Change the things that can be change, accept those that cannot and have the wisdom to know the difference... for Life is always sum up in with three words " IT GOES ON"... Welcome to my Blog and thanks for dropping by!

Ten Facts about Me

Last week my blogger Friend Karren Tag me this one... Sankyoo!!!

* Each tagged person must post ten things about themselves.
* You have to choose and tag ten people.
* Go to their blogs and tell them you tagged them.
* No tag backs.
* Have Fun.

1. I love beer more than coffee
2. I love to travel
3. Fan of Denzel Washington
4. I love matchbox and baseball caps
5. I admire a guy with a beautiful hand writing
6. I hate long walked at the mall
7. I don`t eat beef
8. Singing is not for me ( hehehe)
9. I`m not a fan of food
10. I miss my Dad

That`s me in ten... Have fun... tagged everyone (^^,)


Chillax night

Though there is no much reason to celebrate, as Benly say goodbye also last week and my bonding contract is finished, to have fun and bonding are good enough to hang-out...

It`s Saturday night, singles are on the road... hahaha!!! swimming plan were not made possible, but Alabang session is very much welcome... I`m the only thorns, angel and Ken wasn`t able to join (sayang)... But it`s doesn`t make any difference being the only girl, because I`m always one of the boys, one good thing on ME... no gender basis!!!

Hang-out bonding with all boys... fun crazy things is expected... hahaha! No dull time, no run out of stories and jokes... emo emo mode!!! and love life story would not be set aside... harharahar!!! Peace boys...

One night of bonding is over, but it wouldn`t be the last. There are more laugh to share and more bottles of beer to open... to the next stop... KAMPAY (^^,)


Out of My Bond

Today is my 2nd year anniversary at my work. And I`m out of my bonding contract. Happy to know that I`m free from any contract obligation, but much reason of happiness, that I know I have done my part out of my best.

For two years, I gain lots of knowledge and experience great things here in the company. Things that give more me enthusiasm and crave for excellence. Experiences that make me more responsible, competitive and thought me to be a better person.

Professionally I gain a lot, but I gain more than enough personally... I found new friends and build awesome relationship with them. I could feel the trust, respect, care and love that cuddle me and put me on my comfort zone whenever things go wrong. How lucky I am to be part of this family.

My deepest gratitude to everyone. Cheers for me and more power to our company.

Domo Arigato Guzaimasu ^_~



During summer, we used to go out... time to have great bonding with our family and friends... So lets go...!!!!

I love hiking more than swimming... I hate sunburn and I`m fine with my color... hehehe! Like what I have shared with you guyz... I really had a great summer vacation in bicol with my two buddy... Ms. Rhe and Leo. We went to Bulusan Volcano Natural Park and we do hiking around the Bulusan Lake... I love nature... virgin forest! tall tress and big vines, wild flowers, and yes snakes... but just baby one!

Though I mentioned above... If swimming, I prefered fresh waters, springs, falls...! In beaches, I choose to have other activity... like kayak and banana boat, if I go for a swim, 30 minutes or one hour would do... hehehe!... better yet build sand castles...!

Have fun summer ^_^


Corvette C6 Z06

Cars really amazed me... but since I can`t afford to have all of them, plus I don`t know how to drive, I`m okey with match box... Yes!!! I love match box!!!

And I just have my CORVETTE C6 Z06 CHEVROLET... yaaahhhooo!!!

Sir Ian asked it from Mr. Nakashima, and he give it to me... hehehe... thank you ^_~


GT: Fave Summer Outfit

This is it... Yes... I have my long legginess! As what gorgeous commented on it. Heheheh!I love to wear shorts during summer time... Hot days!!! I don`t have flawless legs as Anne Curtis, and I have big scars on my knees... so what, the hell I care... bwahahahha!!!

