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GT: Color & Me : PINKalozzz :-)

I run out of color!!! heheheh , i don` have much pink in my wardrobe and stuffs... when i was a kid i love pink but as a grow older i much less for this color... I don`t know why, heheheh, lolz ... but so timing with my birthday last September 27, my birthday present form the company is a pink one... every usefull in my everyday routine, PINK bath towel... I would like to acknowledge the effort of the gorgeous ferry joy for this one... love it, love yah...

Also from the archive of my birthday pictures last year, only pink t-shirt i have, my first Tribal t-shirt, a gift from someone before... hehehe, memories... ahu ahu ahu!!! My b-day celebration, the day after the big tragedy because of Ondoy... hayyysst... ;-(

More PINKalozzz on the badge... happy GT everyone ;-)


Post birthday post ^_~

I really don`t know how to do the writing about my birthday last September 27, lots of words to describe the whole things that happend... to make it easy for the pretty ME... i`ll make it short and simple heheehe ;-)

Am super Happy @_@

Thank you so much... my life is indeed great and wonderful @_@


Birthday blues ^_~

hayyissst... I'm not getting younger anymore... heheehe, anyway i will stick on the old man's saying that "only Carabao goes old" hhehehe

One year is so fast and now another year to come... but each day is still not sure, just a promise...

Last year, i started my year with something not so good, it's right after the "ONDOY" yah, the first time we had experienced that flood water came inside the house... but thanks God no one get hurt in our family, i give my sympathy to all who lost their love ones and valuable things because of Ondoy...

For a couple of years, I haven't celebrated my birthday, the way I want it to celebrate it, because of some uncertain reasons happened... it's more on the typhoon and other personal matters... hhehehe, ssshhhhh___!!!

Before I'll sleep tonight, i will ask God, to give me "tomorrow", to make my day the way I want to celebrate it... I know, i have the strong feeling He will grant it to me.

And for my birthday wish...

I'm not asking for the best, just wishing for something real...

Thank you for the wonderful and blissful years of my life... ^_~


Love ko 'to

I really treasure all people i have been with before, even it's not often i get in touch with them, the memories and learning's i have with them will not be take for granted... ;-)

It's a lovely Friday night at Mcdo... ate ja peret treat me with a yummy cheese burger Mcdo with sundae Mcfloat together with ate love.

Ate ja and ate love are just the two among the people, i know loves me and care for me... hehehhe, they are my co-workers when I'm still in Amertron Inc. i work there as a QCI. I have lots of fun and stories being with them for more than three years.

Being in Amertron, is indeed a big part for what I have achieve in my life, people who sacrificed their own time just two give way on my schedule, cover up on my mistakes, partners in crime, lolz... me as their younger sister and friend.

To my PLASTIC family, manager (ate azi) and kua Pau (couple I admired most)... 'te love, 'te ja (medium), 'te ja (large), 'te caren, 'te kaye, moymoy, joel, elie, oriel, kua egay, 'te annie, 'te love (liit), 'te ren,jocelyn, joyleen. To my SMART family, 'te emhil, tintin 1, tintin 2, shei, 'te rona, 'te lotis, cel, louise, 'te I, venus, bless, jomel, erickson, 'te polang, 'te nel... and to the rest for both department, i may not say it personally, but deep inside my heart,"THANK YOU SO MUCH", and I'm so blessed you've been part of my life.

Miss all those days... ;p



I love black... aside from having a black heart... lolz, hheheh, just kidding! it's very easy to match in any color... WOW to the brand new Black Toyota HILUX on the expressway... and oppss, i have this in my mind that during my wedding my motif would have a touch of black, i'm thinking for a black and red or black and yellow...vintage, hhehehe, anyways my wedding is quite far from now... @_@

For now.... hehehe, here is my stuff in Black...

My super love black dolphin, I bought this at Ocean adventure in Subic during our Company outing last March 20. A little expensive but I really love it...

Another black in me is my everyday backpack...this is my bag going to office, I'm more comfortable with a backpack than any ladies bags that most girls do and have... hehehe, i have also a ladies bag but I'm not using it more often ^_~

And the latest black of me is my R&D t-shirt during our company family day, last Saturday at Casa San Pablo... Big Fun Day, super enjoy. ;-)... this is Ms. Rhea and Me... that's what we called picture of victory... heheehe

Happy GT : go for black, just click the badge...



From Monday to Friday, 8:00 am - 3:20 am, is always a busy day and hour at FRDP, doing business for its clients, working on its projects and finishing all deadlines. But in spite of this kind of schedule, FRDP have also a program to provide us a good time to be in one event together with our family, where we could have bonding, fun games, food trip, laugh as we could and enjoy the whole day without talking the busy life in the office... we all have this in our Family day, last Saturday, September 18, 2010.

