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5K Finisher

Congratulation to me and to Him, we`re 5K finisher!!! ( clap, clap, clap...)

Very much excited last Sunday for the 36th Milo Marathon. First time to join in Fun run, and we really had fun and enjoyed the event. Milo was one of the most awaited running event every year for all marathon enthusiast. And it was really a success. Congratulation to Milo and to Runrio, the organizer.

Overwhelming for the 5K participants, more than 27,000 runners joined. Although it not easy to run over with that number of crowd, yet everyone unite to run for one cause, To help give a child a pair of shoes. Great experience for me. We`re able to run at 6:00am  due to the huge number,  Half kilometers to the finish line, it start to rain, instead of stopping, it gives me more power to make it to the finish line. It such a wonderful feeling and achievement for me crossing to the finish. 35 mins time for 5K is not bad at all. (hehehehe). And I hope I would be able to join again next year.

Congratulation to all runners and see you next year :)


Wearing Moms old dress

My Ate is asking me favor to buy dress for Collen to be use on school Acquaintance party. A semi formal cocktail dress. Which come to my mind, I still have dresses on my wardrobe which could`t wear anymore.
Me and Collen are almost same body shape... Slim ( hehhehe). Instead of buying new one, I suggest, she can have my old dresses.

I`m good in wearing 2nd hand clothes, as long as I like it and I looked good. I remember, during our Junior and Senior  Prom, I wear Mom`s wedding gown. Mama repair her gown to make me new dress for my Prom, and I really love it and until now I have it with me.

This photo was taken during Ms. Ferry`s wedding.  And I`m wearing Moms old dress in her 20`s. This dress is older than me. But still looked good. This is my favorite from my Moms old baul.


I can and I will!!!

Last week I was cornered  on phone by Eman about board exam. He was eagerly asking me, if I still have plan to review and take the Board Examination for Mechanical Engineer. I did`t make on my first try last April 2009. But of course, I still want to have my license.

Every year, reviewing for the Board Exam is always on my list, but for some certain circumstances it was not given priority. As, we can`t serve two masters at the same time. My job now, also requires lots of training, research and studying. After working hours, my memory is not enough to understand, solve and calculate problems or even define terminologies. (excuseseneeesss...hehehe )

Seriously, I really want to have my license, hoping to have this on March next year. I`m doing everything now on my job whatever is necessary to accomplish and finished so my schedule would be lessen. And I could have enough energy for my review and get focus. These not easy to do, but perhaps I just need self determination that I can do it. There is no impossible, if we really want it. For my dreams, I know I CAN and I WILL :)


Car with coffee Maker

I love cars and I heard this over radio news yesterday on our way to Alabang. Car with coffee maker, wow!!! Fiat 500L will have a optional built in espresso maker. This is great innovation for the car industry. Drivers who are coffee fanatic would be very happy for this, they don`t need drive thru for a coffee, it`s there beside on their seats. Amazing!!! but bit unlikely...don`t text while driving how about, having a cup of coffee???

Fiat 500L will be release in Europe after its Italian release in October. Brrrrooooommm


Something to Taste :)

Looking for a place to warm this rainy season or just want to chill outside. Army Navy Burger and Burrito is a great place to visit. From single to triple quarter-pound burger patty with fresh vegetables top on it added with mayo and ketchup on ban with toast sesame seeds... hmmmm!!! really mount watering taste. Other from Burger, they also have Burrito, fries, chicken, Taco and extra drinks and coffee served. they have stores nationwide, good for dine-in and take out. Some of the branches operates 24 hrs. Before I forgot, they also serve breakfast.

Let them Accomplished there mission on you : COME IN HUNGRY, WALK OUT HAPPY (^_~)


Learning to Budget

For the years I`m been working, I don`t practice proper budgeting with my salary. It just come and go. No question, why I don`t have good savings. I buy what I want, I go where I want as long as I have money for it. Even before, I always think to do budgeting... but sadly I failed for the nth times. Maybe because I just live with my own, no one asked and question, what I`m doing with my money.

But this time, I really have to work on how to budget with my earnings.  Admitted, I`m not getting younger, I have to prepare with certain circumstances may happened, cross finger for that. Also, there are plans have to pursue in the year to come that I should be financially equip, even not that stable but at least I have something to start with.

As practice, I check what bill I`m going to pay for the 15th and 30th cut-off, separate the amount for my savings, and also my allowance until next payday. So I could manage and budget well with the rest. I more practical on things I buy and cut unnecessary expenses. I make sure I really need it and useful. I also make a list of my expenses for the whole month, for I would know if I`m spending to much.


Small amount yet Big to the Heart

Last week, Gelo been hospitalized due to dengue and typhoid fever, thank you Lord, he is fully recovered now. With Gelo`s absences, I`m the one who take charge for the group. Updating work schedules, assisting rest of the associates with their work loads to the meet deadlines. As the most senior in our group, I considered this as part of my job description when our Assistant Supervisor is not around.

If that is an act of Leadership... I humble myself, I have it with me. Doing such things is just a plain task that I have to handle. But so touchy, when its being appreciated. As my Boss handed me this Gift Check of Starbucks... and he said, "sorry, it`s just 100 pesos, you made a good job being the leader". 

It`s not the amount or GC, it`s the thought that counts. Thank you, Mr. Nakashima :)


1st Fun Run :)

Hayyyaayy!!!  My Blog is snoring loud ( hahaha) ... wake up!!!

Running is not knew to me. I`m an athlete, way back. Before, I can run 25 laps at 400m oval. If my conversion is correct its 10km. That is our warm up during our training in athletics and that is  how good my stamina before.

Its been decades I`m out of this sports. And on July 29, I will run again. I will be joining to the 36th Milo National Marathon here in Manila. This is my first fun run, and I`m really excited. I`m doing practice in preparation for this event. My endurance in running is not same as before, but I`m persistent that I can make to the finished line. Good thing, HiM is very supportive, He`ll run with me :)

Goodluck to all runners, lets run to help give a child a pair of shoes!!!

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