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Whale shark and his friend

Two of a kind individual chained in a key called friendship ^_^. Friendship is a big thing, more than to the word itself. It takes some challenge and responsibility that could define us as a person. Friendship should not have requirements, if it does, it`s not friendship anymore, it maybe business or a competition we can called.

Each of has it in our life, best friend, good friend or whatever we called it. It play an extra special part on life our life. A relationship that makes us happy, inspired and more often do crazy things.


Cancelled Trip!!!

I can`t deny how excited I am last Thursday, at last the day as come for our trip to Ilocos. This was booked since last April. Although, I`m bit worried because of the weather condition, but since there is no update from the travel agency, I really have a good feeling that everything is okey.

Not not until arounf 5:00 in the afternoon, Ms, Rhe e-mail me that trip might be cancel due to weather condition. Yet, I`m still so positive that it would not be cancelled. 7:00 pm I`m already on the jeep on my way to Pasay, I got text message from Ms. Rhe, trip was cancelled.... I don`t know what I really feel upon reading the message, annoyed??? disappointed???... I wanted to talked to our coordinator right away, "No way!!!, it can`t be cancelled" but what I got is voice mail... gggrrrrrhhhh!!! 

Ms. Jen and Ms. Rhe tried to convinced the agency to pursue the trip, but nothing happened. So sad, we go home feel so desperate, disappointed, annoyed, the feeling really sucks :(( 


Strike Two!

Maybe I need to accept that I have to deal with it from time to time, but cross finger, please not for forever!!! It would be a head cracking thing for me. I have patience in understanding things, but I think I have to work with in more. Things are nearly getting into my nerves.

Now I have questions in my mind, if I made the right decision, if I choose the right  thing in accepting the opportunity. Most people say, I deserved it, and with humbleness I honestly believe that I deserved it too. But being in my shoes know, I`m having a hard feelings in dealing on some things and situation because sometimes, it shakes me totally.

As what I`ve said, I may not be kind nor I`m not a goody goody girl. But I have my patience. And yes, no need to please me, just don`t give me reason, that what is due would be no more. Like others, I have flaws and weak points too.

Having two strike is enough, making it three that would be too much... 

* Photo not mine!


A Dose of Motivation

Monday, start of a week in the in the office. Better to start it with good vibes and it will carry through out the the end of the week. As it said, start well and it will ends well. Business is as usual inside the office, everything is in place and normal. Associates are doing good with each individual work schedule. 

But during our leaders meeting, the mode as has change, as I looked at the chair where Big Boss usually seated during that start of the meeting, and now it`s empty. And it becomes more gloomy as AVP announced it again. I just take a deep breath and have a bitter sweet smile. But the meeting ends well. 

I know I`m going to face changes in my work comfort zone. But things must go on. This is a challenge to cope up. At some point I need to start with the new. But what is good is I have already acquired weapon to win over the inevitable change and more over to achieve for the best.An additional little dose of motivation each day, for sure it would be a perfect blend. 

zig ziglar quoted : 
"People often say that motivation doesn`t last. 
Well, neither does bathing. 
That`s why we recommend it daily"


Short Hair

I`m not really into this short hair idea. Although, gorgeous Ferry joy bragging me with this so many times, either to cut or make it curl. And I think, six years ago the last time I cut my hair this short due to some heartaches... hehehe

But this time, it`s different... I just wake up having a thought of something to change. Then, boom! The idea, what about having new hair style, then I go for it, before I could change my mind. I feel creepy with the first cut but after my hair cut is done, seeing myself at the mirror... hhmmm... not bad. :) and it feels good, a little light for me. And now, I`m merely embracing and loving my new look. ( Ganda ko! )... harharhar


Be an Instrument of Kindness

To be an instrument by the kindness of other people to share and give what they have is really a great pleasure to me. Especially if its also for those people whom really close to heart too. It feels good that in a way or other I`ve been part of doing goodness to others.

And more surprisingly, you will received thank you e-mail from the donors. Super heartwarming and inspiring    that life is good and beautiful and this because goodness and kindness is everywhere.

I received e-mail just an hour ago :)

Dear Ms. Gerlie,

Thank you very much for your greetings and your kind wordings. I was really surprised and so happy when I read your email. I was also so happy when I saw the picture !

I know our donation is only small one, but it comes from the depth of our hearts, and I hope together with the donation from all other lovely families of Benguet, the children will have a good start into their future.

