ten years or more, I wasn`t able to celebrate my birthday in bicol with my Mama and rest the of my family, But this time, I will be there in surprise. I didn`t told them I`ll be home on my birthday, but I make a request to Mama, to cook for me on my birthday even I`m not around.. hhehehe

Thank you in advance to all the greetings, wishes and prayers. And I really thank God for giving this rare opportunity to be home for couple of days to be with my family. I`m so blessed, nothing I can asked for more, just good health for me and to HiM, to my whole family and friends. 

Dear God, guide me and be with me on my trip. I love you and thank you for everything... Amen


Don`t make decision when angry!!!

Don`t make decision when you`re angry. When we are angry our mind loose the state of balance of what is good and bad. Most of the time, we make decision base only on our emotion, on how much we get hurt. We utter words and make actions out of control.

By the time we are already calm, we`ll realized that we don`t really mean it. It was just the result of our annoyance or being pissed off. What we have said, already said, what we have done,already done, and everything is not that easy to take it back. The word, SORRY can`t fixed everything.

Better to be careful when we`re angry. Let everything subside first.  Better not to say anything util you`re calm and relax. Or you`ll find your self regretting on one thing you don`t really mean too.


Spoiled Girl

Just last weekend, Him transferred to a boarding house just few blocks from home. Actually, that was my great idea. hehehhe... Now, I can easily bragged his door, if I need something.

For for his 1st week, I asked him a favor to help me bring our computer to the repair shop. Since I`m on the night shift I asked him to fully take charged of everything needed with the repair. He buy new hardisk for the replacement, testing and brought it back home... by the way, he is also night shift our difference is I`m 5:25pm-3:20am and he is 10:00pm to 7:00am. My reason is, he has more morning hours than mine. Anyway, I didn`t hear any complain from him, he just said Okey to every favor I asked. hehehe

Aside from the computer repair, for two days, I wake him up as early as 1:00pm because I want to him to come with me to Alabang going to the office. This afternoon, when I said... "Hon, hatid mo ako ulit sa Alabang"... he replied to me, smiling.. "hhmmmm, spoiled kana ha, sobra..." just liked that... still, he comes with me.Ohh yah>> I`m spoiled lucky girl... heheh


I have the best Back up :)

Last night, I`m having problem finishing the analysis and report for today`s deadline. I`ve got troubled with the license of software we`re using. It happened, when my computer crashed once and I wasn`t able to retrieved the licence again. I tried to shutdown my PC and log-in to other work station but nothing happened to get the license back. I need system administration and on the sad note; we don`t have system administrator during night shift.

I don`t have other option, but I have to handover my unfinished report to the other shift. No worries, I know I have the best back. Jeff can do the job and can finished it very well. And he accomplished more than to the favor I asked. When I come to the office this afternoon, job is finished and already sent to our partner in-charge at Technical center. Thank you Jeff. This is one thing great, working with people with good working attitude.


Preparation :)

September 27, is getting too close. I feel I don`t have much time to prepare for my project on my birthday. I`ve contacted two friends to ask for a help and support. And I`m so thankful I`ve got positive response from them. Getting their words make me more excited for my birthday to come.

I want to do something new on my birthday. So I planned to make project for this year. Since, this is my first time to do this, I will not go for its details. But, promise will share it here, after I accomplished my mission. I asked God to guide me and be with me doing this project. I really hope that I can make it this time. I`ve been thinking to do this many times, but for not valuable reason, I was`t able to do it. Crossed fingers, hoping for smooth planning and preparation for the upcoming days before my big day.


Superb Family Day

A little late for this post. Sorry :)... But I really want to share our super enjoy company Family day last Saturday with the theme: I cross.... I change Family adventure. Held at Camp Benjamin, Alfonso Cavite.

This is a family day, every regular associates are entitled for a one companion for all out free expenses. Of course, I`m with HiM ^_~.  Almost one and half hour travel from Alabang to the venue with the shuttle service we`re able to relax and enjoy the beautiful morning.

