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GT:Where'd my Money go

This is also my biggest question to myself. I'm earning for myself only. My family didn't bother me about my earnings. It's up to me, if I will share or not. My only obligation at home is the internet bill.

As I checked my account, I don't have much savings. I think, aside for the two personal gadgets and some going out expenses, It goes to my travel going home at the province, I went home trice this year. Not bad at all, I was able to be with my family, even in short days compared with the other years. And for this Christmas until New year I'll be home again.

I'm really hoping, for next year, I can save more.

More money saves here :)


Sarung Banggi

This is a yearly activity of Burugkos, Inc. It was started last December 2009. The members of this organization is mostly Gubatnons.

Sarung Banngi- means "one night". This is a mini concert featuring local band and local singers from our town Gubat, Sorsogon. The proceed of this event will be use by the organization on their projects. For this year, it would be for environmental management workshop of Burugkos, Inc in coastal barangays in Gubat, Sorsogon; capacity building seminars, Career Orientation Program for high school students, Rizal Day Clean-up 2012 and other projects.

Our batch, Dos Mil Uno, look forward for this every December. This event become one of our get together for December. One night of fun together with the other Gubatnons. But, sad to say, I will not be able to attend tonight. My sister also has an schedule, so, I'm the one who will look for the kids and stay at home. ;-(

Anyways... enjoy everyone, have fun and congratulation Burugkos, Inc. Well done Job!!! More power!


GT; Something Old

This was happened in very unexpected time and really coincidence. By Fate!

Last year, as we start preparing our hosting for the Grand Alumni. I'm the one in-change of gathering all my classmates who is here in Manila. Sending them messages, calling them all, informing them about the event. We have this one classmate, that almost everybody asking about him. He is Noel, alias "PATONG". But unfortunately, we're not able to get any new information about him, we're not able to contact him even during and after the Alumni last June.

But last September 30, we're having girls night out. Me and three of my highschool friends. We watched the movie, "No other Woman" at Festival Mall, Alabang and have dinner after. Before going home, the four us go to comfort room, Mhean is the one finished first and go out. Then, when we're all out.... Mhe said, "Ate Gherl... parang si Patong ung nakita ko na pumasok sa male CR". Then the three of us in chorus "hindi nga". Though, Mhe is not really sure, but she said, she is very particular with the face. So, what we did. We waited outside of the Male CR, just to know and to be sure if it's really Patong or not.

Then the guy came out. Long hair in ponytail, and it's really him. OGM!!! Patong himself. But the funny side is, he didn't recognized us. It takes a minute before he remember the name of Ate Mich, and for Me, Mhean, and Marie, he just remember some of our qualities and characters during high school, but our names,No... so we have to introduced ourselves. It's really coincidence and very unexpected because most of our get together before are also in the same place, but non of those days we bump him. After 10 years, he still the old Patong.

( Ate Mich, Marie, Patong and Me)

(Mhean, Ate Mich, Marie and Patong)

More something OLD here ^_^


HYPER thing

Last Monday, we started our 2 weeks training for the new software we're going to use for design particularly in the analysis. And it will end on December 16th. The software is called Hyperworks. This software is really good. Really hyper as it was named!

Some things are common and familiar for me, but most are little bit different, and works opposite from the current software we're using. Manipulation is unusual base on most common practice. But, software can produce amazing and reliable result.

Our five days training is over, thanks God. My brain is quite exhausted, but I learned a lot of things. Things that are all new to me and others helps develop my skills. Another five days next week. More on hands-on practice. Deep understanding of software and, say... troubleshooting of errors.

I really have a great week. But for my weekend, I need to recharge. My mind needs to be refuel to be ready for the battle next week.


To travel again

I had this dream of traveling around the Philippines and after doing so, perhaps I could go around the world. Last year I conquered Baguio City. Last June, I went home in Bicol with my two friends. Now my feet is kind of itchy going some adventure again. But due to some event that has planned already. There is no enough time to make it before the end of year.

Ilocos, Bohol and Cebu are the places on my list I want to be my next stop. Of course, I need to drag my friends to come with me... It`s more fun to travel with friends than myself alone.

I need also to be very careful of my expenses especially this holiday season so that I have enough budget for this one, Little sacrifice on some vices (hehehe) for my big dream.


Plan I want to pursue

I`ve chat with my friends just the other day. I asked them if we could have get together before our Christmas vacation. Sort of Christmas party for us. We all agreed to have it on December 16, since it`s the day that most of us are available.

I know, month of December is always the busy one for all, especially for those people who are working. But still, I`m hoping that the whole barkada will find time to pursue this plan. Personally, I really want, I miss hanging out with them.

Here now, digging myself, to find some options, we could try aside for Alabang hangout. Although, swimming has been suggested (by me... hehehe ) during our conversations. I`m thinking of other activity that has less preparation to do, since all of us is working. And I think food trip is fun and best option that we have. I need to find good place for it. Hope this glass would be full of all our names! Aja... Gherl :-)


Kuya and I

I only have one brother. Kuya Nono as I called him, but his real name is Erwin. Kuya and I have so much in common. We`re both have black color compared with our other siblings. Aside from the physical aspect that most siblings have (see the evidence on the picture), we have also common interest on things. We both love reading books. Type of movies want to watch, foods to eat and more. I must say, Kuya have much influence to me as of to my 5 older sisters.

He will be here in Manila tomorrow for his confirmation schedule in DLSU, as he inform me on his text, and he is asking me to come with him. As always, I will. I can say "NO" to my sisters a times, but to Kuya, I can`t. I always find ways for him. Maybe because of, he is the only one.

I was thinking to have some bonding with Kuya after his appointment. I`m planning, if we could go for a bar hopping, or watch a movie. I know Kuya would love this also. It`s our time also to catch up things for both. Hope, he has enough time to stay, because the last time he has been here, he has tight schedule that he is needed to go back right after his appointment.

I`m wishing him goodluck for his schedule and for his plan of taking his Master's degree at DLSU. I know he can make it, for he is the best.


Ready for Christmas

We`re lucky in our company because we don`t have work schedule during Christmas. For this coming holiday our off is from December 24th to January 2nd. Enough time to enjoy the Christmas spirit and also vacation galore.

Since, it`s Christmas, I always wanted to spend it with my family, like most others do. As early as September, I started planning. First, thing I always considered is my travel, if by land or by air and of course, I don`t want also to miss a single event here in Manila before going home, especially our company Christmas party.

Yesterday, I have already my plane ticket for Dec 24 flight going to Legazpi. I choose to travel by plane, aside for time hassle free, I can attend to our Christmas party in full time, unlike last year I leave the party earlier, because I need to be on the terminal bus on time.

I`m pretty ready for my Christmas vacation, Although, gifts are not yet wrap, I was on my time table schedule, doing all the things that is needed. I have to travel light since I`m going home alone and for hassle free.


GT:New and 1st time

There are lots of funny crazy things happened in my life this year of 2011. But most of them are not new... say, just same old stories :-).

Some new and 1st :
I got my hair curly even for just one day. And take note, it took a lot of self convincing power for me to do this.

After 10 years, I was able to attend on our High School Grand Alumni Homecoming. It`s really a fun event to be reunited again with my old friends.

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