Change the things that can be change, accept those that cannot and have the wisdom to know the difference... for Life is always sum up in with three words " IT GOES ON"... Welcome to my Blog and thanks for dropping by!

She is now a Mom ^_~

She`s been good to me be ever since I meet her. From my application process until I become an associates. I found and build real good friendship with her. And she is the one who always there to defend me.

She officially sign off being single, as she give her I Do to Popoy last December 28, 2011. I witness how happy she was during that day, and no one, even those who are not present could question that.

And now, she is again facing a new stage of her life... the Motherhood. Gorgeous Ferry is now a Mom... yes, confirmed, if Beyonce has to do with it... it doesn`t matter... hehehe,

Gorgeous, congratulation to you and to Popoy... really happy for you, and I know both of you will be the best parents to "ALL" your kids.

Goodluck and God bless!


You pissed me off...

If it`s not a big deal to others, well for me it is...I really do got annoyed when I receive text message from anonymous person ->>> meaning there is one person knows my phone number which I don`t know him/her... for me it`s like invading my privacy...

Not all people that I know and knows me... have my number.And, yes... not all individual that ask it from me get it too. For me, phone numbers are private and personal property and that no one is allowed to give it to others without consent/approval form its bearer.

This person...yah, I know HER -> this girl give my phone number to a guy, she just meet in a store...!!! I care to call the guy, coz I really want to know, where/how he got my number... and this is the story...

The guy is working in a store, and this HER is one of their costumer for that day... for some talks... the guy ask for the phone number of HER, but HER refuses to give her number for the reason that she is already had a boyfriend and that she is getting married soon, and HER said she will give him a number to be his textmate, but he must not said so that she is the one who give the number for it might get angry with her... and that number is MINE... wow...bravo! nice attitude huh!!!

Though before I make a call, I had already a suspect who`s the culprit. My intuition says it, when I saw some writings, how my name being spell, it same spelling when the guy ask me if I`m "GERLI"... in our conversation he said, he was not able to get the name of HER, so I let him describe HER....Gotcha... I am`s really HER!!!

Really "disappointed"... you pissed me off!!!



Maitim, matangkad, payat... maganda ako... lalo na sa mata ng nanay ko.
Hindi ako matalino, hindi rin ako bobo... kong baga my laman din ang utak ko.
Marami akong kakilala, mga kaibigan ko lagpas din sa bilang ng daliri ng paa't kamay ko.
Hindi ako perpektong empleyado, hindi ko rin masabi kong huwaran ako
Basta ang alam ko, gumagawa ako para maging kapakipakinabang ako.
Hindi naman ako nag-aral para kumita ng husto o sobra kong hindi
maging makabuluhan din ang buhay ko dito sa mundo kasama ang ibang tao.
Hindi ako ang pinakamabuting anak dahil pasaway din ako.
Hindi ako ang pinakamabait na kapatid dahil minsan salbahi din ako
Hindi ako the best n kaibigan dahil may taglay din akong kabuktutan.
Marunong din akong magmahal at mamuhi. Tumawa at umiyak.
Totoo... marami pang kamalian at kapangitan sa pagkatao ko,
pero hindi ibig sabihin non wala na akong kwentang tao tulad ng
sinabi ng isang tao... dahil tulad mo, hindi ako perpekto...




Fun with the 3 'n 1

It's been a big week for me, doing everything to catch up with my schedule... plus a "No Good" things happened that create uncomfortable atmosphere, hhyzzz!!!

Last Monday, I know it would be a tough week for me. Am really thinking to unwind for the weekend to relax and to relieve the energy that I may lose the whole week. And I'm planning to call a friend to join me. But unexpectedly... the three goody boys... Noel, Mar & Leo, invited me or rather asked me for Alabang bonding... which is too favorable for me because I already had it in mind.

Friday!!! and the three boys pursue the plan, and Ms. Rhea join us... Great night, I really miss being in that place, the music, the crowd, but most of all the fun aura of the place. It really feels me good. A bottles of beer with a friends is more relaxing to me than to have a cup of coffee with them, if this is weird for a girl, then maybe that's the one weird thing on me... hehehe

To Ms. Rhea... thank you for joining us, thank you for the time and most especially thank you for saving my wallet... hehehe. Hope you will always come and jam with us even it cause you to be at home that late... ( at mag special ka ng tryk) hehehe

To the three... thank you, it's really a one big fun night for me, I enjoy your company, I was relieve with all, from the food to drinks, from the stories to laughter, I know this would not be the last that we could have bonding and I'm looking forward for that "soon" to come... ^_~

The five of us Dinner at Max Restaurant

At the Safari Bar... Leo, Ms. Rhe, Mar and Noel

Ms. Rhe, Mar, Noel & ME

Me and the Three Goody ^_^

I love you guys ^_^


Be Sensitive...

Being sensitive and insensitive must go on balance. All people have this two traits, although some are are less sensitive others are more sensitive or vice versa. But not to be sensitive at all, is not a good thing. Worst is, because we're not that sensitive or in opposite, we will treat others same as we are. If we do that, definitely we'll be in trouble anytime.

