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Self makeover

I have this in mind, self makeover for me!... I talking about physical change on my looks. Change my hair style, outfits, accessories and whatsoever!!! hehehe! I don`t have much knowledge about "fashion". But I do know how to appreciate it, what`s NEW and IN. Thinking this makeover, really a big challenge.

I`m very particular with my hair. Most of the time I just let it trimmed to removed split ends. I go for hot oil maybe twice a year. I cut it short 6 years ago??... Now, I`m thinking to cut it again maybe above shoulder. I really have to convince myself to go for it. The gorgeous Ferry suggested, curly hair is good. I don`t know if I can go to that extent of makeover, from long straight air to curly one. I have my curly hair once, but only for one day!, and it`s nice too. What I`m really worry about is, the more damage it my cause because of the medicine they have to apply.

I have to look or add some new on my wardrobe. I`m more on pants, walking shorts and T-shirt. Because I`m comfortable with it. For this aiming, the next time I have to buy, maybe I should have to go for some skirts, blouses and casual dresses. For two days, I`ve try to wear skirts going to office... well, not bad...(hehehe).

From rubber shoes and flip tops, I have to go for doll shoes and sandals. With my bag, backpack to ladies bag! And of course, form this time, I will not use cap more often, even I`m in night shift schedule. Maybe , instead of that, I will put some hair clips or use head band. (nyahaha). Honoestly, my serious with this... ! (crossed finger)


Enchanted Award

This is not the first award I received but most of them, I wasn`t able to tag to others. My big sorry!( hehehe). But it doesn`t mean that I don`t appreciate it, I really do. Maybe I`m just busy by then.. (hahaha! lusot...) With this one, I will not let it pass not to give this to those person who really deserve to be awarded.

My big thank you to this Lady, who claimed her self as gorgeous (hehehe)... Ms. Ferry for tagging me this award and for everything ( alam na!.. )

Oh... yes! before I will extend this to my lovely friends. Here are the seven things about me

1. I love to travel
2. I love matchbox and baseball cap ( anyone wants to add to my collections, thank you ^_~)
3. I don`t eat beef and slimy vegetables
4. I more like to drink beer than have coffee.
5. I more on reading than writing ( kaya super effort dito sa blog! hehehe )
6. I never dream to be a part of engineering, but I`m one of them now! ( but happy for it. )
7. I know how to laugh and cry out loud!!!

And I`m extending this award to this lovely people, and most of them I considered as friend that I haven`t met yet... Hope soon if God will permit.


Anawangin Camping

Just arrived from the trip and I'm a bit tired, not only because of the travel but I don't have enough sleep yet. And instead of going to bed right after settling down at my room, I'm writing this, I don't want to miss anything about the trip.

Straight form the office last Saturday morning, we left at Alabang around 5 am headed to North, at Anawangin cove in Zambales. We arrived at Pundakit seashore around 10 am, and ride to a motor boat, less that 30 minutes we finally arrived at the Camp site, Anawangin cove. Set up the tents, ate lunch and rest for an hour.

First activity, trekking, we pass the river and climb to the mountain, though we're not able to hike up to the top, I had fun climbing on the cliff, when you look down, you'll see how waves smash on the rocks. I had hair raising feeling. We just make it up to the middle, take some pictures and get minutes of rest, You can see and feel the beautiful scenery of the place from the top. Vast body of seawater, and big high mountains of the side. Amazing! But going down is more difficult than going up, because you really have to keep your balance.

Swimming after the trekking, but I don't go for it, I'll take some nap at the tent, 'coz I feel bit dizzy and my eyes are already complaining, since I wasn't able to get enough sleep during our travel. I hvae at least more than an hour sleep, when I woke up, everybody already have their dinner. No electricity at the camp, we only used our flashlights. Delicious grilled pork and fish for dinner, I enjoy eating with may hands plus one foot on the top of the seat.

We have little bonding, right after everybody done taking a bath. We brought in can beers on the camp and lots of snack foods. Instead of bonfire, we just sit on the ground while having our beers and have exchange talks. We had a full day, so most of them went to sleep at around 10 pm.