The day is awesome, great sunny day, best day weather to enjoy. We have our shuttle service from Alabang to Casa San Pablo, CNG, thank you to our driver for the safe trip... We arrived at Casa San Pablo around 9:00 am, we have our event briefing followed by our AM snacks, spaghetti taste good with the bread pan... hhehehe,

but what I love most with this event is during our fun games... I really enjoy in every game... First the "obstacle course relay", we're group one, although this is not my first time to do "obstacle course" i had experienced it during my Rover and Roverrites training... but still i feel nervous specially on the wall part, jumping on it, but still i have the courage to do it once again, with my all best and as fast as i can... hehehe, congrats to all we did it very well.

Second is the "tire me in a pole?" this is really funny and little bit embarrassing on my part, I hope I had a picture of it... hahaha, but thank you to Gelo, for doing his best, for me not to fall on ground, ^_~... Third is the "Stepping Stone" for me, this is the most memorable game... first time to do this game, may be it's four times we go back to the starting line for some mistakes about the rules of the game "the resources and the people should always be connected to each other", ... hheehhe, we all did much effort for this game, but it's all worthy, a side that our group won in this game, we all learn from it. *_*... opppsss, yap! sorry for my irritating voice, if it cause damage on your eardrum , sorry naman...kapatawaran, blamed it to my hyper adrenaline, heheheh ^_~

After the land game... it's swimming time, then the favorite of all, the lunch time, the food was great... masarap ang lechon, i gain a pound from it and Ms. ferry forget her diet, hehehhe!!!

water game after the lunch, me and my niece andrea won on one of the games... thanks for prize andrea loves it... swimming... swimming... swimming...

we also have fun on barbecue time, yam yam yam... lots of food trip plus vedioke the whole day, we have chicha, pancit on the PM snacks, sisig, lanzones and of course i will forget the case of beer and the wine that Sachou shared to us.

This is such a big fun day, I really enjoy it, my two niece with me enjoy the food and the pool, and I know everyone, everybody enjoy this Family day! Congratulation to the RECOM committee, the event was indeed successful... until next year, Yaahhhooo


GT: Color & Me - GREEN CROC

Green, Green, Green!!! I love green, eyes refreshing, but I don`t have much stuff with this color. What I have got for you folks is my "GREEN CROC ROD" a match box car. Am fond of this, everytime I`m in the mall and alone, i used to go to toy store,(Toy kingdom), even just to glimpse on the new designs of match box.

This GREEN CROC ROD is a family of Hot Wheels ( it`s in the level ... hhehhe ). I bought this in Glorietta. And I haven`t open it yet and i don`t have plan opening it, because Kuya Paulo, told me that once you have open the toys and put it out on the box, it will lose it real value... This is only one left to me... huhuhu, others i give it as a gift to my "inaanak" (kuripot eh) heehhehe!

Get more GREEN, click the badge... Happy Girls Talk ^_~


Night of 09102010

One of my post in Girls Talk, movies topic last month is the "Resident Evil : After life", as i have said, am looking forward to watch it... and here we go, thanks to the other group for having this in mind watching it and inviting us to join them... Mizpah who has the brain of planning, but sad to say, she is just a brain, lolz... so with that, she could not come with us... hehehe. Angel and Gelo, who really works on it to make it possible,(hmmpp, for all i know, it's all because of my hair that i bet you.) ~_^!!!... anyways a big thank you, to both of you... to Gian, that for the first time... he say YES and really come with us hhehehe, and also special thanks to our dear guest Ms. Joan, Gian's girlfriend, who is so nice and cool to be with... (until next time)... @_@

And here is the happenings...the night of 09102010 at Festival Mall, Alabang...

We have our dinner first at Tokyo Tokyo, having chickas while eating... thing that we miss because of the separate work schedule that we have... the fun in our group ( Me and Gian), and the drawback of the other group (angel and Gelo)... haissttt!!!

Gian and Ms. Joan with their super bowl meal... hehehe

After dinner, we go to watch the movie, which is really our main purpose... watch Resident Evil: After Life... nice movie, there is a moment that i hold and catch my breath... put my hand on my face and grasp my mouth for me not to shout... %^&@, but i think, the movie is not yet finished, there is other next part... BITIN Eh...

Me and my undying peace sign... Angel and Ms. Joan

The boys... with their stolen shot... DAW!!!

Then, after we had a movie... our next stop, is to have and enjoy 1 bucket of beer, this time I choose the "APLAYA"... but we've got wrong table... first is, we're a little bit close to the band performing, not far enough so we could hear each other... ha???... ano??? ah... ok!!! ano ulit... ano daw??? hehehe____ second is, after 30 minutes we've been there, it rains, and our table is on the side... me and gelo's back are getting wet... grrrhhhh!!! But still, the night is awesome... again I really had a great time (as always ^_~)... Catch me in my curly hair... eeewww!!!