Treating our lower people, also need to deal with caution. Not to imply, that we are pampering them but our limits and boundaries as higher than them must be put on the middle or must be in practice. Like, choose words and lines when we want to say something because they have done wrong things. We can say directly that there are "slow", if really they are, but I think, It's not a good idea, throwing lines, to let them feel that they are not capable of doing something good or they can't be better or best. This sounds as a challenge but more humiliating, making not a good atmosphere for both. Bear in mind, that if we are not that sensitive, maybe he or she is an opposite. He/She just have the patience to stand on. And don't wait to lose their patience, cause it would be the time, that we will not get respect from them.

Try to practice to be sensitive about others existence, if you're not one... and you will see it's benefits, one is RESPECT ^_^


For my Kuya

I`m envy to those people who has beautiful had writing. And Sir Eric are one on of them, (wala lng gusto ko lng cya bangitin.. hehehhe ) Though, my hand writing is not that bad also. Convinced??? For two days I was engage to handwriting battle. Because I love my Kuya Nono, I do it for him. It`s for his Thesis case study. I`ve been in the National Library to continue his research. He asked me to get the whole chapter IV of a particular book for him use it as reference. Since the policy of the library is, only the Abstract is allowed to be photocopied, and the book is not allowed to bring outside, I have no choice but to copy it manually with my bare hand and pen... I got blasted finger... Ouch!!!

When I finished the whole chapter, I take a looked on my masterpiece, WOW... not bad hah!!! There are just some pages that it was like a group of chicken drop by... hehehe, Yes! that even I can`t read... But, that`s it, I`m not blessed to have a beautiful handwriting like Sir Eric have... ;-)



I could say that I`m a sport enthusiast... actually my whole family do, especially for basketball and volleyball.

For the UAAP season 73 this year for womens volleyball, I always back on my seat if I have time to watch it live in TV. Me and my Ate Goya join the fun watching it. Also, maybe because of great influence the two kids start to appreciate it already.

Dull Sunday at home in front of TV, my Ate asked to go to watch the live game at the San Juan Arena of the UAAP womens volleyball. The games are between the UST lady tigresses vs the Adamson lady Falcon for the first game and Ateneo Blue Eagle vs De La Salle Green Lady Archers for the secon game. It`s awesome watching it live at the Arena, double the fun and the excitement with on the TV. The applause of the crowd. Shouting and cheering of the fans... Great game! Hope to watch the finals ~_~


LOve that LOST

Love that lost drawn sketch that marks
Can lost profile and split one`s heart
Create shell and slot within
And throw oneself on pad`s corner

Love that lost leave holes on the heart
Extruded and threaded up to last
Make draft angle through the veins
That brings infinite lines of pains

Love that lost is like a arc welds on curves
Hard to edit, much more to project and revolve
Extract for healing and need someone to translate
At the end, best just to select click ok to terminate.


Ang mga kaibigan ni Mama Susan

This is a another book master piece of Bob Ong was published last year and I had copy now. I love all his works it`s my friend on my boring lazy time.

Same thing with the other books he had. This one also had a different approach.If the Kapitan Sino has a Hero type, and the Alamat ng Gubat is a eye opening in comic strip. This one is a Journal of a teenage boy name Gibo.

The journal started in September 27 1998... which also my birthday... (what a coincidence) heheheh! It just like reading a usual journal, but what hooked me is, its title " Ang mga Kaibigan ng Mama Susan". Yet, Mama Susan haven`t mentions on the 1st to 10th pages or more of the book. Trilled??? Yes, and when I got the point where the title came from... It trilled me more what would be on the next page and what happened on the following day... I didn`t put it down `till I finished it...At the end, Gibo leave message to all who would be able to read it...

Grab a copy now... ^_^


Fiscal Year

A new year for our company. Our 4th Fiscal year is officially starts today February 1, 2011 and it will end on Jan 31 2012.

This is a another year of battle for development and progress.
One year to pursue business plans for expansions.
Year to meet targets or rather best to exceed.
Year that would give best experience for the new comers.
And another year to grow and level up for the oldies.

Congratulations to us all associations, very well done job. I may not sounds convincing, but I know all of us, deed it with our best. Reason enough to celebrate.

Congratulation FRDP for another year achievement of success. More power to you and good luck for the whole year round.


My gluttony

If eating too much is a sin, then I have it... forgiveness to me. Last night I drop by to Festival Mall to pay all my bills... After paying my bills I decided to go to looked for the new published book of Bob Ong at the Power books store... Yes, as what Ate Andrea said... the book is already available, (this has another story nyahaha).

Going back to my gluttony.. ^_~, on the elevator going down, I saw Pizza Hut restaurant then I started to crave for Pizza and for the Pizza hut chicken wings, plus I remember our girls talk in the locker room... since Ms. gorgeous Ferry, this past few days she had celebrated lots of life happiness and Ms. Rhea has been promoted... we`re pushing them to treat us Pizza... hehehehe

I really want pizza as my stomach wants it more... At first I just want to go for take out, but when the waitress said I have to wait for 15 mins... I decided to dine-in instead, since I have also to wait...

When my food is on the table... I know to myself I`m going to have a hard time eating it all. I just ordered, solo bacon supreme pizza and 4 pcs. chicken wings + bottom less iced tea. But for me, who is not fond of eating, 1 sliced of pizza and 2 pcs of chicken wings is enough, but there is no such item on the menu, so I have to eat it all... It took me one and a half hour to finished my food. And I`m too much full... forgiveness, just this night ^_~

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