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Having a Good Pal

Since I spent my holiday season in Bicol, we`re not able to meet, we just have exchange greetings over the phone. Last Monday, I`ve put on my schedule to meet him, if we`re both free after work to give also my pasalubong,  I know he likes natives foods. Lucky we`re both free of schedule.

We could have numbers of friends, but there are few who will standout and whom we really feel comfortable to confide with every single matters of my life. A person who we can cry and laugh with. We don`t feel awkward moment even how worst we looked like. And if I were make a list of this few, Eman would be on top of it. Having a good pal, like Eman, I`m thankful and blessed. He`s not only my friend but also a mentor and a good adviser. He is good and clever in everything. Sometimes I wish I have even the half if his mind, so that I could think also the way he is :)

Thank you for the Burger King treat... Sarap, Saya, Busog!!! :)

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