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Ahu Ahu Ahu... I know most GIRLS will die also for this. ( over ... heheheh)Who would not want to have and own a CANON DSLR CAMERA???

Last year this is the one I want to have before the end of year. But due to budget constraints, I don`t get the chance of owning one. We know very well it`s quite expensive. Instead I bought digital camera last January as a replacement for the mean time until my budget fits. Aja!!!

Credit to my freind Armie... that`s there camera... Envy ME... yayyhahhah!!!

Happy Thursday... Happy GT... ^_~


GT : Clothes I loved

I choose to wear clothes that makes me feel comfortable wherever I go. And I more on jeans and a t-shirt. But when in comes to my t-shirt I loved white one and there is one name that really stands on my taste... TRIBAL... designs are great and size really fits me.

And what I'm really dying to wear are coats , but since here in the Philippines we don't have winter season, I just have my jacket instead... hehehhe!!!...

Happy Holy Thursday everyone and Happy Girls Talk... More here:


"Binubuong Pangarap" with Cheche Lazaro

Last night I watched the ABS-CBN sunday's best, Cheche Lazaro " Binubuong Pangarap" . a four inspiring stories of individual people who has a special gift and given talent.

I was so inspired for this four people who manage to excel and be at their best in spite of the difficulties of lacking some of their senses. A young girl who was able to hear with her hearing aid, and under go therapy, was able to be on top with her ballet class, knows how to play guitar and other music instrument, have skills on arts. A blind boy who has a excellent academic records, plays piano, can bike, and pursue is college with computer programming. A handicap girl become a chef, she lose her hand because of the horrific actions of other people. The college girl who is suffering form tumor on her brain, causing to lose her hearing, half paralyzed body, and infection on her eyes. But her life doesn't stop there, she deal life full of courage and faith, able to rise money to be used in her medication by means of her skills, t-shirt design, tumbler, bracelets... and still fighting for her life and make a difference.

How amazing and incredible it was, but true indeed. To have your dream, to do what you want, to share what you have doesn't require to be perfect. People's ability to do good with life can't be measure on how many senses we have, it's our willingness and determination. And of course have FAITH...


Alone for a weeks

This is not my first to be left alone here at the house, but now it's a little bit long. I used to have my Ate and the two kids when I got home from work. There is a sounds, not only the TV. There is people I could ask and talk when I wake up. But for two weeks, I gonna leave with myself alone, of course with some stuff TV and computer is with me.

As much I love to cook, I can't because no one would eat with me at the table. It really sad to be alone. I can't go out for long, for I will be worrying because no one left in the house. I just tired to fill in some stag time with a book, good thing I buy one last Friday.

I almost finished Smallville series, season 6 and 7. But my eyes give up watching DVD the whole day. So have to switch on other stuff to make me busy. It's just one day now, and I'm helpless! It good that by tomorrow I "ll be back to work.

I know very well that it just a matter of convincing oneself... I'll be fine...


Friday -Two bottles

As what I have posted on my Facebook... "Its great that there is someone you can text when you need back-up... hehehe! Thanks, Its fun Friday night!!!" My circle of friends from the office, already planned to unwind by Friday, but due to some certain circumstances, it turns to... just a plan! But great I had back-up... hheheh

I really don't have a good day yesterday... its just a common things that happened, but sometimes those commons, blown me also, even how tough I am...(hehehe) That is why, even our plan has been canceled ... I really want to go out, Just ME or with a buddy, but of course its good with the later. So I decided to drop first at festival, maybe I could have food trip and buy a new book at National.

On our way to Alabang, I got in mind to text Eman, a college friend, I ask him if his Busy and if we could have two bottles...(hehehe), He replied to me after an hour, asking Where I am?...and we start the two bottles...hehhe, joined with us one of his officemate Sir Gleen, who happened to be our schoolmate also. The two bottles become a three buckets plus four? bottles free...hehehe! The place is awesome, we enjoy the stand-up comedians, and the music, they played great songs... the three of us do have moves within our seats and waving our hand on the air with the beat of the music. And Eman joined singing in every song feeling like a true singer... hahahah! Bad moods and all negative really blown away.

