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Track and Field

The picture was tag to me by Teacher Lala, it was Yanna running and competing for 200m dash on track and field event. Yanna is the eldest daughter of my cousin, and this kid  really close to my heart, she is one my niece so close to me! And seeing her on the picture, strike my heart in tears, she brings me back on my childhood.

If I`m not mistaken, it was the same field I do my first take off as the sound of the clapper goes on air... "On your mark... Ready!!!... Set!!!... Go!!!...that was 17 yrs ago! I`m on 100 and 200 meters dash event, but I`m more comfortable with 200, which I won, I go for more training on the field, and I shift on the long distance running event, 1800 meter run, were I excel most. Its my pride and honor to compete in the name of my dear Alma Matter and bring home the bacon.

The track and field is the reflection of my childhood... place were I run under the sun, compete under the rain... people see my big smile as I go 1st on the finish line, also they watch me fall on the ground but cheer me up to stand and finish the race. My childhood, were I enjoy most and learned more that brings me of what I am today.


Sarung Banggi : A benefit Concert

Here it is again... the yearly event that all Gubatnons looked forward, Sarung Banggi: A benefit concert. Sarung banggi means "one night". This is a one night of music featuring local bands of Gubat and some invited bands from neighboring towns. This was started last 2009, held every December and it becomes the reunion event of all Gubatnons who are here in Manila.

This event was organized by Burukgos Inc., and for this year they add some twist on the event. Aside for the concert, there would be Bingo games and Hat making contest were there are prizes to be given to the winners. There is also books donating, for every 5 books donated, you`ll get one Binggo card.

All the proceed of this event will be use for the project of Burugkos Inc., like feeding program, environmental care program and more. And the books that are donated will help to build libraries in Elementary school in Gubat.

I really hope I can join again. For this year, it is on December 8, 2012 at My Brother`s Mustache in Scout Tuazon, cor Scout Madrinan, Brgy. Laging Handa, QC and will start at 6:00 o`clock pm. You can visit and like it on Facebook, Sarung Banggi.

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