Please give my warmest regards to all the children and the lovely families of Benguet.

Thank you very much again.
May God bless you all.

I did not show the signature, for it should be kept as anonymous! And I know, I`m the one should be thankful for them for the kindness of heart that they have. Thank you so much, I`m so happy doing this all.
More blessing to everyone!!!


To Mr. Yoshiya Nakashima

Dear Mr. Nakashima,

It sad knowing that you`re going back to Japan. And there is nothing we can do about it. It`s part of the plan since the first day you arrived, you just have a years of contract to work with us in FRDP.

We started in same year, 2009, I`m just ahead about two weeks, I think. But I first meet you and you officially introduced to me on our company sportsfest since during your first day I was on training in Alabang. At first, you was really so quite and look so serious on your workstation, and there are days I don`t even hear your voice, make me so shy to approach you for some. I just think, maybe because we`re having communication barriers, Japanese to English and Tagalog. But it does not took me a long time, to appreciate you, that you are really nice and approachable, because you really do your best to communicate with us.

For four years working working with you, me as one of your subordinate I see how you improved yourself in English. How you able to adopt to our environment and to live with our culture. Now, sometimes you are the one correcting my English grammar and spellings. First one to make jokes and laugh loud inside the office and during our hand over meetings. Making fancy faces and using "slang" tagalog words. Too far from the first Mr. Nakashima that I meet :)

In a way or another, you become part of our life. Each of us associates have different stories to tell about you. In your own little way, you make us smile or even burst into laughter. Perhaps, at one point you touch our lives to be better one. As you say... Work Hard :)

Your commitment and dedication to your work is really admirable. I`ve worked for other managers and you are one of the few I really looked up. You earned my respect. You're not perfect, because no one does, but you have it all. You have a great sense of responsibility and accountability, with all the schedule that you have, web meeting, e-mails, phone calls, design and drawings checking, documents and analysis checking, you never failed to be happy and smile everyday and that is something remarkable about you. You`re very low profile Boss, you correct yourself and accept your mistake without hesitation, I salute you for that. With all that have mentions and others that did not, two thumbs up, great job for four years. You already set good standard for your successor to follow. As one of the leaders, I will give Mr. Sekiguchi a fair and equal support that he might be needed. And we will make sure, what you have started will not be put to waste.

Of course, I will not end this letter without saying thank you for everything you shared. Thank you for sharing your knowledge towards our job, you taught us with your best. Thank you for all the pasalubong you brought for us. Thank you for all the treats you have given to us. And personally, I`m lucky and little spoiled of you, thank you for all the matchboxes that I love most and to other gifts you have given to me, maybe small little things for you but I truly appreciate. Remember, it's the thought that counts, and I will treasure it all. But most, thank you for trusting and believing on my capabilities. You treat me not only as one of your employee but as a friend somehow. And that is one thing I will never forget about you.

It`s really good working with you Big Boss and the four years has been great!!! Stay Cool :)

As you go back to Japan, have a safe trip. We were going to miss you. Definitely, I will miss your clumsiness in walking! you never failed on that :))... I wish you all the best for your next assignments and happiness with your family. May God bless you more. Looking forward to work with you again! Until next time and see you soon.


Respectfully yours,


Tears of Happiness

One of my elder sister has a schizophrenia for years, at first it was really hard to accept, I don`t know which is more difficult, having a cancer or being mentally ill. For years, we try everything that can for her to get well, but I think those has not been enough, until such time even she herself don`t want to go for medication. She just want to stay in the house, insulated herself to the world, or perhaps create her own world that she is the only one can understand. She hated other people to come and visit her, even her friends, but the most even us, her own family. She even not recognized us, even Mama who is always there for her everyday. Watching and taking care of her spite of sometimes she got physically hurt.

After Holy week last March, I convinced Mama, that we should try again for Ate Ne. We really need to forced her, she is being tied by my brother and two cousins. It`s been to risky to travel her from Bicol up to here to Manila. We`re are thankful for those people who help us specially in providing ambulance.

First Ate was admitted to the Out- Patient Section for observation. There, she was force to take medicine, and to take good sleep. After four days the Doctor give her clearance for home medication, but give us also second option to take her to a home care, like in Pavilion 6. We choose the second, not because we don`t want to take care of her, but we know it is better if she is in the hand of of some professionals.

