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Answered Prayer

I thought when I had a sleep I will feel better, but I woke up this afternoon still I'm not feeling well. I feel so groggy. Last night, because of some unwanted error on my software I bragged myself to finished my work load so I can met my deadline. Lucky enough, I made it just on time.

Result, I got headache, on my way home, I feel dizzy and cold. So, I just take some food and 2 glass of water and up to my room to sleep and have some rest. Still not No good. I remember, today is Thursday, and I had an schedule web meeting at work at 9:00 pm. How I wished and prayed that it would be canceled because I'm not really in mood to catch up things.

God is great, when I open my Lotus Notes, I had a mail from Mr. Xin, my in-charge partner in RDNA, informing and requesting that our web meeting would be cancel due to some conflict on their schedule. Really answered prayer.

Thank you Lord...


Treasured friendship

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As much as we want to stay the people close in our heart, it will always come to point that we need to be apart from them... Today is the last day of Angel at work. She passed her resignation letter a week ago. She is my instant friend, since we`re batch mate when we`re hired. Admitted that we have lots of differences, still we become good friends. Two years maybe not that long, but it doesn`t count because friendship don`t have days and time requirements. The friendship that I build with her is a gift that I will TREASURE for the rest of my life.

Techie She’s Lucky Blogger Weekly Giveaways


The MOST of My HS

High school life is the best, and I definitely agree with it. I lots of memorable things during my high school. But this one is the most memorable one.

It was the moment when Sister Lulu Deborde our principle, caught me dictating my answer to my seatmate Julio Em during final exam in Values Education, it was in 3rd year. ( Lolz... ) It was almost the last 2 minutes, when almost everyone had to pass the test paper, but Julio haven't answers half of it, so while our adviser is busy in the front I stand up as if I'm fixing my things and dictate my answer to him, I never notice our principle is at the student's door... I'm shocked and freeze when she called my name " Gerlie, ... dictating your answer..." all my classmates are on their seats and all eyes are on me,... I wish that ground would break and swallow me... but it didn't happened... I just reply... "Yes sister "... then she reply, with angry tone " Both of you, in my office after lunch"!!! After an hour within the principle's office... I learned a lot about honesty!!! hihihi

Julio and I remain good friends, and that moment of our high school make us both laugh every time we remember it now...

... Happy GT :-)


Hand cramps ;-(

Hand cramps is a result when our muscles and nerves are being affected for some conditions, one simple reason is fatigue from overuse.

At work, this is one of my problem. Since I'm using mouse, my right hand, almost everyday suffering from hand cramps, though not that severe still I feel the pain. Stress ball give a little relief and sometimes I tried to work with my left hand to get a rest with my right, but no good, I'm working as if I don't have deadline.


College trash

I'm in mood to clean up my room... FYI : cleaning is my most hated chores !!!

Looked what I got... tons of papers left in the box and inside the plastic bags, all this are my college trash.

Content :
* Handouts
* College syllabus
* Humanities Handbook
* green form (enrollment form)
* Notebooks
* News letters
* Return Submitted projects
* Program invitations
* Debut invitations
* Christmas and valentines card
* Welding instruction manual
* Test papers
* Old poems written
* Pictures negative
* SSC sample printed ID
* etc... etc.. etc...

I don't know why I keep all this things... Haiii!!!
But now all this are totally trash for good... Bye!!!


Sunday`s reflection

John 6:51-58

I am the living bread that came down from heaven; whoever eats this bread will live forever; and the bread that I will give is my flesh for the life of the world.” The Jews quarreled among themselves, saying, “How can this man give us (his) flesh to eat?” Jesus said to them, “Amen, amen, I say to you, unless you eat the flesh of the Son of Man and drink his blood, you do not have life within you. Whoever eats my flesh and drinks my blood has eternal life, and I will raise him on the last day. For my flesh is true food, and my blood is true drink. Whoever eats my flesh and drinks my blood remains in me and I in him. Just as the living Father sent me and I have life because of the Father, so also the one who feeds on me will have life because of me. This is the bread that came down from heaven. Unlike your ancestors who ate and still died, whoever eats this bread will live forever.”