But for me, the angel of sleep is not too kind. No milk at the camp, just coffee and choco. Since everybody is on their own sessions. I decided to take a walk at the seashore, sit on the sand, and go for star gazing, then I feel little bored, I decided to go back to the tent, but I stop on the small store, who happened the care taker of the place. I had a great chat with Kuya ( sorry I was't able to ask his name). We talk about nearby islands, kind of fishes and more that got to my interest. And I was hooked chatting with him... then two campers also joined on our conversation. It feels wonderful and add more fun on my stay at the camp. Around 3am already when I go back to tent.

Sounds of the wind is like roaring rain, because it bouncing within the mountains. Creepy at first, but when you get used to it, lovely. 4:30 am I`m awake again, I go for jogging at the seashore for 30 mins then go swimming for 1 hour. When I get back to the tent, some are already preparing breakfast other still with their dreams. After breakfast, we should have another activity, I did not go with them, because that time I feel so sleepy.

When I wake up, they are discussing whether we're going to island hopping or not, because of the condition of the sea, there are big waves, it's not easy for the motor boat. That makes me, really disappointed. For safety, the group decided not to go for island hopping, just stay until 2pm. So, I get back on the tent and have more sleep. After lunch, I roam around the camp site taking pictures before we left. I had fun and adore the place. It is almost 9pm when I got home.

Until next stop!!!


In memory of Him

Its Papa`s birthday

As much as I want to dance with Him,
As much as I want to Hug and kiss Him,
As much I want to eat cake with Him,
and see him blowing the candles and make his wish.
All this and more, I wish I could do it with Papa.
But not a single chance now for he is already with God.

I`m in tears, while writing this. I really miss him so much.
I won`t deny, sometimes I feel envy seeing girl with his father.
Having dinner, do little shopping, attending mass, and more.
May God forgive me, or perhaps He also understood.

Happy Birthday Papa, I love you so much. I know you are
at my side reading this while I`m writing.


My Sweet niece

With her Mom, they went to Market Market, to buy books, I think Andrea needs it for school or book that she wants to have to read. When they arrive. she said... Tita this is for you, and it was little Spongebob. I was so touch when ate dea handed me this little stuff toy. She knows very well that I love Spongebob, I have already big one on my room.

So thoughtful and sweet that she give me other one. With all the happy thoughts in my mind, I'm speechless... I just replied to her... wow, thank you. Aside from that, she also have for his little brother, Angry bird bag. And I know, she buy it with her own money that she saves from her school allowance.

I won't deny, that sometimes ate dea is a bit stubborn and hardheaded, but I understand, at age 13 it's part of being a teenager, I've been also like that before... hehehe, worst, I may say! But, I'm one proud Tita for her!!!


Book Sale

I can seat or lay at my back the whole day reading books. Especially if the story really interest me, I will put it down, when I got hungry. Every time I been in a bookstore, and saw a book sale, no chance that I will not looked for one that might got to my interest. I'm a reader who is not particular who's the Author, but with the story it self that can hooked me on my seats.

I love science fiction , mystery adventure, crime scene investigation story, and sometimes romance novel. I just got two books in a book sale, "BONES" by Jan Burke and "ESCAPE" of Robert K. Tanenbaum, for only 75 pesos each. Though I still have one book half read and need to finish, I grab it, because it might not be available the next time.


Bonding time with Kuya

It's good that Kuya taking his Masters degree here in Manila, we can spend time to have bonding after his class. His schedule is very tiring, but I know he can make it. He will travel every Wednesday night from Bicol to Manila. Have his class Friday and Saturday in La Salle. After his class at Saturday night, he will be back to Bicol for his class teaching schedule from Monday to Wednesday. Very exhausting!!!

Last night, instead of going back to bicol after his class. We catch time to watch movie. We both like Denzel Washington, one common on us. That is why, we don't want to miss Denzel's movie... Safe House. We're late for 8pm show, so we take the last fullshow, 10:30pm. We just roam around MOA while waiting for the last show. We looked for books, I buy hotwheels, and take pictures around.

I really had a good time with my brother, I hope we can do it more often ;-)


Loiues Craft

As a kid... Loiues hated to be seated without doing anything. When he is not allowed to play outside, he used to watch TV but not just seat and pay attention on what's on the screen, his also doing some crafts.

Like other boys, he loves to draw. But instead of robots, cars or any others boys stuff, his master piece is princesses, paper dolls character and anime girls character. Big question with what he likes and his interest at his age now. But he is really good in drawing.

No matter what Louies will become when he grow up. I'll always be proud of him.

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