Its really feels good to unwind, especially if you with the best buddy!


Mcdo Ads pull-out

Because of the claimed made by the CBCP about the Advertisement of the Mcdo, the fast food chain pull-out their ads, they already stop it airing on the television.

It`s not that I`m against with the plea of the CBCP. They also have the point why they make a comments on the advertisement. The commercial with the two kids, dealing with boyfriend and girlfriend relationship. And I do get and understand what they are trying to uphold. Relationship is not take on a bunch of fries only, and those kids are not in the right age for a relationship that my have a big impact to other kids and would affect on the way how parents teach values to their children.

Just on the sad note, I love that commercial. I adore the two kids on the ads, acting like an adult one, So cute and funny and I love their lines. Plus, the they are so cute and very refreshing on my eyes... Oh I love Mcdo ~_^


GT: My On-sceen Favorite

Helooww everyone!!! I haven`t here for a couple of months and I don`t have much valid reason for that no show / post act... hehehe Talking about celebrity... I have nothing in particular that I really follow but there are some that I really adore on the screen and here are those some that I love and admired most.

Top on my list from Hollywood, Denzel Washington. Great actor, no questions for being a award winner. Being a big fan, he never fails me to have a satisfactions in all his works. He always give justice in all his character being portrayed. I can seat down the whole day watching all his movies, yes!!! I`ve done this already... and no "sawa factor" for me... And every time he has a new movie, I`ll make it sure, I`m gonna watch it on the big screen...

Of course, on my list also the lovable and gorgeous Anne Hathaway and Reese Witherspoon. The face of the princess diaries, Anne, and the girl in pink of Legally blonde, Reese. I love thewhole craft of this two beautiful lady.

I have also from own local celebrities.... Number one spot for the lad, the singer wanna be and kikay Anne Curtis... I like her being host of showtime and his character in Green Rose as Angela Tuazon. But above all I love her fashion style...

Down to my last favorite, but not the least! The very handsome and yummy boy... hehehe Coco Martin...the prince of indie film. Very talented actor of this generation. He can really jump in every character and role is playing and definitely could mesmerize all his audience.

More girl fans here, click the badges... Happy GT ^_^


Lots of hungry

I`m hungry... huhuhu!!! whom I`m gonna blame! It`s gorgeous ferry (hehehe) who doesn`t inform us that there is no canteen for the evening shift. Manufacturing have no work schedule for the night shift.

I`m really hungry, no! not only me, also TJ, Mar, Leo and Sir Ariel... No choice but to have food delivery. McDo!!! One hour delivery time... of course we`re willing to wait, for we don`t have food for dinner... huhuhu! lent is really here, fasting isn`t it! No good!!! Chicken meal please... hhmmmppp! Ma`am not yet available! what??? ggrrrr!!! Okey fine, whatever would be available... end up with chicken nuggets... not bad really!

One hour waiting, is a bit sacrifice! sad to say, 10 minutes late delivery... well good enough for nothing... I`m really hungry... starving best to describe!!! Oh I love McDo...( burp )


@ my 100 post

yahhhoooo... I'm @ my 100 post...

I started last year with this blogging stuff with the convincing power of Ms. ferry. I know to myself that I'm more on as a reader than a writer... but now looked, I have 100 post already in less than a year... not bad! hehehe

I enjoy and I had fun doing this. It's been my sweet scape sometimes. To pour my sadness and happiness. Wherein I can tik tak on my keyboard everything I want inside on me. My shoutout and giggles are here.

I have shared to the world the word ME, I have known to the world that there is ME, but the most is, within ME, I know that my minds power and my craziness have something to say. And it's feels good!

The mimic bands the keyword opposite the given earth.

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