This Sunday, Catholic church celebrates the Solemnity of Body and Blood of Christ ( Corpus Christi ). Thanks to the mystery of transformation a gift in the Eucharist. By receiving the Body and Blood of Jesus, we shares the divine life with Jesus and with our faith in Him.


Free and Allowed again...

Funny it was ... Lolz!

I don`t do this before... but this time, I did, I asked permission if I`m free and allow to have Boyfriend again... hahaha!!! At 26, of course no one will say... NO!!!

Crazy! I was...

Maybe I just want an assurance, that If it fails again! I have at my back to rescue me. Given the freedom and permission... I`m still in the state of having a second thought if I will commit or not... !!! ( don`t worry I`ll keep it posted ) hahaha


My worst?

I`m not proud that I have this kind of attitude but neither feel ashamed of it.

I can keep my mouth in silence, if it`s needed and if I really have too. But don`t ever drag me on something that really irritates on my ears, for sure I can`t endure myself not to put you on fire. If this is my worst... will that`s me.

I will not say sorry for what happened. If someone think or feel that I go beyond my limits, so be it. For I can`t ignore those kind of situation or let it pass and pretend that it`s okey with me. If I do so, I just tolerate the next time.


Is Leo can quit smoking???

I love beer but I hate smoke... !!!

I had a conversation with my friend, Leo about "to quit on smoking"... though he don`t want to bet with me, he can bet to other people, that he can quit smoking... but not on me!!! ( luge daw cia???!!!... maybe because he knows I always win... hehehe! )

To help him win, here are some tips :

1. COMMIT YOURSELF - Make a vow that you want to do it right now... you are really want to quit on smoking. Make a vow not only to yourself, but also other people around you, tell it to your family, and friends, or even write it down. It`s not easy to do, but commit yourself fully.

2. HAVE A MOTIVATION - Know and have a purpose why you want to quit, this will be your reason every time urges comes. List it down and better to print it down. This reason will serve as your reminders, everyday during the process of quitting. The 1st week would be crucial week, but when you get through with it, the rest will follow.

3. SHIFT YOURSELF, BE BUSY - your "Urge" to smoke, mostly comes on your free time, during breaktime, after meal, you feel stress... you can engage in some sports, it maybe an indoor or outdoor games. Every time you feel the urge to smoke, shift your attention on other things, the best is have a conversation to the person nearest to you, have a joke. When you`re stressed, take a walk, deep breathing would do. Also, avoid, those common places you usually smoke.

4. MAKE IT WAIT - In time you have the urge, delay it... tell yourself it can wait, you can drink water, eat food, gum and candy are very much helpful at first. Do anything, just to delay it, until such time that you don`t even notice your urge to smoke over.

5. BE POSITIVE - Perhaps, this is not the first time to attempt to quit smoking, but for some reason you failed. Learn from those reasons that make you failed. This time,be more positive, tell yourself you can do it and you will.

There you have it Leopotzkie ... Goodluck!!! ---->>> cross finger!!!


Touched :-)

Who will not shout for joy, when early in the morning
you`ll see and receive great gift form someone, though
I don`t know her personally, but I know she has really a good heart.
She is one of those I called " My friend haven`t meet yet"

Thank you so much Kha... She is the mastermind of all this
total makeover of my page... Beautiful, I really love it. I`m so

Also, to the girl Kha called Boss... Hihi

Thank you to both of you! Hugzzz!!!


Sad for both

*** sign!!!

* Affected
* Sad
* Worried

I want to do something, but a bit hesitant for it might worsen the situation. Two people that really close to my heart have a misunderstanding. I don't have an idea about things that happened... I have the 4W and 1H question with the situation... Both the two don't want to talked, I just knew about it because one of them said "they are not okey"... that's all no detail.

I know that, they are all grown ups... they have already they own way of making choices. But I can't skip myself, not to feel affected, sad and worried. This is unusual, seeing both and knowing that they are not okey.

Hope I could come up with a good idea to make things well. Because for now, the least or maybe the best that I can do is, accept the situation and wish that everything will be okey even not now but soon...


Am I really ready?

It's been years I've been avoiding this things, to engage myself in this kind of situation. Before I always find reasons and excuses to myself just to pass up.