Raining the night before the big day, add more fun and give justice to the main event, obstacle course: Get clean and dirty... plus, I`m being blindfolded as if I`m the disabled person in our team... not only dirty... super dirty :).

Nothing bits the happiness when you`re with your family. The time spent together even just for one day is a moment that you can share for the rest of your life. Every smile and laughter of each and everyone is a medicine that can tear down stress and sadness. The day maybe tiring but in the faces of everyone total happiness can`t deny.

Good job for the recreational committee. Until next :))


Birthday wish :)

Its September!!!and the countdown for my birthday has started... proud turning 28, thankful and blessed. Birthday wishes are not only for kids, so I will have mine... and I claimed it, so help and me God.

My wish is for my sister Nene, and to Mama, may God give them more strength and keep them in good health especially Mama who is taking care of my sister, who has Schizophrenia. In God we trust. He knows best. I`m wishing, that my sister, can recover and regain her memory. I miss her so much.

For this year, I`m not really looking to celebrate my birthday partying or going out. I want to do something new, that I could reach out to other people whom close to my heart. An activity that I could share and help in my own little way. I`m thinking of starting my small advocacy. Though, I don`t have much budget but I know this could make my big day more meaningful.

Well. then I`m wishing myself the best of luck on 27th day of September. ^_~



Honesty is one of the most difficult to achieve for life.. Zero score for lying???... I`m guilty here! I lied a so many times, but most of them, are excuses and alibis for me to do what I want. (hehehe) But not intended to hurt someone or to hide crime.

In a relationship, honesty are valued very well. As one Unknown quoted, "A lie may take care of the present, but  it has no future." So true, you can hide it for a moment but not forever. It`s much better to tell the truth than to make it believe on one false story. So to take care the trust that was given because once it was betrayed you may lost it all forever.

Say sorry, make sure you mean it, don`t make promise... just do it :)


Job completed: Bravo!!!

I`ve working Abaqus for years. Today is the first time, I made my job completed, with no error and result is good. What a feeling.!!! It`s a kind of relief to me, at last I have made it right. Software $$ dollar cost will not put to waste. And efforts are paid off.

At first,  I had given the book manual for me to study. And I really had a hard time to understand everything written in the manual and put it into actual practice. There are moments, I just stared on my monitor, thinking of nothing because I don`t know how to use the commands or make some command works correctly. And there is no one I could seek help, to explain. A times I want to stop and say... " I don`t want it anymore."

They entrusted this job to me, because they believe that I`m capable for it. This gives me more determination to make this job complete. I`m so thankful for the support my Bosses had given to me and to my co-associate, Jeff.. I was`t able to finished this without the extended support from other people they asked to visit here to shared their knowledge. My heartfelt gratitude.

As of now, we`re establishing the process little by little. But the best thing is we made it already and we can do it again much better and more improve. If I could only share here the Animation result, I would! But sorry, it`s not allowed :)


5K Finisher

Congratulation to me and to Him, we`re 5K finisher!!! ( clap, clap, clap...)

Very much excited last Sunday for the 36th Milo Marathon. First time to join in Fun run, and we really had fun and enjoyed the event. Milo was one of the most awaited running event every year for all marathon enthusiast. And it was really a success. Congratulation to Milo and to Runrio, the organizer.

Overwhelming for the 5K participants, more than 27,000 runners joined. Although it not easy to run over with that number of crowd, yet everyone unite to run for one cause, To help give a child a pair of shoes. Great experience for me. We`re able to run at 6:00am  due to the huge number,  Half kilometers to the finish line, it start to rain, instead of stopping, it gives me more power to make it to the finish line. It such a wonderful feeling and achievement for me crossing to the finish. 35 mins time for 5K is not bad at all. (hehehehe). And I hope I would be able to join again next year.

