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From Monday to Friday, 8:00 am - 3:20 am, is always a busy day and hour at FRDP, doing business for its clients, working on its projects and finishing all deadlines. But in spite of this kind of schedule, FRDP have also a program to provide us a good time to be in one event together with our family, where we could have bonding, fun games, food trip, laugh as we could and enjoy the whole day without talking the busy life in the office... we all have this in our Family day, last Saturday, September 18, 2010.

The day is awesome, great sunny day, best day weather to enjoy. We have our shuttle service from Alabang to Casa San Pablo, CNG, thank you to our driver for the safe trip... We arrived at Casa San Pablo around 9:00 am, we have our event briefing followed by our AM snacks, spaghetti taste good with the bread pan... hhehehe,

but what I love most with this event is during our fun games... I really enjoy in every game... First the "obstacle course relay", we're group one, although this is not my first time to do "obstacle course" i had experienced it during my Rover and Roverrites training... but still i feel nervous specially on the wall part, jumping on it, but still i have the courage to do it once again, with my all best and as fast as i can... hehehe, congrats to all we did it very well.

Second is the "tire me in a pole?" this is really funny and little bit embarrassing on my part, I hope I had a picture of it... hahaha, but thank you to Gelo, for doing his best, for me not to fall on ground, ^_~... Third is the "Stepping Stone" for me, this is the most memorable game... first time to do this game, may be it's four times we go back to the starting line for some mistakes about the rules of the game "the resources and the people should always be connected to each other", ... hheehhe, we all did much effort for this game, but it's all worthy, a side that our group won in this game, we all learn from it. *_*... opppsss, yap! sorry for my irritating voice, if it cause damage on your eardrum , sorry naman...kapatawaran, blamed it to my hyper adrenaline, heheheh ^_~

After the land game... it's swimming time, then the favorite of all, the lunch time, the food was great... masarap ang lechon, i gain a pound from it and Ms. ferry forget her diet, hehehhe!!!

water game after the lunch, me and my niece andrea won on one of the games... thanks for prize andrea loves it... swimming... swimming... swimming...

we also have fun on barbecue time, yam yam yam... lots of food trip plus vedioke the whole day, we have chicha, pancit on the PM snacks, sisig, lanzones and of course i will forget the case of beer and the wine that Sachou shared to us.

This is such a big fun day, I really enjoy it, my two niece with me enjoy the food and the pool, and I know everyone, everybody enjoy this Family day! Congratulation to the RECOM committee, the event was indeed successful... until next year, Yaahhhooo

♥jennpotz♥  – (September 20, 2010 at 11:08 AM)  

super like it!

though wala akong balak sumama nung una.. haha.., now I'll say na nag-enjoy me.. haha

pero gusto ko pa din ng star city...

Gilay  – (September 20, 2010 at 8:05 PM)  

hehhehe, buti n lng you change your mind, dhil hindi, d k n nmn kasali sa kwento ng "family day namin"... lolz, hhehheh

cge, nxt year star city...

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