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I can and I will!!!

Last week I was cornered  on phone by Eman about board exam. He was eagerly asking me, if I still have plan to review and take the Board Examination for Mechanical Engineer. I did`t make on my first try last April 2009. But of course, I still want to have my license.

Every year, reviewing for the Board Exam is always on my list, but for some certain circumstances it was not given priority. As, we can`t serve two masters at the same time. My job now, also requires lots of training, research and studying. After working hours, my memory is not enough to understand, solve and calculate problems or even define terminologies. (excuseseneeesss...hehehe )

Seriously, I really want to have my license, hoping to have this on March next year. I`m doing everything now on my job whatever is necessary to accomplish and finished so my schedule would be lessen. And I could have enough energy for my review and get focus. These not easy to do, but perhaps I just need self determination that I can do it. There is no impossible, if we really want it. For my dreams, I know I CAN and I WILL :)

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