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Kuya and I

I only have one brother. Kuya Nono as I called him, but his real name is Erwin. Kuya and I have so much in common. We`re both have black color compared with our other siblings. Aside from the physical aspect that most siblings have (see the evidence on the picture), we have also common interest on things. We both love reading books. Type of movies want to watch, foods to eat and more. I must say, Kuya have much influence to me as of to my 5 older sisters.

He will be here in Manila tomorrow for his confirmation schedule in DLSU, as he inform me on his text, and he is asking me to come with him. As always, I will. I can say "NO" to my sisters a times, but to Kuya, I can`t. I always find ways for him. Maybe because of, he is the only one.

I was thinking to have some bonding with Kuya after his appointment. I`m planning, if we could go for a bar hopping, or watch a movie. I know Kuya would love this also. It`s our time also to catch up things for both. Hope, he has enough time to stay, because the last time he has been here, he has tight schedule that he is needed to go back right after his appointment.

I`m wishing him goodluck for his schedule and for his plan of taking his Master's degree at DLSU. I know he can make it, for he is the best.

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