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I`m "In relationship"

Just to share my new status... single Gilay is now signing off... hehehe! Yes, I`m "in relationship". I thank God for giving him to me. Not the best, not perfect but someone who is true. I`m happy that I have him in my life now.

We`re good friends for years. I don`t even expect that our friendship will turn to a romantic relationship. The time he confessed with me, I thought it was just a joke but when pursue it with me seriously, I feel I`m in trouble because of the friendship that we have. At first I`m really hesitant, I don`t want to take risk on our friendship. But, I don`t know what happened and what he did... I just wake up one morning I`m missing him.

It`s feel good to have someone in your life. You always looked forward for the next happy day. Have inspiration to be good and be at your best. Life is not that heavy because there is someone make it light for you.

Now that God give him to me, I can`t promise of anything. I`m just wishing and praying that our LOVE will last forever. I lover you :)


Tickets ready

Since, it was just Tuesday we made our decision of going home. Our problem is our tickets. Because it`s Holy week, most people wants to go for a vacation. Early of March, tickets reservation are on the go. If your going to get reservation just this week its difficult to get one because all bus company are fully booked already.

We`re very thankful that others cancelled their reservation, so we`re able to get reservation for April 3. Two tickets, Pasay to Sorsogon are available. Thanks to God, no worries anymore. We can surely go home an enjoy our vacation.


Vacation galore

I`m pretty much excited for the five days vacation next week. We`re going home. I and him decided to spend our holy week in Bicol. This is the first time, we`re going home together and spend a long vacation together. This is the advantage when you both came in same place.

Last week together with our friends, we`re talking about what`s our plan for the Holy week. I`m still undecided if I will go home or not, because my Ate still don`t have final decision about their plan of going home with the kids. But yesterday, my brother-in-law decided to stay here in Manila. Since, they will stay here, I can leave and go for vacation galore. (hehehe)

We also think for the option of going out of town travel, but since we don`t have much time to prepare considering the budget. We both agreed to have our vacation in our own home town. We know the place very well, so we don`t need to plan our iterinary. Aside from joining to the church activity for the the Holy week, we also have places wants to visit. I`m just hoping good weather will join us also. I know this would be lots of fun and surely we will enjoy our vacation together.... Hoooorrrayyyy :)


Heart beats :)

It`s true, you can never tell, whom you will fall in love with. Sometimes to the most unexpected one. But, still no matter who it was, what important is, you are happy. Your heart beats with joy every single day that you wake up and every minute that passed your are inspired.

Great feeling when someone treat you in a very special way. Make you feel how important you are. Give extra time with you. Someone that is proud of you. When you feel that you are loved, it`s also easy for you to give love in return. It may not be in same level but you learned to care and give importance to someone.

Having an inspiration in your life give extra strength to you in doing things. Your life is more on the positive side. You can smile even how stressful the days is. It gives more meaning and reason to be happy. Love really has its own magic, it makes impossible things possible in mysterious way. You may not see it but your heatbeat can tell.


DOS.MIL.UNO Dream Team

The boys got an idea to join on the summer basketball game in Pasig. They are the team DOS MIL UNO. Although not all of them are members of our batch, but they are all Gubatnons. Common friends since High school who are already working here in Manila. Boys, are all excited with their game which will open on Sunday, March 25, 2012. Yet, their uniforms are not finished. (Hehehe). They are supposed to pick-up the uniforms last Wednesday, but it is not yet done. They have to go back on Saturday night and hopefully it`s okey already.

For three consecutive weekends they do practice of at least 2-3 games. Last Saturday I was able to watched their practice and it`s not bad. All team members are really doing an effort to make it for the game. Most of them, give an extra time for the practice since they have also work schedule. And I also enjoy watching their practice game with all the "kinkoy" moves inside the court... Hahaha!

This is the 1st time they will be joining basketball league here in Manila. And all of them are positive to make it to the championship. I have a good vibes also for them... hehehe! Well, they should be, because the whole batch supports them. And of course I will be cheering for them in all their games.