After a week of staying in Pavilion 6. This is really an answered prayer for my family. It`s been a longs years we prayed for this to happened that at one point Ate Ne will recognize us. I`m tears when I was able to hug her and she hug me back so tight without resistant. Like the way when were kids. She even ask me why I`m crying while tapping my back. She was asking where is everyone, all my Ates, Kuya, Mama and the kinds. I can`t resist form crying form time to time. Tears of happiness. Little by little Ate Ne is coming back with us, and I know she can make. God is with us along the way, and with His grace and love Ate will be home soon.


Three Ninja off to Roadtrip

I miss doing this, and I claimed myself  to today as leader Blue ninja... hahahha  with the other two red ninja with me is kuya Allan and Mr. Nakashima. Good thing they invited me to come with them. It`s me that really make this trip more fun and amazing! hehehe

Week before we descend, Big Boss asked me about beaches which is good go. My suggestion is either in Quezon or Batangas part. I give him some online sites for him to view and choose where he wants to go. But I highly recommend to him the places in Laiya Batangas, because of long shoreline and white sand. 

Seven o`clock of Saturday we depart in Manila, we expect our travel time would be 3hrs drive. And so lucky, first Big Boss has not yet decide where he wants to go, and  don`t have even the map I remind him to bring, all he say is " Want to see the sea" :))). Second, even Kuya Allan don`t know how to go to Laiya. So, we make some calls for help. Thank you for those people who patiently replied on us about our headings. 

We arrived at Laiya 10:15 already, we start our resort hopping since we don`t have reservation. It was Saturday, expected to be lots guest in every resort. I think we inquired in about eight resorts. And it`s either fully booked, walk-in is not allowed and resort is exclusive for land owners. It was only Virgin Beach resort is available to accommodate us but a little expensive compared with the others. But we decided to settled there instead of looking for another one. 

Because its already 11:00, we don`t avail the day tour package, we just pay for the entrance fee, parasol rate, parking fee and for the food we just go for the Ala cart. But because the resort is having a buffet for the day tour guest we have to wait until 2:00 pm to make our food orders. And the only food that we have is cookies and kitkat chocolate.

I know the red ninjas are already hungry especially Big Boss because he don`t ate breakfast. And the sun is really up and hot to bad to go for a swim. All we can do is to wait at the parasol until 2:00 pm. To forget about our starving stomach, we deviate our attention on playing card, good thing Kuya Allan brought one. We taught Mr. Nakashima to play unggoy-unggoy, lucky 9, and tong-its! Nice play Sir, you learned it that well. 

Until 2 o'clock comes, so ready to eat. For our food, we order carbonara with butter bread, special halo halo, and special turon. The serving of carbonara is almost good for two person for me. The halo-halo is place in tall glass, and the turon is two pieces cut into two making it four. After eating half of my carbonara, I`m already full, I just ate half of halo-halo and turon and I was super full. But the two ninjas with me, they really have big stomach. They almost ate all their food or maybe they are super gutom! hahaha 

We finished our meal around three o`clock and we`re ready for swimming. We go for beach Kayak first for 30 mins I think. I enjoy paddling against small waves, but got scared too every time I was about to fall though I have safety vest also. Kuya Allan knows how to swim, and Mr. Nakashima is really a good swimmer I`m envy them both ;((... But I enjoy the saltwater even I`m just near the seashore. hehehe. Although the sands grain is not fine but it's white. And I had fun burying myself to the sand, and even the two help me too. 

Exactly 6:00 pm we left the resort, our travel is little faster as compared going there because we know already the route. Along the way, Mr. Nakashima ask for dinner maybe he got hungry again after our almost 3 hrs swimming. We looked for some good place along the way, but we didn`t find one, so we decided to drop at Paseo or Nuvali for dinner. Big Boss asked suggestion for a place that serve good and delicious food. First come to my mind is the Pig-out.

Pig out stock of the town and grilled platter

We ordered trio sinigang, sizzling pusit, grilled platter, and sisig rice. And the three of as has the stock of the town for our drinks. All the servings is good for four person and we`re only three, so we`re having food trip again. We enjoyed the food it`s really good and delicious as per Big Boss comment, even the water they serve is really refreshing. 

