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Take a picture

This is my entry to the Week 23 of Techie She Weekly Giveaways. This week’s lucky blogger will win $10 Paypal credits from Borris of Snapshots as They Happen.

What`s good about having your own camera, is you can capture all dazzling moments of your life. You can save and share it. Taking pictures, is one way of preserving the moments, and getting remembrance of time.

Happy and Sad faces both gives fun in our heart as we take a looked in all the photos that we have. Especially those snapshots pictures and carefree wacky shots. Take a look with the best snapshot that I have. Someone take me a picture while I`m taking picture of myself... Lol!!!


Find the Goodness

To be always good is not easy to do. Especially, if this has something to do with the person that annoys us. (hehehe). Every morning that we wake up there is always a big challenge on us to find something Good to everything and everyone Hard it is, right?.

This challenge requires lots of restraints in every individual. More patience and self-control is needed. We have to think first before we act. Goodness is not easy to see, especially when we are mad, stress, distracted, and a more negative adjectives.

Practicing to be more optimistic, will help a lot to find and see Goodness on things or in person. Have a good and reasonable enough to clear and weigh things on our minds. For in every bad and worst, there is always little goodness in it, that will lead to view a better picture and light way of living.


I'm drowning

Yesterday, training starts and ends smoothly. But today, on our 2nd day, I feel I'm drowning. My memory is not enough to process all the details of topics discussed today. Things mixed up on my head. My mind is not accepting any information anymore. It just passed by on my ears and flow over. And there are three days left for the training!

I need some refresh for my head. To organize things, which is necessary and which is not. Topics that need to focus and should given priority. I need to have a positive approach for the remaining three days.

These things has been entrusted on us, we need to take it seriously.


Sad note! (**sign)

There are times that no matter how we do good to others, they will treat it the wrong way. Sad... but true!!! Things that happened in the past, are things that considered as done. I give second chances, to make things better or perhaps fix things for the best.

I learned to forgive and forget, but saved it lessons. In everything I do, I do it with good intention. But still, it's not on my hands, how other people would looked at it. Other people, may judge me base on the past, yet they really don't know what's in my heart at the present. You can say and think anything you want to me, but it doesn't mean that was I am.

I'm not really a girl of detail. But, Yes and No answer matters to me. I value my word as much as I value others. I shared as God blessed me. Yes, I expect, but not much. And I dream as everyone does.


For My 2012

This is not a new years resolution just maybe a plan
on how I want my 2012 to have. Also, so that at the end
of the year, I have something to check if I have accomplish

1. I have to gain more weight. (hehehe)
2. At least one out of town travel.
3. Join at least two fun runs.
4. Could start my own advocacy
5. Save more

I make it five instead of ten, so that it would not be too big and
heavy for me. Besides, what I want for 6-10 is fill-in my lovelife...
hahahahah, anyways, God will provide me that ;-)

Goodluck to me on my 2012.

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