Also I`m good with the t-shirts, any colors but mostly I prefer white one. hehhe! and of course I wouldn`t for get my caps...--->>>( increasing in numbers... hehhehe)

Awesome Thursday Girls... (^^,)


I cried... !!!

This is one thing I hate to myself... Iyakin ako!

People think, I'm tough enough and crying is not for me. Well that's a big wrong impression. Yes, I have a strong personality outside, but I'm too fragile inside. I'm too emotional. Reason for me not to be close to much to someone, I just choose few, because they can trigger my weaknesses, I become transparent to them... It makes me feel, I'm weak!!!.

Yes, You make me cry!!! you let me feel I've done a big mistake. The more you insisted that it was your fault and not mine, the more I feel the opposite... because your actions and with the decision you made speaks louder than your words. I know very well, my instinct says, there is something wrong happened, and If I go beyond, not intentionally maybe I don't even noticed... I'm sorry!

But, thanks! you change your mind... CHEERSSS!


I lost it all :-(

There are certain things that happened in my life which is out of my control.And I have to deal with it, endure the pain. Maybe I`m in denial and with anger for a moment. But I`m fine and pretty good.

I lost it all... as much I want to have it back, I know very well it would not happened.Acceptance is the best way to get over with it and move on. Memorable things perhaps not easy to let go, but much grip it, will give burden for long.

If what happened yesterday, has something to say to what is today. Then, maybe it was Gods sign... for me to do something and engage on things that I have refused and avoided for years.

Perhaps I should open my doors totally and welcome all the possibilities.



This is too timing for me... harharhar... I just have my vacation last week, from April 30 - May 3... TRIP TO BICOL with my two "lakwatsya" buddy... Ms. Rhe and Leo.

Every year I go home... but I wasn`t able to explore the whole Sorsogon. And it`s good thing that my two good friend came with me going home this summer. It`s supper fun... Most momerable summer vacation I ever had.

We book a round trip plane ticket in Zestair to save time and hussle free travel trip. Sad to have a delayed flight but it doesn`t spoiled our excitment. We arrived at around past 2 pm at Legazpi Airport and another 2 hrs travel by land to my Home town Gubat, Sorsogon. So been home by 6 pm.

First night, we attend to the 1st Alumni Homecoming of my dear Benguet Elementary school. The highlight of the event is the " barayle" it`s our native term for sayawan or dancing. And Ms. Rhe so much sports and game with this. Hahaha!!!

2nd day... Day of Nature adventure... with my family, we went to Bulusan Volcano Natural Park. We do hiking on the 2.5 km round forest area of Bulusan Lake it took us one hour walking. Then...Kayaking on the lake. After Bulusan Lake, we go directly to Sambinun Hot Spring at Irosin Sorsogon... Loaded day but enjoy!!!

3rd day... Another day of trippings... Around 7:30 in the morning we left and went to Orok Cold Spring at Casiguran Sorsogon its an hour travel from home... lovely to go for swimming but sad to say... both of us Ms. rhe has a girl thing... hahaha!!! Just Leo, had the benefit to slam in the cold clear water... We go back for lunch. Then we visited a highschool friend and also the Lola and relatives of Leo who happened to be a Gubatnons also... Then, went to my Lola's house at Rizal and have a quick drop at Rizal Beach. In the evening, we up again to Benguet, it's the night before the Fiesta... we have dinner at my cousin's house, but we're not able to join to the "sayawan", instead we help my Mama prepared the chapel for the morning mass for the Fiesta.

For our last day, it's going back to Manila, our flight is 1:15 pm, but since we are not able to go to Cagasawa Ruins during our arrival at Legazpi, we decided to drop by before our flight going back to Manila. And also to buy "pasalobong". But sad, again our flight was delayed for an hour, we had our take off at around 2:45 pm. Leo and I will go straight to the office coz we are in the evening shift and we have to work. ( wow... strong )!

Super tired... but super fun and enjoy!!! Thank you to my two buddy... Yes until next stop!

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