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Successful Relationship

It takes two to tango. Same in relationship, things are between the two of you. Good communication in the relationship is really a big factor to make it successful. Relationship is not only about talking how great the two of you when your together or when your apart, also dealing the not so good things on both.

Understanding and patience is best attitude to keep when your in relationship. Be patience to wait him.her for a couple of minutes when he or she is late at your date. Understand why there are times, he or she have to cancel  a promise bonding time with you because of some certain reasons. Remember, yes your in relationship and yet, you both still have an outside world.


Triplets: Joy, Ann, and Grace

Baby brings joy to the family. If one baby can make a family happy, how much more if they are three.  I have triplets cousins, May Ann, Mary joy, and Mary Grace. I saw them when they were born, they are really cute and identical. I was able to baby sit them when they are about months old. And most of the time I got confused
who`s who if they don`t have name tags of their baby dress. But, as they grow up, some deference were also identified between them. Shape of the face, depth of dimples, and some small visible marks.

Their family is not well off, their father income is just enough, or sometimes less for their needs. I witness, how these three have their rice coffee instead of milk when they are just 1 year old and up. Yet, they grow strong and healthy in God`s grace. Now, they are really grown ups, beautiful and smart.


Unusual without HiM

HiM went home for couple of days to Bicol for the favor that his Tito asked to him. For those days, I`m not comfortable that we`re distant apart. Not, because I`m worried that he might play around. But, I feel unusual knowing that he is miles away from me. Here in Manila, I`m in Taguig and his in Pasig, and its fine. It`s really different that he is in Bicol and I`m in Manila, it drives me crazy thinking over, if he is okey, if he eat already and  I keep asking when he`s coming back. (over!!! hehehehe )

Plus, added to my anxiety is, he is not replying to my messages, if he does, too late!. Also, sometimes he wasn`t able to answer my calls. ggrrrrhhh! And most of his reasons are, his little busy because some friends come over to their house, he fall sleep, he left his cellphone, he got lowbat... etc!

Good, yesterday he`s back, we`re in normal phase again, hehheehe! Although, I really miss Him. And we have dinner date last night, he keep on saying sorry on what he did in Bicol, for not replying on my messages and sometimes not answering my calls, and for being "pasaway na boyfriend".But he said, he will make it up to me. Yahh!, he should be, or he`ll be punish. Oh, just kidding! I love you too Hon :)



PUSH - Pray Until Something Happened.  Self motivation is really needed if you really determine to accomplish a job with a good result. I`ve been working again with the Abaqus for two days, and I`m almost to its end. But as I get closer to the finished line, things become more complicated. whhoohhh!!!

10 pages left out of 63.  I almost there, though I still have some questions need to confirm on previous pages, those are just support details on the process . More doze of PUSH I have to take maybe until tomorrow to make Abaqus in reality.  And when it happened, I know achievement taste so sweet. Ahhhjahhh


Petiks :)

Funny it seems, but it was the hardest hours inside the office.  You have to make yourself busy with something nothing. These days that we don`t have much work load to do. No job request arrive.  Petiks modes are common to all. ( hehehe.)

As the four boys, keep clicking their mouse, zoom in, zoom out, rotate clockwise, rotate counterclockwise. drag up, down, to the left and right. If the model can complain, it does already, good thing it has no choice but to go with the flow, swing along whichever the right hand and fingers may stop and go.

Tik tak toe :)... clock is on! but seems so slow. Everyone want to drag clock`s hand to make it 3:10 for coffee break or better yet 5:25 for handover and then go home.  One day is over! For next day, nothing is sure but need to be ready for another PETIKS day to endure or much to enjoy!


I`m Goody Girl

One of the attitude of HiM that sometimes I don`t like is, He don`t know, to say "NO" on favors that some friends or relatives ask him. When I ask, Why?.. He`ll just say :, I can`t say, No, I can`t turn them down.(grrhhhh)

It`s good that your partner knows how to give a hand to other people, especially to those who are close to him. But what I don`t like is, sometimes his own schedule were also compromised, and his in trouble fixing all stuff.

For that, even it swing my mood, I have to be a goody girlfriend ( hehehe ) .  I have to support him all the way, one thing that he needs in times of trouble is my support, not my nag and complains.. ( it can wait, anyway) hahaha!!!!


For Mama

I can`t think of the best word, to say how great you are.  All Mom is best in their own special way, but for me, you`re the best of all the best.  I`m thankful, because We`re so blessed that you are our mother. For years, you`re not only mother but a father as well.  Thank you for the unconditional love. For being so strong for all of us. You are my inspiration.  You are my strength. I love you so much. I`m sorry for those times, I been stubborn and hardheaded. (hehehe)... I love you Ma :)

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