We go right after we ate, it`s almost 9:30 pm, and this time Mr. Nakashima do driving. Around 10:10pm I`m home. The whole is day is super enjoy. I don`t even feel tired... It`s really amazing whole day! Again thank you for the invitation!...
Super cool ninja road trip :D


At last I have "The Alchemist"

The first time I saw this book at the bookstore, knowing one of the best seller, translated in different languages, make me wonder what`s the story "the Alchemist" really all about,  that most people from commoners to high profiles buy this book or want to have a copy of it. Makes me considered also to buy one for myself. I love to read novel particularly adventures and fictions. But I don`t have a hobby of buying books, I bought some also but most of the time I just borrow books from my friends that I want to read. I want to own a book that was gift to me because it takes something extra special.

Last Saturday, Eman called that the books I will be needing for the review is ready, so we agreed to met the following day, Sunday afternoon. I was surprised because he just told me that books are just about 4 inches thick all, but what he brought is one big eco bag full of books that would be around 5 kilos or more. As I scanned the books inside, there is one on top put in a separate eco paper bag. I asked him, what is it, because I thought it`s for him, he smile and said... You guess, I bought this a week ago and I know you will like it.! Guessing in my mind I grab it to his hand and as I opened it, I was really surprised,  I have in my hand the book I wanted so much to have a copy of my own.  I just smile back at him and say thank you. I was speechless of his thoughtfulness.

I`m not yet finished reading but no worries I`ll post what is it all about once I`m done :)


I wish I could Drive

I love so much myself in this picture, being seated on the driver`s seat, hands on the steering wheel and feeling like a professional driver, yet make me feel sad, the fact that I don`t really know how to drive. Same thing that I will miss the one who took this picture

I love cars, though I don`t have much knowledge about the specs of each model but seeing those beautiful design, that was really amazing things to me. I have some match box hang on my closets` door. And every time I opened  it and see those little cars makes me smile and wish that one day I could drive even just one of them.

Having my own car is not as much as my dream of having my own house. But I really wish I will know how to drive too. If I will be able to drive soon that would be a big achievement for me. Because it was a great skill to acquire as a woman.



As Wikipedia defines Teamwork - work done bu several associates with each doing a part but all subordinating personal prominence the efficiency of the whole.

I`m still in the process of adjustments for my new job responsibility. From the start I know it would not be easy because some of the task are really new to me, particularly in terms of technicality and rules. I have this fear at first, if they ask something and I don`t have any idea with the matter, how I can help my group when technically I`m not totally equip with all the things that I have to handle.

The spirit of teamwork is really present in our group. In less than a month I could tell, my team is great and I love them, as their new leader I could see now and appreciate more their dedication towards work. They really help me to cope up on things that I need to learn. They have the sense of responsibility to do job on their own, asked what things need to be done, and offer help to someone that needs backup.

We`re working on same goal, teaching and helping each other towards zero delays :)... Busy days or not, we don`t forget to laugh together, making things each day more light and easy.


A blessing & a new Endeavor

Once again, God shows me his love. Thank you for this another blessing, an Easter gift, new life`s endeavor on my career. Although, a week ago, it was already mentioned to me by my our VP, but it was effective officially today, April 01, 2013, I was promoted as Assistant Supervisor. :)

With all my heart I humble myself, really hard work pays off and this is it. It`s a new adventure, new path to take and more challenge to face. I offer this to God, to my family especially to Mama, and to all people so dear to my heart who are always there to support me and give me courage to take off. I love you all.

It has a responsibility and accountability  to take being a leader, I`m accepting it today and looking forward for the days that I can serve in my own little way. Guide me, Oh  God.

*image not mine...


A day to celebrate :)

Being in relationship is not always fun, you both will go ups and down along the way. I can say as girlfriend, my character and attitude has been tested for how long and how much I can handle things. My patience and level of understanding on things and situations between me and HiM were shaken off because I and HiM are totally different two individuals... (^_~). Loving him, means accepting and embracing HiM as a whole.

It`s a day to celebrate, one year that we`re together not only as girlfriend and boyfriend but also best partners in everything. HiM for a year, become my best friend that cuddle me and gives me comfort. A lover that treat me like a princess and also the best enemy who brings out the best in me.

I`m so thankful that our love to each other made it for a year and I`m praying that we will make it last forever. We just have a simple dinner as we celebrate our anniversary, no banquet of flowers, sweet chocolate, or a bottle of wine. What matters to us is we`re together sharing same old stories, reminiscing the whole year that passed happy and in love. I won`t promise for anything but I`m always be thankful to God that I have you now.

