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GT; Something Old

This was happened in very unexpected time and really coincidence. By Fate!

Last year, as we start preparing our hosting for the Grand Alumni. I'm the one in-change of gathering all my classmates who is here in Manila. Sending them messages, calling them all, informing them about the event. We have this one classmate, that almost everybody asking about him. He is Noel, alias "PATONG". But unfortunately, we're not able to get any new information about him, we're not able to contact him even during and after the Alumni last June.

But last September 30, we're having girls night out. Me and three of my highschool friends. We watched the movie, "No other Woman" at Festival Mall, Alabang and have dinner after. Before going home, the four us go to comfort room, Mhean is the one finished first and go out. Then, when we're all out.... Mhe said, "Ate Gherl... parang si Patong ung nakita ko na pumasok sa male CR". Then the three of us in chorus "hindi nga". Though, Mhe is not really sure, but she said, she is very particular with the face. So, what we did. We waited outside of the Male CR, just to know and to be sure if it's really Patong or not.

Then the guy came out. Long hair in ponytail, and it's really him. OGM!!! Patong himself. But the funny side is, he didn't recognized us. It takes a minute before he remember the name of Ate Mich, and for Me, Mhean, and Marie, he just remember some of our qualities and characters during high school, but our names,No... so we have to introduced ourselves. It's really coincidence and very unexpected because most of our get together before are also in the same place, but non of those days we bump him. After 10 years, he still the old Patong.

( Ate Mich, Marie, Patong and Me)

(Mhean, Ate Mich, Marie and Patong)

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Beauty Queen Gene  – (December 15, 2011 at 9:03 AM)  

Awww.. what a great coincidence! Was he able to attend your reunion? ^_^

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