Congratulation to all runners and see you next year :)


Wearing Moms old dress

My Ate is asking me favor to buy dress for Collen to be use on school Acquaintance party. A semi formal cocktail dress. Which come to my mind, I still have dresses on my wardrobe which could`t wear anymore.
Me and Collen are almost same body shape... Slim ( hehhehe). Instead of buying new one, I suggest, she can have my old dresses.

I`m good in wearing 2nd hand clothes, as long as I like it and I looked good. I remember, during our Junior and Senior  Prom, I wear Mom`s wedding gown. Mama repair her gown to make me new dress for my Prom, and I really love it and until now I have it with me.

This photo was taken during Ms. Ferry`s wedding.  And I`m wearing Moms old dress in her 20`s. This dress is older than me. But still looked good. This is my favorite from my Moms old baul.


I can and I will!!!

Last week I was cornered  on phone by Eman about board exam. He was eagerly asking me, if I still have plan to review and take the Board Examination for Mechanical Engineer. I did`t make on my first try last April 2009. But of course, I still want to have my license.

Every year, reviewing for the Board Exam is always on my list, but for some certain circumstances it was not given priority. As, we can`t serve two masters at the same time. My job now, also requires lots of training, research and studying. After working hours, my memory is not enough to understand, solve and calculate problems or even define terminologies. (excuseseneeesss...hehehe )

Seriously, I really want to have my license, hoping to have this on March next year. I`m doing everything now on my job whatever is necessary to accomplish and finished so my schedule would be lessen. And I could have enough energy for my review and get focus. These not easy to do, but perhaps I just need self determination that I can do it. There is no impossible, if we really want it. For my dreams, I know I CAN and I WILL :)


Car with coffee Maker

I love cars and I heard this over radio news yesterday on our way to Alabang. Car with coffee maker, wow!!! Fiat 500L will have a optional built in espresso maker. This is great innovation for the car industry. Drivers who are coffee fanatic would be very happy for this, they don`t need drive thru for a coffee, it`s there beside on their seats. Amazing!!! but bit unlikely...don`t text while driving how about, having a cup of coffee???

Fiat 500L will be release in Europe after its Italian release in October. Brrrrooooommm


Something to Taste :)

Looking for a place to warm this rainy season or just want to chill outside. Army Navy Burger and Burrito is a great place to visit. From single to triple quarter-pound burger patty with fresh vegetables top on it added with mayo and ketchup on ban with toast sesame seeds... hmmmm!!! really mount watering taste. Other from Burger, they also have Burrito, fries, chicken, Taco and extra drinks and coffee served. they have stores nationwide, good for dine-in and take out. Some of the branches operates 24 hrs. Before I forgot, they also serve breakfast.

Let them Accomplished there mission on you : COME IN HUNGRY, WALK OUT HAPPY (^_~)


Learning to Budget

For the years I`m been working, I don`t practice proper budgeting with my salary. It just come and go. No question, why I don`t have good savings. I buy what I want, I go where I want as long as I have money for it. Even before, I always think to do budgeting... but sadly I failed for the nth times. Maybe because I just live with my own, no one asked and question, what I`m doing with my money.

But this time, I really have to work on how to budget with my earnings.  Admitted, I`m not getting younger, I have to prepare with certain circumstances may happened, cross finger for that. Also, there are plans have to pursue in the year to come that I should be financially equip, even not that stable but at least I have something to start with.

As practice, I check what bill I`m going to pay for the 15th and 30th cut-off, separate the amount for my savings, and also my allowance until next payday. So I could manage and budget well with the rest. I more practical on things I buy and cut unnecessary expenses. I make sure I really need it and useful. I also make a list of my expenses for the whole month, for I would know if I`m spending to much.