Agave Mexican Cantina at Bonifacio High Street, give us a mouth watering food for dinner, that really satisfy our tummy's.  Very nice place for us celebrating our anniversary as well as to chill and relax for a night that we`re together.

Happy Anniversary Mahal Ko... I love you (^_~)


My First time as Guest Speaker

Every student look forward to their graduation day, this will mark day of victory after a long years of hard work at last this day had come. And to be invited and chosen to be the guest speaker in a Commencement exercises is really flattering. I`m thankful and overwhelmed  given the opportunity to speak before the gradating class, especially in my own Elementary Alma Matter, that in my own little way I could inspired them to do their best. As guest speaker, I know it`s a big responsibility I hope I give justice to it. I`m really nervous having my speech, also I`m controlling myself not to try for this is very nostalgic moment for me.

To Mr. Aldrin Estipona our principal, Barangay Captain, Mr. Jose Esteves and councilors, PTA President, Mr. Mario Pura and co- officers, Teachers, Parents, graduates at sa lahat ng naririto, Masaya at Magandang hapon po sa ating lahat.

Great feeling and so honored is in my heart, for you have invited and chosen me to be your guest speaker today, in this Commencement Exercises for school year 2012-2013. A very special and momentous occasion. For me it was a big responsibility to stand here and speak before you, and to be honest, sobra po akong kinakabahan and until know I`m still convincing myself...

More than a decade, tulad nyo isa rin ako sa batang nakaupo dyn sa baba, waiting to call my name to get my diploma and to be announced as graduate. I`m the one who lead the Pledge of Loyalty, and now I`m sharing with the same stage, and perhaps this is a blessing, given the privilege and opportunity to thank all my teachers, kung hnd po ako nagkakamali, lahat sila na-assign na sa ibang elementary school.

To my grade I and II teacher, ma`am Rosit Feratero
Ma`am Sylvia Fereras, my grade III and IV teacher
and to Ma`am Edna Figueras, for my Grade V and VI.
You have a big part of What I am today, Thank you very much.

My warm congratulation, to our dear graduates...I could feel the mixed emotion inside in you. Ang saya sa mukha ng bawat isa sainyo ay hindi maipagkakaila, as well as the excitement to go further. At last, 6 years has been finished, but let me remind you dear young ladies and gentlemen, it`s not yet over.

An equal warm congratulation to the parents and teachers. This is the perfect timing to say our deepest thank you, to them. To your parents for the unconditional love and undying support through all these years. And  to your teachers, for there uncountable perseverance and enthusiasm to teach and inspire you, more than as their profession but taking it as their mission in life.   A very noble work. May God bless you all in return.

Our theme for today is.
Building the Nations Future Leaders Through the K to 12 Basic Education Program(K-12 Basic Education Program-Tungo sa Paghuhubog ng mga Makabagong Lider ng Bansa)

I assumed  that everybody already heard or perhaps knows about this K-12 Basic Education Program. To be honest, I don`t have much knowledge about the technicality for this new curriculum, but I do a little research. Philippines is the last and only country worldwide with 10-year pre university cycle, the 12 years program for basic education, is the standard for recognition of students and or professionals abroad. I assumed that the government is doing this transformation, to enhance the process and quality of education here in the country. For us to be more competitive and skilled not only here locally but abroad, which is really good thing. But most is to provide quality education will build quality leaders and good citizens.

For generations, from our ancestors up to this point. We believe how important education is. Gasgas na po ito. Sabi ni Rizal, ang kabataan ang pag-asa ng bayan and Most of our parents, mag-aral ka para makaahon tayo sa kahirapan at yan lng ang tanging mamaipapamana sayo kasi wala tayong lupa at ari-arian. Lahat yan ay totoo at napatunayan na.

Kids, I don`t want to pressure you, pero sa ayaw o sa gusto nyo, you are the future leaders of your generation... ako, sila Kap, sila teacher hindi babalik sa edad nyo para kami, sila ulit sa susunod na henerasyon. Pwede lng namin bisitahin ang lugar naito, pero hnd namin maibabalik ang panahon. Kaya as early as your age now, we are preparing you. Sakto lang ang edad nyo, to practice social awareness and social responsibility. Ang pakikipaglaro at pakikipagkaibigan ay parte nun. You play as a team, you win as a team. Pipapayagan tayo makilahok sa mga school activities, sa loob o labas ng campus and you have given a task or a role to play and form that, you learn to be with people, to be responsible not only for yourselves but also to other people. We learn to show our concern to the group, and from then to society you belong. And the leader act grows within. You build confidence, Your curiosity, consciousness, and awareness to your surrounding have been more define. I do believe that there is no such a natural born leaders, Leadership is being learned, and leaders has been created thru influences form others.    

