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Be a source of LOVE

Everyone wants to be loved. Every heart wishing to be filled with love. But for some reason we don't acquire this kind of feeling. Feel that our heart is empty, and worse is, think that nobody or even just one cares about it.

But, why not, instead of wishing and wanting it from others to give us. Start it with our self to happen... make the first step. Like that you wish for it, other may do the same. Be the first to reach out.

There will be an instance in our life that we feel lack of love, which is not true, love will always be in our heart, because it's the way it was design, perhaps we need to do a little experiment... seize your heart, and ask, if it was capable of being the source of love for yourself and to extend it to others, even to those whom you think, they don't deserve?

Being able to be the source of love, we are leading our self to get the love we desire. Be reminded... Give and you will receive.


I'm okey same with I'm not

Disapproval of others is one part of life that everybody has to deal with. Words and thoughts from other people, both okey and not, favorable on us or its opposite, are all pure reminder of the old line that, we will not be able to please everybody at all time.

Each and everyone of us has our own ways and standard on how to look, think or to judge personality, ones work, ability etc..., I may think like this, but others may think the other way around. And somehow we go against this reality. We got angry, hurt and feel disappointed when others rejected us on some ways or give us their disapproval.

Acceptance is the best way to overcome this situation, though, it really needs persistence and self-contol mind, the sooner we could accept this fact, that not everybody would be saying "YES", "GOOD"... the more it would be easier on our part.


Busy Saturday

Wow... busy Saturday!!! but not the way you think and for sure not same like others who are really busy doing all stuffs they have. I was busy the whole day with the book I'm reading. Stock on my room after my breakfast, not knowing the hours passed and forgot to have lunch on time.

I'm hooked on "RELENTLESS" of DEAN KOONTZ. A thriller novel with humor. Full of life meaning and realization. A book worth to read.

The past weekends, I'm some kind of null going out. I engaged most of my whole weekend at my room reading novels. I'm not a bookworm, but I really love reading... I feel relaxed and stress free ;-)


SleepLess night :-(

I don`t have a big day yesterday, I just went out in the afternoon to attend 5 o`clock mass. And went home right after, and have my book again I`m reading the whole day. I fall to sleep while I`m reading, maybe I got more that an hour sleep. When I woke it was around 8:15 in the evening, I go down to the kitchen for some food, though I not really hungry, I just have a glass of juice and went up again to my room and continued reading, already passed 11 pm when I decided to turn off the light and go to sleep. I know very well that more than hour already passed but still I`m a wake I couldn`t really find myself go to sleep. It was already around 1:30 am at my watch when I get off my bed turn on the light and read again hoping that maybe I would fall sleep by then. But, I didn`t happened, 2:30 am I turn off the light again, close my eyes as if I`m sleeping and wait until my 5:00 o`clock alarm rings, and It does...

What a sleepless night. I don`t really know why. Though, I still have energy for the day but I don`t know how war it will go because I really fell restless. As they say, If you can`t sleep, other/s is thinking of you or talking about you. If this is true, hope they`re done last night so I could have a good sleep later.



Karabaw ( bicol ) , Kalabaw ( tagalog), Carabao ( English), this is not new, everyone knows what is Carabao. But since, I`ve been in Manila, it really fascinates me seeing those usual things during my childhood, and Carabao is one of them. This photo was taken the last time I`ve been in Bicol, we saw it on the road on our way going to town. We owed one before, and riding on Carabao`s back is one of our ( me and Ate Nene) favorite and it`s the most happiest moment of our life then. Also, if not on Carabao`s back, we really enjoy and love to ride on the "Pakamang"... hahaha...

Pakamang is a Carabao drawn, like a cart, but don`t have wheels. This is common used by farmers were they put the sack of rice, or coconuts during harvest season. "Pakamang" came from the bicol root word "kamang" which means crawl...


Things would be different :-(

We grief if we lost someone dear to us, yet we should not be sad, for we know they are already in God`s hand

October 31, when Papa Jaime passed away, youngest brother of my Mom, and my closest uncle, he take the role as our father since Papa died. Though, God already prepared us for this soon to come, as he was diagnosed of cancer last year. For almost one year, Papa Jaime, really fight for cancer, he undergo operation and sessions of chemotherapy... perhaps, it`s really his end. It`s Gods plan for him.

Things would be different without him, the Big house would not be the same not seeing him in the balcony, as we approach... welcoming us with his smile and warm hug... and all this things, would be totally sense when I go home this Christmas... I will really miss him.

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