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5K Finisher

Congratulation to me and to Him, we`re 5K finisher!!! ( clap, clap, clap...)

Very much excited last Sunday for the 36th Milo Marathon. First time to join in Fun run, and we really had fun and enjoyed the event. Milo was one of the most awaited running event every year for all marathon enthusiast. And it was really a success. Congratulation to Milo and to Runrio, the organizer.

Overwhelming for the 5K participants, more than 27,000 runners joined. Although it not easy to run over with that number of crowd, yet everyone unite to run for one cause, To help give a child a pair of shoes. Great experience for me. We`re able to run at 6:00am  due to the huge number,  Half kilometers to the finish line, it start to rain, instead of stopping, it gives me more power to make it to the finish line. It such a wonderful feeling and achievement for me crossing to the finish. 35 mins time for 5K is not bad at all. (hehehehe). And I hope I would be able to join again next year.

Congratulation to all runners and see you next year :)

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