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Quality time

Time is precious, we can`t turn back the the seconds that passed, it`s good take the most of it. HiM and I both work in shifting schedule and not so often that we both in same work time frame, good thing that Sunday is given to us we`re both rest day by then.

But one day for a week is not enough for me to give him quality time that I could share stories of what activities I have each day. Watch DVD movies with him, though most of the time he always fell asleep. Eat breakfast, lunch and dinner with him or just stay awake talking and laughing together.

Having two consecutive long weekend, I really make sure to give him quality time to have bonding with him, even in simple way that I can. Last Friday I surprised him, when I dropped by in their store and waited him until he finished his shift. We make quick photo shot at the Ayala triangle garden, have Mcfloat at McDonald as we catches what we have for the day. I just love being with him, and I will seize each free time and day that I have to spent with him and I`m looking forward for more...


At last... Tagaytay!

At last... I`ve been to Tagaytay, ever since I came to Manila, this is one place I want to visit! But every time it was planned, it was also canceled. Just this one, and thank you for the effort of my Nhelpotz, thinking this idea for her best friend, Ms. Rhe post birthday bonding.

We`re just five, Me, payts, Nhel, Ms. Rhe and Lei ( Nhel`s little nephew)! We have late lunch at Koorah Koorah first before we go for a walked at picnic grove. My ignorance about the true beauty of  Taal lake and Volcano has been alleviated, because I`ve seen it, not only at pictures :)).  Lei enjoyed the horseback ride with Payts, Nhelpotz and Ms. Rhe go for fish spa and foot massage. We don`t go for zipline! But I really enjoy the day, and I know they too.

Its a happy day bonding, feel so free, relaxed and refresh! Afternoon full of laughter, Me and Payts really enjoy being with this two pretty lady. Hope to have next time!!!



Like most relationship, HiM and I have misunderstanding every now and then. Even just on small things, and I think its normal. Because we`re different individuals with different likes and dislikes at one point. Not all the time our views and opinions laid on same plane. And perhaps all these, make us more strong as one.

When HiM knows he made a mistake, he will admits it and will say sorry!, but most of the time he will never explain why it happened or why he do it so... that something get to my nerves, because I want explanation. His reason why do explaining he admitted it already, he say sorry and with action plan not to do it again... grrrrhhh!... this is HiM and I need to accept it, because His attitude and character is part of what he is as a whole. This makes us give the sweetest smile for each other after the fight :))

Accepting the things the we don`t like from our partner, does not mean we`re blinded, love is just strong enough to make us embrace things beyond our perspective. And on the other way, our partners also doing the same thing with us.


Birthday Vacation

Just came back here in Manila yesterday morning from my super enjoy and happy Birthday vacation in Bicol. And I still have hangover with my vacation until now. So timing of going home, there are lots of activities for four days of my stay.

One thing that I miss and enjoy most is drying the new harvest Palay. Raking of palay under the heat of the sun, it has been years was`t able to do it, and for once I enjoy it much. For two days I take the role of "taga bilad ng Palay".. . hehehehe

"taga bilad ang Palay"

There was a scout camping and Yes- O camp ( Youth for Environment Summer Camp), my nephew Paul is one of the participant. There is torch parade, campfire and other camping activities that all participants and visitors enjoyed to watch.

Our barangay Benguet, was the host for the ALAY LAKAD 2012 in Gubat it was in celebration of Civil Service month. Though, I did not join walking form town proper up to Benguet, I was able to capture moments by taking pictures during the whole activity. I even reunite with my former teachers in elementary and High school, who`s until now doing their mission, to educate and mold ones life.

Alay Lakad participants

With my former teachers

But the most is, I accomplished my mission on my birthday to start my own little advocacy, to help kids appreciates and understand, how important education is. I give few story books for kids in our Elementary school to add on their mini-library. And perhaps, teachers can use it as medium for teaching. I`m really thankful I have given the opportunity to do it. It makes my big day more special and meaningful. Thank you to my sponsors :)). I`m hoping and praying, that I can do it again, for many years to come...

Elementary pupils with teacher Lala and teacher Lerma

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