I already said, that I'm ready and open for all the possibilities. But now it's here again for the nth times, and still I'm unsure if I will go for it or not...

Am I really ready?... My mind telling me to go, but my heart is doing two step backward. I know, that in life I have to take risk, but, Am I really ready to take and to deal to whatever is the consequences of risking may brought to my life?

I know my heart have lots of fear... but the least that I can do is to have courage in my mind and cross my fingers that I could come up with the best decision.


DOS MIL UNO @ 10 years

Yes, we're 10 years already! It's been a long time and this is my 1st time to attend to the Grand Alumni Home coming of my dear High school Alma matter St. Anthony Academy, Batch 2001... DOS MIL UNO... ROCKS!!!

A year of preparation for this event since we're one of the co-host. And personally, I'm so excited for this day to come... and finally it's here!

The night is awesome... laughter, dancing, the no ending stories of before and of course BEER... BEER... and BEER...!!!

My long travel going home was paid more than enough, being with my old friends once again is worth remembering.

CONGRATULATION DOS MIL UNO... until next time!!!


Sometimes jokes brings gOOdLUck

My afternoon start so badly...

Time travel :
I lift at home at 3:00 pm, I must be in Alabang by 3:30 by normal travel since it`s a dead hour...
1st joke : Traffic along Bicutan, I arrived at Alabang already 4 pm.

4:05 pm I`m at Festival Mall... order Fries with cheese, pay it and then said I will just go back to pick it up... Go upstairs at CD r king, 2nd joke : Lots of costumers, long line at the cashier!!!

4:15 pm... downstairs to pick-up the fries... 3rd joke : Fries is no longer available, the lady give it to other costumer, assuming that I will leave for long... and I will wait for 15 minutes to have my order... 4:25 pm already!!! So, I just take back my money... Run to the exit for the shuttle! In the shuttle I really have a horrible face... I consumed the 7 minutes grace period, and Kuya dado is laughing at me... I really crave for potato fries with cheese!!! gggrrrrr!!!!

4th joke : traffic at Carmona exit... 4:50 pm, Tj was pick-up.
5th joke : traffic at Mamplasin exit... 5:10 pm, in the teller`s both...


With all the jokes... here is the good luck!
5:20 arrive at the office... quick change of uniform... 5:23??? time-in??? I`m save!!!

Handover : My 2 days leave was approved.... horrraayyy!!!


GT:My Fave teacher

I admire all the teachers... being a teacher is not only a profession but it more on a life mission. I know the feeling, I`ve been in that position when I been chosen to be a catechist... by that time, I delete to my option to take up Education. I can teach, but I know I can`t do it with much patience. With just 45 minutes and once a week schedule being a catechist... I really have to do lots of effort, how much more doing it 8 hrs a day, 5 days a week or more... two thumbs up to all the teachers.

I don`t have much teacher in choice, but Ma`am Greg (Rosario R. Gregorio) is really close to my heart... She is our class adviser in 1st yr college 2ng term and 3rd term. Also she is the adviser of the Supreme Student council, which I`m an active member when I was in college. What I really remember to her most is during my 18th b-day, she is one of my 18 symbolic gift. What she gave to me is a KITE... blue kite made by her own hand... I`m so touch when she handed it to me., with in her word, goes like this " Gherl, I give you kite... because I can see you, that in the future you can fly high... blue, same color of the sky and so pleasing in the eyes... keep up the good work"... She give me lots of good thought when I`m still in the council. Oh... I miss her...!!!


A kiss


June 1st

May is over.... haiy!!!

Summer is done, rainy season is coming! School vacation is over, start of school is here... I just passed at TUP yesterday, school year already started since they are tri-sem. Hmmppp, I miss being a student... with the new backpack, shoes, uniforms and school supplies... hehehe

Months just passed so fast, days just come and go, by the next day we wake up... It`s Christmas and New year is to near to come.... haiyy!

Today is June 1st, by next week would be the Grand Alumni Homecoming... it`s already10 years after of my school life but seems to be like it was just yesterday... 10 years full of different stories... happy and sad.

I`m crossing my fingers, I really want to go home!!!

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