Small amount yet Big to the Heart

Last week, Gelo been hospitalized due to dengue and typhoid fever, thank you Lord, he is fully recovered now. With Gelo`s absences, I`m the one who take charge for the group. Updating work schedules, assisting rest of the associates with their work loads to the meet deadlines. As the most senior in our group, I considered this as part of my job description when our Assistant Supervisor is not around.

If that is an act of Leadership... I humble myself, I have it with me. Doing such things is just a plain task that I have to handle. But so touchy, when its being appreciated. As my Boss handed me this Gift Check of Starbucks... and he said, "sorry, it`s just 100 pesos, you made a good job being the leader". 

It`s not the amount or GC, it`s the thought that counts. Thank you, Mr. Nakashima :)


1st Fun Run :)

Hayyyaayy!!!  My Blog is snoring loud ( hahaha) ... wake up!!!

Running is not knew to me. I`m an athlete, way back. Before, I can run 25 laps at 400m oval. If my conversion is correct its 10km. That is our warm up during our training in athletics and that is  how good my stamina before.

Its been decades I`m out of this sports. And on July 29, I will run again. I will be joining to the 36th Milo National Marathon here in Manila. This is my first fun run, and I`m really excited. I`m doing practice in preparation for this event. My endurance in running is not same as before, but I`m persistent that I can make to the finished line. Good thing, HiM is very supportive, He`ll run with me :)

Goodluck to all runners, lets run to help give a child a pair of shoes!!!


Boston Celtics vs Miami Heat - Game 7

Boston Celtics in my team, sad that they didn`t make it in game 7. Still, I love them. Boys give good fight and best game with Miami Heat. After Miami wins two straight for the 1st and 2nd game. Boston put Miami on pressure after winning straight 3 in a row for the 3rd up to 5th game. Makes them lead in the series 3:2.  Miami tie it up after game 6. And for game 7 it`s a do or die for both team. Game 7 ended with score of  101-88, Miami win champion for the Eastern Conference and they will be facing Oklahama City thunders for Western Conference. The game will open on Tuesday night. One thing to looked forward for this finals is, if Lebron James can make for victory... hmmmp!

Yet... I go and cheer for Oklahoma :)


Sport fest 2012

Its been a couple of weeks haven`t write here, my race track is not empty  nor too busy, It`s my laziness fever hanging with me this past few weeks. Hehehe :) Getting over and recovering, want to start this, with our Sport fest  held last Saturday, June 9, our venue is at The Mills Country Club.

I always looked forward in every company event that we have, for one year we have only four activities, and as much as possible I want to be present in all this event. We`re finished with the 1st event last March, the Company Outing. Sport fest is the 2nd, for four years, bowling is the mean game, Badminton were added just last year. And same with last year, I joined in both games, that put my whole body in pain!!!

Sport fest aims to make all associates get to know each other beyond office things. Build harmonious relationship, teamwork and camaraderie.  This is also the time, were all associates have bonding time with each other, specially to those in the shifting schedule. That is why, it`s good if everyone will join. I`m really hoping that in the next two company events all Associates can make it. For sure, it would be more fun.

Congratulation to the Recreational committee event is indeed a success... until next time! For the WIN :) 


Successful Relationship

It takes two to tango. Same in relationship, things are between the two of you. Good communication in the relationship is really a big factor to make it successful. Relationship is not only about talking how great the two of you when your together or when your apart, also dealing the not so good things on both.

Understanding and patience is best attitude to keep when your in relationship. Be patience to wait him.her for a couple of minutes when he or she is late at your date. Understand why there are times, he or she have to cancel  a promise bonding time with you because of some certain reasons. Remember, yes your in relationship and yet, you both still have an outside world.


Triplets: Joy, Ann, and Grace

Baby brings joy to the family. If one baby can make a family happy, how much more if they are three.  I have triplets cousins, May Ann, Mary joy, and Mary Grace. I saw them when they were born, they are really cute and identical. I was able to baby sit them when they are about months old. And most of the time I got confused
who`s who if they don`t have name tags of their baby dress. But, as they grow up, some deference were also identified between them. Shape of the face, depth of dimples, and some small visible marks.

