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Be Sensitive...

Being sensitive and insensitive must go on balance. All people have this two traits, although some are are less sensitive others are more sensitive or vice versa. But not to be sensitive at all, is not a good thing. Worst is, because we're not that sensitive or in opposite, we will treat others same as we are. If we do that, definitely we'll be in trouble anytime.

Treating our lower people, also need to deal with caution. Not to imply, that we are pampering them but our limits and boundaries as higher than them must be put on the middle or must be in practice. Like, choose words and lines when we want to say something because they have done wrong things. We can say directly that there are "slow", if really they are, but I think, It's not a good idea, throwing lines, to let them feel that they are not capable of doing something good or they can't be better or best. This sounds as a challenge but more humiliating, making not a good atmosphere for both. Bear in mind, that if we are not that sensitive, maybe he or she is an opposite. He/She just have the patience to stand on. And don't wait to lose their patience, cause it would be the time, that we will not get respect from them.

Try to practice to be sensitive about others existence, if you're not one... and you will see it's benefits, one is RESPECT ^_^

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