I'm running out of color, heheheh, lucky to me, i have the color for this week --- PARPOL--- what stuff i have for purple color??? this things are too "CLOSE" to me... ^_~

First is Mr. Wizard of Enchanted Kingdom... my roommate, lolz... this is one of my stuff-toys whose with me in my bed, it's a hotdog style, so huggable... hhhmmm, I bought Mr. Wizard at the Enchanted Kingdom (of course... hehhehe) last year during the First Family day of our company... oppss, yah... he is taking one year this September 16... hehehe.

Second is my humble "mug"... ^_*, sorry, if it looks blue, but it's really purple in real life... ssshhh... this is my BBF in the office during my night shift schedule... my partner during night-blues of sleepiness, zzzzzzzz (*_*), with a super blend and creamy hot coffee stir in it...hhhhmmm... aahhhh!!! yum yum yum... really makes me wild awake and much alive.

Happy GT everyone... and to color your day with purple... CLIK


Just YES or NO...***

My mind is really on the rock as of this time... i love and care all my friends to the best way that i can... but i know all you folks would agree with me, that its too hard to confront a friend with regards to a personal matters, which is each really non of your business, but as much as you are concern being a friend, it's not easy to ignored what you see and heard around... well, not to say as a gossip because they also have basis where it came from...

The more likely I want to defend on my friends behalf, i can't think with the best explanation for it...too near and safe for me, to just say " I really don't know..." crossing my fingers that all being lay down, are far from reality...

I have this in my mind, to open it up... but as of now i really don't have enough courage to do the "asking", a little bit uncertain with the situation, because maybe it's too foul, that will end up to me being "PAKI-ALAMERA", which is far from my intention... hayyyy ;-(

Hopefully to come up with the best things for it... maybe some would be hurt for a moment, but in due time, and at the end everybody would laugh with it and everyone would be Happy... (*_*)


Ms. Botswana

One of my dear friend is celebrating her 26th birthday today... Ms. Botswana of Dos Mil Uno... the one and only, Betty herself Mary anne EreƱo... ;-D

A super friend, one of a kind... so nice and cool to be with, a girl always on the go but knows her limit, the one who is always present in our batch event... can laugh as much as she can but sometimes she also cry out loud... (tagay pa)... A girl with a big heart towards others, maybe not all people may notice it, but indeed she is... a girl who loves music... "RAKISTA"...but most of all a girl who is too conscious with her tummy ( picture... picture... opss ang tiyan)... lol, hehehhe

Mean, you know how much you mean to us, Dos Mil Uno loves you, you make our batch connected to each other, you're like a foundation that make its strong and alive... thank you for the shared friendship, and I know we still have lots of fun, stories, tears, and of course i will not forget bottles to collect... hhehehe @_@

HAPPY BEERDAY bhe... - The place for profile layouts, flash generators, glitter graphics, backgrounds and codes
Happy Birthday Graphic Comments



I don`t have much stuff, and most of them are gifts and pasalubong. Others I ask it from anyone, to my friends, officemates and a like (KAPAL... heheheheh)

And this RED is my favorite cap. This is the oldest cap I have, 6 years if I don`t have a bad memory... hehehehhe. How did i get this one, I ask it from our manager on my first company... PAK!!! Sir Joel, but we used to call him" Sir Bronx". He is our manager at the Engineering Dept. when I was in OPT (Offshore Product Technology).

Before I want to collect different colors of baseball cap... I got already 8 pcs... blue, brown, 2 black, yellow, 2 red and orange, but now I just have 4 left, the yellow Adidas from Miguel, orange Reebok from Ryan, black with touch of violet from my niece andrea, and this Red Bench from Sir Bronx... others, I already give it aslo to my friends and some were lost, mostly I left it somewhere else... grrrrhhhh.

If there is someone out there want to give me a cap at any would be highly appreciated... @_@

Happy Girls talk

Want more Red colors... here


I'm Going Home

It's a big sure now... I'm going home....hahahah, and not only the pretty me, but also my Ate lala, we have our plane tickets now... yeheyyy...

Sorry, but I'm too much excited for this, It's in my mind for almost a year... see how much am excited, and now its almost here... 29 days to go, and I know God will grant this for us. I claim it now, in his Almighty name.

It's not a usual vacation that we have, but this is an special event of our family, that for sure every family wants to have. And we're so blessed that we're among the few who's given the chance to celebrate the hundred years of great and worthy life of our dear Grandmother...

Sofia is her name. She beautiful and loving. I don't have the chance to be with her always or saw her often, now or even before. But she never fail to make us feel her love for us, in her own little way every time we're with her. I will never forget, those days on how she took care of me after my operation. Preparing all i need, from my stuff to my food from breakfast until dinner, snacks are included... but most of all, how she prepared my Milk or Milo in the morning... (on my tears now...) Thanks La, I love you so much...

As I promised... I'm going home on your Birthday, stay healthy and strong. We will see you soon... ^_^

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