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Having a Good Pal

Since I spent my holiday season in Bicol, we`re not able to meet, we just have exchange greetings over the phone. Last Monday, I`ve put on my schedule to meet him, if we`re both free after work to give also my pasalubong,  I know he likes natives foods. Lucky we`re both free of schedule.

We could have numbers of friends, but there are few who will standout and whom we really feel comfortable to confide with every single matters of my life. A person who we can cry and laugh with. We don`t feel awkward moment even how worst we looked like. And if I were make a list of this few, Eman would be on top of it. Having a good pal, like Eman, I`m thankful and blessed. He`s not only my friend but also a mentor and a good adviser. He is good and clever in everything. Sometimes I wish I have even the half if his mind, so that I could think also the way he is :)

Thank you for the Burger King treat... Sarap, Saya, Busog!!! :)


Birthday of HiM :)

I don`t have much time to prepare for my Hon`s birthday,  I`m back form Bicol Jan. 3 morning and I have my first night at work in the afternoon. The following day is his birthday, Jan. 4. Since I`m from night shift I have to sleep first, thank God I`ve manage to wake up by 9 am. I call him right after to greet him and of course to say my sweetest I love you... hehehe, and I ask him for a lunch date :)

Mahal ko, sobra ako nagpapasalamat sa Dios kay hinatag ka nya sa ako. Inpapakulog mo an ulo ko, inpaparapadomdom mo, mapasuhayon ka pero deri ka nagpalya na inmapati sa ako kung gaano mo ako kamahal sa urudalaw. Yu-on ka permi para matinawa-on mo ako, indadanunan sa intero na bagay. Niyan na birthdauy mo, wara ako sin mamahalin an regalo, an wish ko para saimo, mayad kalawason nan  maogma an buhay. Yaa man ako permi para saimo. Namomot-an kita sa bilog kong buhay. Happy birthday Mahal ko.


For 2013

Hi everyone,

First Monday of the year, best luck and more blessing for the whole year.  I wake up in great mode going to work, though this is not our first day of work for this year, I`ve having good energy for good things today.

This is my first post for 2013, and I`m looking forward that I can write as much or better more than of what I have last year. I hoping  that I could share more my thoughts, my happiness, and all the race of my life that I`m will be going through this year. I don`t have new years resolutions to put into list, but I`m looking forward and aiming for the best ME for 2013.

More smile to everyone and more color to life :))

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