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Plan I want to pursue

I`ve chat with my friends just the other day. I asked them if we could have get together before our Christmas vacation. Sort of Christmas party for us. We all agreed to have it on December 16, since it`s the day that most of us are available.

I know, month of December is always the busy one for all, especially for those people who are working. But still, I`m hoping that the whole barkada will find time to pursue this plan. Personally, I really want, I miss hanging out with them.

Here now, digging myself, to find some options, we could try aside for Alabang hangout. Although, swimming has been suggested (by me... hehehe ) during our conversations. I`m thinking of other activity that has less preparation to do, since all of us is working. And I think food trip is fun and best option that we have. I need to find good place for it. Hope this glass would be full of all our names! Aja... Gherl :-)

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