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Done with the New Two

For more than two years working with my current company. I can`t say that I already have a big accomplishment because I know I still have lots of things to study. If we`re going to talk about skills of individual associates when it comes to our software we`re using, I`m one with the least compared with the associates that only have more than one year tenure.

But, personally, I`m very happy for what I`ve accomplished. I may have the most least skills, but I`m been part on how other associates gain their skills. I feel proud for myself, not for boast, but it`s a nice feeling that somehow, you`ve been part of individual growth.

This week, I finished my training for the new two associates. I officially turn over them to my seniors and they are ready to start with their official job schedule.

Goodluck Kristine and Mau. Nice working with you both.


Back to Kitchen

I`m not really good at the Kitchen. But I enjoy cooking. If I have to take up extra course, my first choice is culinary.

Last weekend, I owned the kitchen for two days. Because most of the time, Ate do the cooking. I wake up food is ready, same thing when I arrived home.

For more than a month, I`m back to kitchen. Although I just cooked common dish that most often serve at home. I do tinola, chicken and pork adobo, Pork chop but menudo style, Chapsuey and Ampalaya vegetable.

hhhmmm yuummyy!!!


My 1st driving lesson

One of my aim for this year is to learn how to drive. But going to driving school is quite expensive and only for a limited and short period of time. I`m crossing my fingers, really hoping to have this before end of this year.

Today, I had my first driving lesson. Seat belt first. Check hand breaks. Basics on how to use the clutch, brake and the accel pedal. How to change gear, from the neutral up to reverse. Used of side mirrors. More on theory, but I learned and got an idea about driving. Makes me more excited.




If the intention of reasoning out is to defend me, I really appreciate, yet I totally disagree on its context. Because for me, things that failed prior, should not be blamed or used as a reason on things that not being done... because it will turn to a total pathetic alibi.

Yes, it mention clearly... "just to defend and to explain", the question is, does the person your are addressing wants or asking an explanation for it? Does the issue has a concern on what was scheduled on the past months, or it has only have to do with is the present and the upcoming loads?

Sometimes, giving example is the best way to explain things, but make it sure to connect it clearly and justify it very well, especially when names are being cited. Because if not, you will be totally misunderstood.

I`m not mad, because my name has been mention, but I was totally disappointed on how it`s being explained. Yes, I it`s true that the task given to me, early of this year, has not been successful, because of some technical problem, that I wasn`t able to solved, and because of the limited resources that I have. But I gave my 100 % effort to come up with the best result. I feel numerous pressure, and personal things been drag of, put at stake and now lost already, though I know work and personal should always be separated, and I`m not directly pointing it, but honestly it does and sometimes it`s too difficult to put boundaries between the two when you feel too much pressure and you just want to have some comforts. And as it was explained and used as reason on why other things are not being done, it sounds to me, that all those months that I`m working with that particular task, was a total waste of time. Given, it was not established, but for me, it should not be used as a reason why other things were not given attention. Because, say, task given to me has been successful, what would be your the reason now???...

If I misunderstood things, I`m sorry... maybe explained things better next time. In my full understanding, the issue is for all, maybe it give more emphasis on me but it`s not all about me, or any in particular, in short no one is excepted, regardless of the position and skills... because even the experts have to know new things about their fields. And for me, it is much better to do a concrete plan on how to deal with the issue, than do explaining!


Things Faded

"There is no such regrets in life, because we learned" - inspired by Sir Jun

We always feel regretting when we get hurt, when we failed or any that
do not satisfy us on what we want things to be.

Every now and then, we make decisions, we have our choices.
And every decisions we make, every choice that we have, has
an inevitable consequences a head, it may favor us or it
may not. Yet, both are essential.

When things go wrong and hurt us, we want to closed it immediately.
We tend force ourselves to forget everything, but end up
getting worst, and mess us up more. Forcing ourselves to forget,
is not necessary because eventually, things faded at a time.



For sure not everyone knows "BALIG-ANG". Because just this week we`re on the shuttle, when I mention it, then they laugh and tease me, if I belong on some tribe like in the AMAYA teleserye.

Actually, it`s Lipote (Syzygium curranii) a fruit species. But often called by the locals as BALIG-ANG OR IGOT. It`s a native fruit here in the Philippines, and it is more common in my own province, Bicol. This is a tree bearing fruit, the tree is almost same size with the Pili and Mango tree. But, Balig-ang fruit is in cluster, in small round shape, at first it was white in color and it turns to dark purple when already ripe.

The best way eating Balig-ang is, put it on a tupperware add some salt and sugar, then shake it, until juice extracted blended with the salt and sugar, and it`s called "NILUNG-GONG". Weird right?.... hahahah



Life really amazing. I`m emotionally at stake last Saturday, I don`t want to stay at home, and just be at my room. So, I drag Mhean to go out just to chill and get used of the time. Mhean arrived minutes earlier at National, the moment saw her and I go inside the store, I`m already in tears, good that I have eyeglasses it wasn`t obvious. When she give me a hug, my eyes totally broke... what I deed is I make a little hops, just to shift the intensity of my emotion, and some people eyes already on me, but then I feel better!