I`m happy with Him

Every girl wants to be treated like a princess. It feels good if someone shows how special I am. That one man have courage to take care of me. And always there to give a hand if ever I need one. I always say, that I know how and I can always take care of myself, but still I want to have a man who can make me believe and prove to me that I can`t, because he wants to do it for me. Sweet, isn`t it? (hehehe)

I know, some will question "why him?", there is much better or best than him that I should choose. Yes, maybe true enough! but I`m not asking and looking for the best, I had one before!... What I want is someone who is real.

Although, as of this time I`m still weighing things. I`m thankful that finally there is one out there make me believe again that love has it`s own magic. Thant when you are together, time is not enough. No necessary topic to brought out for you to enjoy talking to each other. Yes! I`m happy every time I`m with him. (aayyiieee.. kilig)

As we`re both busy doing some stuff with our life, we don`t have to be committed to each other, as girlfriend and boyfriend. We`ll just enjoy what we have now, as the feeling is mutual, no pressure. By the time we`ve accomplished everything and still we`re together. I know that would be a happy ending.


Sadness and Joy

Farewell Lola

The whole family is grieving for Lola pia`s death. She may rest in peace. At the age of 101, last Tuesday afternoon Lola finally surrender her body and soul to God. Yes, we feel the sorrow of losing love ones, but we feel more joy in our hearts because we all know that Lola is already in God hands now.

Since the day my sister broke the news to me, I haven`t cry, not until now. Though, I`ve been prepared and expected it to happened. Still, the feeling is different facing the real thing. As my time of going home come closer, one by one sink in to my head. I could feel the great sadness at my heart for the situation and event I`m going to witness by tomorrow. If by now, I can resist my tears, I know by then I can`t.

We`re so lucky and blessed more than enough for having her in our life. Her loving heart and caring hand will always be remember. She`s been the great inspiration of the whole family. Her simplicity, humility and kindness will be cherish for the rest of my life. I know everyone will miss her. The old place will not be the same, now that she`s gone. But I know, Though, her presence will not be seen, yet all the memories of her will always remain.

We love you Lola. We thank you for the best life you`ve shared with us. We thank you for the great love you filled in our hearts. I. thank you for everything. What I have now, is something I owe to you.


Love vs friendship

Falling in love to a friend is not new to me. I've been there a couple of times. (hehehe) Although, I could say, those are just... admiration on things I saw on them that catch to my attention. And I don't need to make an effort to make them feel the same way with me. Because, "it's just a little crush" hehehe.

Recently. I've learned that it's not easy to deal with this case. If a good and close friends of yours confined with you that, he/she likes you in special way. At first, you will thought, it was just a joke!... but when he/she pursue it with you!... you can deeply feel the pressure. Friendship is at risk.

Though, everything can be settled. You can talk to what are the pros and cons of the situation.and all the possible option that you have to make things work for both of you. That what ever you may decide you two are comfortable with it. Because the big challenge for this, is whatever will happened no big impact change to the friendship that you have. Although, there is no guarantee that it will work smoothly, but the foundation of friendship will count on that.

Saying goes " Friends can be lovers, but lovers can't be to friends"
but also quoted ... "In every rule, there is always an exemption" ...


For a Job well done

One of the best reward for a job well done is, you will be given the opportunity to do more. There is no work will not be paid of, maybe not by instant but with patience it will be given. Sometimes. its not by monetary, but some recognition.

With the good news that I have receive, I'm happy because I was blessed with a good opportunity. Added more responsibility and greater challenge with my job. I'm so grateful that people around me believe on my potential and capabilities doing the job. Lucky I am that I have partners and colleagues easy to work with. That makes me more comfortable doing all the task given to me.

My hardwork has been paid. I love my job from the start. But I appreciate double it now. The new challenge boost my enthusiasm to make more of myself. Be more creative and innovative towards my job. Be a good example and a leader to others.

I'm extending my deepest gratitude to all... God bless and more power to the company.

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