Mga magulang, alam ko na gagawin nyo ang lahat, para pag-aralin ang mga bata ito. At alam ko na hindi madali, mahirap, hnd pa man ako magulang, naranasan ko na yan, nag working student ako to finished my Engineering, and I say thank you to Mama dahil sinuportahan nya ang desisyon ko, to take it with my own, kahit alam ko gagawin nya ang lahat para mapagtapos ako. Marami akong tatutunan, magpahalaga at mahalin kung ano meron ako, at higit na yakapain at hawakan ang pangarap ko. Hindi biro ang isipin na enrollment na, o kaya may parject na kailangan ng bubget, my bagong libro na bibilhin at kung anu ano pa, tapos sala pa sahod. Alam ko na ung 2 years na dagdag ay mabigat, naiitindihan ko because of the very limited resources that we have. Pero sana po hindi magmula sa atin ang kawalan ng pag-asa para bitiwan ang pangarap ang mga batang ito. Pwede po cguro madelay pero wag kalimutan balikan. Kung sila ang pag-asa at magmamana ng lahat ng meron tayo ngaun, at higit na magpapaulad at papayaman sa mga ito,  kailangan tayo nila, para gumabay at umalalay sa kanilang paghahanda sa pag halili at sa pag tanggap sa resposibilidad na iiwan natin sa kanila. Sa ngaun kayo pa ang kapitan ng barko, and they are your crews.Train and teach them to be the next captain, show and give them the best influence they can get.

Dear graduates, natapos nyo na ang first level and you are about to start the next, much complex and higher level of studies, that need more hard work and perseverance. Kaya gusto ko namnamin ninyo ang saya ng araw na ito. Remember this moment, put it in your heart and mind, for you to looked forward for this day to happened again. Na sa mga susunod na kabanata at maramdaman nyo ang hirap, pagod maisip nyo na sa bawat hirap at pagod nyo magbubunga un ng higit na saya. I assumed na lahat kayo gusto magtapos ang ng pag-aaral, tama ba ako?... pwede ko bang malaman ang rason kung bakit gusto nyo makapagtapos?... nakakatuwa at nakainspired, na at your age now, ganyan na kalalim ang mga reasons ninyo.. kc ako at your age, ang gusto ko lang nun ay maisuot ang itim na toga. Given the opportunity to go to school, make the most of and enjoy. Have a balance healthy high school life, have friends as much as you want, play your favorite sports, joined clubs and organization, and most, be on time in every subject and lesson that you have. Alam ko na hindi madali maging studyante, mahirap mag-aral, mahirap intindihin ang numbers na may kasamang letters, laging nawawala si X and Y,...pero kaya, ang mahalaga `wag kang ibibitiw at susuko. Isang malungkot na katutuhanan we are living in society, that we need to comply with stardards.The preferably, must be and etc. Pero magagawan mo ng paraan nyan para higitan ang standard na nyan. Dahil naniniwala ako ikaw bata, hindi nasusukat ang kakayahan mo bilang tao na gumawa ng isang makabuluhang bagay, sa kung saan ka nag-tapos, ano ang grades mo at kung ilan beses mo inulit ang mga subjects mo. Naging outstanding student ako, consistent honor student, scholar and also remedial baby and take two student. Bumagsak at take two ako sa Machine design major subject sa Mechanical, pero un ngaun ang trabaho ko, research and development, Design Group. Also, mag-aral kayo ng mabuti at taposin ninyo, hindi lang para sa matataas na sahod at malaking kita, but to learn and gain knowledge and intellect, to improve yourself to be better person, good citizen, and to have a fulfilled and happy life. Tandaan ntin, hindi lahat ng mataas ang sahod masaya. Dahil ang kakayahan mo at ang halaga mo bilang tao ay higit na mas mataas kaysa numero nakalagay sa magiging payslip mo.

Hindi ko na po pahahabain pa, Graduates, again congratulations,  I officially welcome you to your high school life. Good luck as you take off. Enjoy make the most of it. Be the best that you can be and make your own history.

