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"Binubuong Pangarap" with Cheche Lazaro

Last night I watched the ABS-CBN sunday's best, Cheche Lazaro " Binubuong Pangarap" . a four inspiring stories of individual people who has a special gift and given talent.

I was so inspired for this four people who manage to excel and be at their best in spite of the difficulties of lacking some of their senses. A young girl who was able to hear with her hearing aid, and under go therapy, was able to be on top with her ballet class, knows how to play guitar and other music instrument, have skills on arts. A blind boy who has a excellent academic records, plays piano, can bike, and pursue is college with computer programming. A handicap girl become a chef, she lose her hand because of the horrific actions of other people. The college girl who is suffering form tumor on her brain, causing to lose her hearing, half paralyzed body, and infection on her eyes. But her life doesn't stop there, she deal life full of courage and faith, able to rise money to be used in her medication by means of her skills, t-shirt design, tumbler, bracelets... and still fighting for her life and make a difference.

How amazing and incredible it was, but true indeed. To have your dream, to do what you want, to share what you have doesn't require to be perfect. People's ability to do good with life can't be measure on how many senses we have, it's our willingness and determination. And of course have FAITH...

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