We both agreed to watch movie, instead to have a bottle of beer. Going up to the movie theater, Mhean is chatting with me, that everything will be okey, I don`t have to think it much... blah blah...then suddenly I stepped on unflat tiles and I almost lose my balance, lucky that I`m holding at mhean`s arm that makes me not fall, but the best bloopers is, my sandals been ripped off... it was embarrassing, but it make us really laugh, and it makes me feel good, great,even...



What if your entire life was a lie?

Last week I`m really clamoring to watch this movie. Hooorrray, it`s been to life last Saturday and I`m with my friend Mhean. We hit the last full show at Festival mall.

Mhean and I both love and like Taylor Lautner, his gorgeous body but what we like to him most is his eyes. Abduction is an action film with a drama on its content. Simple story, but nice, worth to watch. I`m in tears on the last part of the movie, during the Father and son conversation on phone. Whom Nathan is to eager to saw his biological father, but for some reason it would be not be possible. ( I miss my Dad too...)



Breaking up is difficult but it`s normal part of life. Everyone been through with this. There are times that we want to keep one person but on the sad note he/she are not really meant to stay the way we want them to stay for us. Even we want it so badly. In short period of time, we shared memories that makes us happy, others make us mad but all this is worth to keep... In breaking up, maybe for a moment there are things been compromise and put in complicated situation but in due time, when all things subsided and with good heart, it will be back on its normal phase. Ending the relationship, whether you are the "dumper" or the "dumpee" it doesn`t matter. Both will experience pain, maybe lesser and much easier for one, yet heartbreak still there... but both will survive.


Air Fair :-(

Since Christmas vacation is coming I got in mind to have already my plane ticket going home to Bicol on 24th of December. So, I go for an online booking. But I was shock with the air fair price, it double its price since the last time I visited the site, I think it was just August. I`d rather booked it earlier, or during the last time I have my inquiry.

Now, I`m having a 2nd thought if I`m gonna take a plane or better go home by Bus. If I go by Bus, I can save half of the price, but It would be a 13 hours travel by land. If I take the plane, double the fair, but 45 mins air travel only and 2 hours travel by land i`ll be home. haiisst! Other thing I need to consider is, if by Bus, I need to leave by evening of 23th so that I`ll be home by Christmas. If by plane, morning of 24th or even in the afternoon would do...

I need to decide ASAP!!!


Ms. Rhe

She is a friend worth to keep for a lifetime. And as she celebrate her b-day, I wish all the best for her. Happy life, good health etc... but most of all --->>> BONGGANG LOVELIFE!!!

Ms. Rhe... thank you, no words can express how grateful I am that I have you as my friend. Always there when I needed a hug. Listen with all my life sentiments... harharhar!!!...

It`s your birthday!!! own the day... enjoy!!! wish more as I wish that all your wishes will come true. Stay cool and jolly. Always wear that smile on your face. I`m just at your back... laughing at you!!! hehehe...

I love you Ms. Rhe!!! < Big HUG> HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!


U make smile :-)

Around 8:30 pm I received an email on my Lotus Notes with the subject "inquiry". I open it at once to know what is the inquiry all about... Just starting reading its content, I almost want to laugh as loud as I can. But I resist myself, for I`m in the office, and I know all of them would ask why and what I`m laughing at... and they would called me crazy... hehehhe

Though it`s just a short mail, like a note... just asking something. But I`m so pleased and overwhelmed, that after I read it, a big smile left on my face. I`m really touched... and I almost don`t know how and what to reply.

Talking about, returning gifts... I couldn`t asked for more. I`m happy that this person been part of my journey. This person may not be always here but will never be forgotten. I know from the fist time I saw this person... My heart already liked and loved the presence.


Good to Earn ^_~

This is my entry to Techie She’s Lucky Blogger Weekly Giveaways Week 18. This week’s prize is $10 paypal credits from WAHWM of Work at Home Wife and Mother.

Mostly when we heard about the word "earn", we commonly associated it with money. How much we are earning with our work, how much we are being paid for a job being done. Happy to know that we are compensated well, not only that but also with an extra benefits that our company provided for us. We feel good with that, right?

But how about, aside from the money that we are earning from our work, we also earn respect from the people we`re working with and working to. It feels great if we do, right?... For we can demand for a salary increase and it could be given to us if its necessary... but we can`t demand respect from others... for it should be earned...!


Rain or storm

Due to typhoon Pedring and Quel, swimming for my birthday celebration with my office friends has not come to reality, plus the fact, some of them are not available to come. But, I have always an alternative plan, as always... Alabang is fine!!!

Weather is not good last Saturday, typhoon Quel is roaming around, specially on the north part. But, it doesn`t stop us to have fun and enjoy. And on the sad note... some people who say yes and confirm that they will join, wasn`t able to come, for whatever reason they have... doesn`t matter. ( hihihi )

Thank you, Leopotzkie, Wafu, Hepreyo, Ms. Rhe and Marenelle! I really enjoy the night. Hope you enjoy also... hehehe! Sana nabusog ko kayo with my simple treat. I really have a great time as I ended my b-day celebration this time. You Guys, make my day!!!

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