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As Wikipedia defines Teamwork - work done bu several associates with each doing a part but all subordinating personal prominence the efficiency of the whole.

I`m still in the process of adjustments for my new job responsibility. From the start I know it would not be easy because some of the task are really new to me, particularly in terms of technicality and rules. I have this fear at first, if they ask something and I don`t have any idea with the matter, how I can help my group when technically I`m not totally equip with all the things that I have to handle.

The spirit of teamwork is really present in our group. In less than a month I could tell, my team is great and I love them, as their new leader I could see now and appreciate more their dedication towards work. They really help me to cope up on things that I need to learn. They have the sense of responsibility to do job on their own, asked what things need to be done, and offer help to someone that needs backup.

We`re working on same goal, teaching and helping each other towards zero delays :)... Busy days or not, we don`t forget to laugh together, making things each day more light and easy.

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