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Late B-day gifts

The saying " It`s better late than never" always count... and more often reasons and alibis people are busy. Whatever! and when it comes to gift... late gifts still good :)

My birthday is September, and only last Monday I receive my gift from Eman, gifts for this year and for my last years birthday. Super duper late, but so happy, at last I have it with me. I`m so thankful I have a friend like Eman, very thoughtful and sweet as well.

This books are supposed to be for my last years birthday, but we are not able to meet up buy then. Too grateful, he preserve it for me and not given to anyone. Maybe, because he knows very well that I love reading. I`m not surprised with the books he choose, because he knows what I`ve been through. And this two books, reminds me how much he encouraged me to be tough no matter how hard life is and  inspired me to be happy and thankful for what I have.

And this Hua Mulan comb is for my last September birthday, though I already know I have another gift from him because we already talked over the phone. But he didn`t give any details. I`ve never expected that he would give me a comb. I`m surprised when I saw it, I burst into laughter... I told him.." You`ve really thought and know I don`t comb my hair so often, so you give me this".. hahhaha! But he said .. "No, you better read it"... I really appreciates the gifts and his thoughtfulness. But I`m so touched after reading, why this kind of comb and its meaning as a gift.

Thank you Eman and more blessing in return to you my dear friend.

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