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Wearing Moms old dress

My Ate is asking me favor to buy dress for Collen to be use on school Acquaintance party. A semi formal cocktail dress. Which come to my mind, I still have dresses on my wardrobe which could`t wear anymore.
Me and Collen are almost same body shape... Slim ( hehhehe). Instead of buying new one, I suggest, she can have my old dresses.

I`m good in wearing 2nd hand clothes, as long as I like it and I looked good. I remember, during our Junior and Senior  Prom, I wear Mom`s wedding gown. Mama repair her gown to make me new dress for my Prom, and I really love it and until now I have it with me.

This photo was taken during Ms. Ferry`s wedding.  And I`m wearing Moms old dress in her 20`s. This dress is older than me. But still looked good. This is my favorite from my Moms old baul.

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