Dios marhay na hapon... Salamatonon po :)

Eleven graduates, very promising future leaders! Kudos mga bata!!!


I won two tickets for "So Undercover" movie screening


I was`t able to check my email for three day because I`m in the province. Only this very hour I read this supper "Hello Nuffnanger" We are very pleased to announce that you have won two(2) tickets for the special movie screening of "So undercover" from our movie screening blogger contest brought to you by adidas NEO and Nuffnang PH....

I was really surprised, I not expecting this one, I`m new Nuffnanger and I think this my first entry and first try to join NuffnangPH Contest. Thank you so much,  I`m so excited to go to the movie screening, though little bit worried because of my schedule :( .


Be Inspired by NATURE

World of design in manufacturing and architectural has evolved far enough. Change of technology has a vivid role in the development in  response to the change of time. Early years of development, costumers is the one determining what to change and what to be design, but recently twist as been define in redesigning is not the clients that rules... but WE ( allow me I include myself ... ^_~)  Design Engineering fueling the change.

I`m lucky, I had the opportunity to attend the seminar workshop "PRODUCT DESIGN INSPIRED BY NATURE" organized by Vector Data held yesterday at Discovery Suites Hotel, Ortigas. Very informative and inspiring. Doing masterpiece out of what is available in nature. True, that there is nothing much appropriate to use as inspiration than nature in creating things much useful, where nature provides everything. Especially the biological forms, which already proven for being highly efficient and functional, and of course all of its unique characteristics that makes it more interesting. A spy plane inspired from bats and a car from a jaguar are just two examples how nature works in designs.

(images from Google)

Aside from the inspirations that nature could give, of course we need also the best tools to make all things possible and visible before in our very naked eyes. Altair: Innovation and Intelligence is one of the top software provided for product design and simulation, they had mark a very dramatic change with Optimization that they have. Making the product better, lightweight, less costly and faster but not sacrificing the quality and efficiency.

Another day of learning and gain knowledge and of course my tummy is full of yummy foods :)


Live Your Style with adidas NEO

My style is my personality. Everything I wear reflects to my personality. A certified "what you see is what you get. I`m a simple girl who is always on the go and I dream to travel around the world. I love to be in my comfort zone but always have the courage to take the risk to go beyond my comforts.

I`m not girl always wearing lipsticks and high heels, though I have too, if it`s really needed (^_~)... I love girls with their "kikays" stuff, but I`m not comfortable having it in my routine. I used to be with my backpack than with a ladies bag. Sneakers on my feet and a baseball cap in my head... opppss!!! mind it, I`m straight girl... Wearing my style, doing and having it in my comfort way. Which being myself, no pretensions, just Me, Myself, and I, sharing and mingling with you (all) at this very same planet.

So live with your style, like adidas NEO styles that fits for everyone. Better catch more and enjoying doing it your way. Check this out.

Embrace fun, spontaneity and unexpected twist in fashion when the adidas NEO Label Spring 2013 collection hits stores in January to March.

Living a carefree journey that lest teens make their own style, NEO will capture attention with unique and innovative fashion twist on Spring merchandise. Products have multiple purpose and added value.

NEO will release a fresh product offering each month, spotlighting a fashion trend interpreted in a different way, In March patterns are the highlight, featuring vibrant waves of colour with subtle patterns that appear to be one thing but a close inspection reveal another. These will include camouflage prints, and edgy takes on adidas NEO slogans with focus on windbreakers and shirts. Sporty, street and lifestyle footwear silhouettes with strong colour and graphic links create the look.

NEO footwear is available in SM and select Robinson`s Department Stores nationwide 



Very tiring weekend but so much fun with my high school friends. This our first get together for this year, and all this happened because Mhean is here again. Though, a little sad why she had an early vacation, due to her Mama passed away. With our condolences, we are also  thankful that our friend is so strong moving on with her life.

Nothing compares the bonding that we have when we`re together, the smiles and laughter in each everyone face can`t deny the happiness and fun we have even for one and half day that we`re one place. There are so much jokes and stories being shared, admitted that we really miss each other.

Although, the group is not complete, DosMilUno are be friends forever... Until next time guys :))



Finally, we made it to Intramuros. I`m more than 10 years here in Manila but this is my first time to walked along great wall of Intramuros and saw those old canyons. And I learned one thing... the guards are like guardia sibil, at least now I know... hehehe.

