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Last day for 2012

yyyaahhhoooo! Last day for work... vacation mode! 

I`m one of the few who has the benefit for a long vacation during Christmas season. Start tomorrow until January 2 of next year, eleven days on my count. No need to wake up early in the morning or keeping awake and alive during night shift. It`s time to relax and enjoy. :)

Three more days, and it`s Christmas. I decided to spend Christmas here in Manila with HiM and also to give way with my Ate`s family vacation, I`m the one left at home and be a care taker.. hehhe! But on new year I will be in bicol too, I will start my 2013 with my family.

I had the best 2012. I`m family is good, no one got sick seriously. I did my best at work and they give me good thing also in return. God blessed me so much, for having a good health through out the year. Being happy and inspired each day. I`ve been through some obstacles but He never put me down. 

Thank you Lord for everything and be with me on my vacation as you always will.


Simbang Gabi

St. Anthony de Padua Parish Church, Gubat. Sor.

Simbang Gabi (Night Mass) a nine days novena mass most practiced here in the Philippines by Roman Catholics. Originally it`s an early morning mass but in recent years it`s already done in the evening too. Which is good also, people have other option to attend the mass on their convenient time.

When I was a kid, I always want to have a perfect attendance for this nine days, because they say you can make a wish if you`ll be able to perfect it, but I know it`s was too hard to accomplished by then, the church is almost 5 km away from the house, we have to walked going there as early as 3 o`clock. So mostly, I just have 2 to 4 days on my attendance, worst there years that I`m zero.

It was 2008, I make my perfect attendance, It`s a dream come true to me, I feel I have accomplished something good for myself, and yes I make a wish. Not all my wish has been granted, but some, Yes. 2009 and 2010 I didn`t make it. But last year I do, and for this year I still aiming for it. Six mornings is finished, three more mornings to go. Just a little sacrifice with my sleepy head... ^_~

(Photo above is not mine, I will give credit to its owner Mr. Raymond Enaje)


Looked who I have lunch with...

May 2001 the last time we`ve together, eleven years on the count. Allan, is my best and my closest cousin ever. We`re in grade six when we`re first introduced, by then, all things been good and comfortable for both of us. Though, we didn`t grow up together, we studied in separate school during elementary and highschool. We just see each for some family occasions, but most during summer vacation. But during our 3rd and 4th year in highschool, we`re given the opportunity to work together as we both become the leaders of Youth Ministry of our Cluster. We handed 7 baranggay kapilyas, with more than hundred members. Working together as leaders, strengthen more our relationship not only as cousins but also as friends. We really have fun working together and enjoy each others company. Though, there are times we also have misunderstanding, but we get all through with those times. Until we got separated as we graduated highschool, and we lost our communication as we studied here in Manila.

Until last Sunday, our path crossed again, It was Mr. Facebook help us  first to locate each other and to update both of us of our whereabouts... The meet up has been plan many times, but just last Sunday has paid those plans. It`s really good to see Allan again. Not so much change on him, physically bigger than he is before, for obviously he gain pounds, and nothing so far. He is Allan I used to be with before. The way he talked, he smile and laugh. The person I admired with intelligence and with good heart. 

Now we`re really grown ups, not only by age but by the way we think and view about life.We maybe believe, see and understand things in differently, have principle that view in separate perspective. But nothing can change what we are before, the foundation that we build and blood that we have that connect us most.

Be noted, we enjoy the shirmp and rib treat at Cajun red rock...:))


Done with x-mas shopping

hhaiysst! so tiring... :)

One week before Christmas, shoppers are really on the go. But thanks God I`m done with my list. Last weekend, buying gifts for Christmas is one of my schedule. I haven`t recover yet with my less hour sleep but I really have to do the shopping, I don`t have much time lift to put it on other day.

Good thing, HiM favored me in helping doing the task. It take us also 6 hours walking and roaming inside department store after we finished what to buy. Having the list of names and what items preferred for them really a big help, though because I have lots of option when we`re inside the store, some items on my list I think to replace... and most,  I`m having a hard time which to choose, this make us consumed little more time. hehehe...Hope my inaanak, nieces and nephews will like what I have buy for them. Items don`t have much monetary value but its really form the heart.


Fun night with a little charity

For a month awaited event, last Saturday, Sarung Banggi was a fun and successful event. Once again, Burugkos Inc make it this year, Congratulations Folks! (clap, clap, clap).

A little less attendees as to compared to the first year, but still the night is great, and we really have fun, we enjoy the activities prepared, the Bingo is good but the Trivia questions are funnier. Questions are out of  somewhere, but do really exist and happened... hahahhaha

With the small amount paid for the registration, is also charity shared. But if those are sum up, this would be a big help for the benefits of our own kababayan, especially the kids who will be provided with the library as the cause of the Book drive.

We share, we bond, we enjoy... until next year :)


Worked with the Best One

Sometimes when we`re asked and given the task to work with other people whom we know that they are really good and well experienced on the field, we`ve got the fear, turns back and decline to accept the job. It already happened to me, which I regret after.

It`s really good working with some people who have lots of experience toward your job. Aside form you will learn a lot of things from them and gain some tips to be more effective on your job. It also give challenge to you, and make you appreciate more what your doing.

For the two and half days visit of one of our colleague from Japan and given the task to assist him and have some discussion about development project, its really a nice Accuracy Up meeting which I realized that for 3 years working here there are lot of things I`m not familiar with. I was astonished the way his mind working and to his imagination how things work and will work so far. Having very limited time left to his deadline, his very positive that he could come up with the best result that has an accuracy to meet client requirements.

The positive attitude towards work is very remarkable.


Late B-day gifts

The saying " It`s better late than never" always count... and more often reasons and alibis people are busy. Whatever! and when it comes to gift... late gifts still good :)

My birthday is September, and only last Monday I receive my gift from Eman, gifts for this year and for my last years birthday. Super duper late, but so happy, at last I have it with me. I`m so thankful I have a friend like Eman, very thoughtful and sweet as well.

This books are supposed to be for my last years birthday, but we are not able to meet up buy then. Too grateful, he preserve it for me and not given to anyone. Maybe, because he knows very well that I love reading. I`m not surprised with the books he choose, because he knows what I`ve been through. And this two books, reminds me how much he encouraged me to be tough no matter how hard life is and  inspired me to be happy and thankful for what I have.

And this Hua Mulan comb is for my last September birthday, though I already know I have another gift from him because we already talked over the phone. But he didn`t give any details. I`ve never expected that he would give me a comb. I`m surprised when I saw it, I burst into laughter... I told him.." You`ve really thought and know I don`t comb my hair so often, so you give me this".. hahhaha! But he said .. "No, you better read it"... I really appreciates the gifts and his thoughtfulness. But I`m so touched after reading, why this kind of comb and its meaning as a gift.

Thank you Eman and more blessing in return to you my dear friend.

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