Their family is not well off, their father income is just enough, or sometimes less for their needs. I witness, how these three have their rice coffee instead of milk when they are just 1 year old and up. Yet, they grow strong and healthy in God`s grace. Now, they are really grown ups, beautiful and smart.


Unusual without HiM

HiM went home for couple of days to Bicol for the favor that his Tito asked to him. For those days, I`m not comfortable that we`re distant apart. Not, because I`m worried that he might play around. But, I feel unusual knowing that he is miles away from me. Here in Manila, I`m in Taguig and his in Pasig, and its fine. It`s really different that he is in Bicol and I`m in Manila, it drives me crazy thinking over, if he is okey, if he eat already and  I keep asking when he`s coming back. (over!!! hehehehe )

Plus, added to my anxiety is, he is not replying to my messages, if he does, too late!. Also, sometimes he wasn`t able to answer my calls. ggrrrrhhh! And most of his reasons are, his little busy because some friends come over to their house, he fall sleep, he left his cellphone, he got lowbat... etc!

Good, yesterday he`s back, we`re in normal phase again, hehheehe! Although, I really miss Him. And we have dinner date last night, he keep on saying sorry on what he did in Bicol, for not replying on my messages and sometimes not answering my calls, and for being "pasaway na boyfriend".But he said, he will make it up to me. Yahh!, he should be, or he`ll be punish. Oh, just kidding! I love you too Hon :)



PUSH - Pray Until Something Happened.  Self motivation is really needed if you really determine to accomplish a job with a good result. I`ve been working again with the Abaqus for two days, and I`m almost to its end. But as I get closer to the finished line, things become more complicated. whhoohhh!!!

10 pages left out of 63.  I almost there, though I still have some questions need to confirm on previous pages, those are just support details on the process . More doze of PUSH I have to take maybe until tomorrow to make Abaqus in reality.  And when it happened, I know achievement taste so sweet. Ahhhjahhh


Petiks :)

Funny it seems, but it was the hardest hours inside the office.  You have to make yourself busy with something nothing. These days that we don`t have much work load to do. No job request arrive.  Petiks modes are common to all. ( hehehe.)

As the four boys, keep clicking their mouse, zoom in, zoom out, rotate clockwise, rotate counterclockwise. drag up, down, to the left and right. If the model can complain, it does already, good thing it has no choice but to go with the flow, swing along whichever the right hand and fingers may stop and go.

Tik tak toe :)... clock is on! but seems so slow. Everyone want to drag clock`s hand to make it 3:10 for coffee break or better yet 5:25 for handover and then go home.  One day is over! For next day, nothing is sure but need to be ready for another PETIKS day to endure or much to enjoy!


I`m Goody Girl

One of the attitude of HiM that sometimes I don`t like is, He don`t know, to say "NO" on favors that some friends or relatives ask him. When I ask, Why?.. He`ll just say :, I can`t say, No, I can`t turn them down.(grrhhhh)

It`s good that your partner knows how to give a hand to other people, especially to those who are close to him. But what I don`t like is, sometimes his own schedule were also compromised, and his in trouble fixing all stuff.

For that, even it swing my mood, I have to be a goody girlfriend ( hehehe ) .  I have to support him all the way, one thing that he needs in times of trouble is my support, not my nag and complains.. ( it can wait, anyway) hahaha!!!!


For Mama

I can`t think of the best word, to say how great you are.  All Mom is best in their own special way, but for me, you`re the best of all the best.  I`m thankful, because We`re so blessed that you are our mother. For years, you`re not only mother but a father as well.  Thank you for the unconditional love. For being so strong for all of us. You are my inspiration.  You are my strength. I love you so much. I`m sorry for those times, I been stubborn and hardheaded. (hehehe)... I love you Ma :)

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