I miss this, "gala trip" with Ms. Rhe and Leopotz the last trip that we have is last year in Zambales. And here joining us is Pedz... Happy Intramuros day!!! nyahhaha...

Long walked but fun and enjoy...until next stop. :)


It`s the thought that counts :)

Going back to my table after our afternoon coffee break, I was puzzled when I saw the small plastic bag on top of my keyboard. And opening it, I was surprise seeing two pieces of matchbox and Po key chain inside. My heart jump to happiness and I can`t take my smile off to my face.... ang dami ko talagang saya!!! At once, I knew who gave this... Mr. Nakashima, he knew very well I love this little cars.

Saying thank you through email, he replied to me, that it was the most delayed birthday gift. Yes it was super late,  but for me it doesn`t matter if it`s late or whatever... It was the thought that count most. To be remembered and to received a gift from one person is overwhelming. I can`t thank enough, it really makes my day super happy.

Though, this also makes me feel the fact that he`ll be leaving soon...


My Prayers for Tita Ana

Nothing compares the pain, when we lost one of our love ones. And I can`t imagine what would it be if it`s Mama. Everyday I`m so blessed and thankful, that even Mama and I are not together, I know she still her with us. Thank you Lord.

One of my closest friend, Mean lost her Mom last Monday, I know how hard and painful it is for her. How I wish I`m on her side to comfort her but Saudi Arabia is too far from here. I offer this prayer to the whole family and to the eternal repose of Tita Ana


Rest Day :)

Since HiM and his Kuya moved to FTI, our only time to be together is during our rest days. Even with a less time to spent, we make it a quality one. One of our fave bonding is food trip, reason I gain weight.. hehehe..
Having breakfast, lunch or dinner together, one of our best way to have an intimate time together. Talking and sharing stories while enjoying our meal.

With HiM and his thoughtfulness and sweetness ^_~ , He really make a effort to have time with me during his rest day last Wednesday. An advance valentines dinner date is served... hehehe. Enjoying the food while having a great time with HiM.


Having a Good Pal

Since I spent my holiday season in Bicol, we`re not able to meet, we just have exchange greetings over the phone. Last Monday, I`ve put on my schedule to meet him, if we`re both free after work to give also my pasalubong,  I know he likes natives foods. Lucky we`re both free of schedule.

We could have numbers of friends, but there are few who will standout and whom we really feel comfortable to confide with every single matters of my life. A person who we can cry and laugh with. We don`t feel awkward moment even how worst we looked like. And if I were make a list of this few, Eman would be on top of it. Having a good pal, like Eman, I`m thankful and blessed. He`s not only my friend but also a mentor and a good adviser. He is good and clever in everything. Sometimes I wish I have even the half if his mind, so that I could think also the way he is :)

Thank you for the Burger King treat... Sarap, Saya, Busog!!! :)


Birthday of HiM :)

I don`t have much time to prepare for my Hon`s birthday,  I`m back form Bicol Jan. 3 morning and I have my first night at work in the afternoon. The following day is his birthday, Jan. 4. Since I`m from night shift I have to sleep first, thank God I`ve manage to wake up by 9 am. I call him right after to greet him and of course to say my sweetest I love you... hehehe, and I ask him for a lunch date :)

Mahal ko, sobra ako nagpapasalamat sa Dios kay hinatag ka nya sa ako. Inpapakulog mo an ulo ko, inpaparapadomdom mo, mapasuhayon ka pero deri ka nagpalya na inmapati sa ako kung gaano mo ako kamahal sa urudalaw. Yu-on ka permi para matinawa-on mo ako, indadanunan sa intero na bagay. Niyan na birthdauy mo, wara ako sin mamahalin an regalo, an wish ko para saimo, mayad kalawason nan  maogma an buhay. Yaa man ako permi para saimo. Namomot-an kita sa bilog kong buhay. Happy birthday Mahal ko.


For 2013

Hi everyone,

First Monday of the year, best luck and more blessing for the whole year.  I wake up in great mode going to work, though this is not our first day of work for this year, I`ve having good energy for good things today.

This is my first post for 2013, and I`m looking forward that I can write as much or better more than of what I have last year. I hoping  that I could share more my thoughts, my happiness, and all the race of my life that I`m will be going through this year. I don`t have new years resolutions to put into list, but I`m looking forward and aiming for the best ME for 2013.

More smile to everyone and more color to life :))

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