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You pissed me off...

If it`s not a big deal to others, well for me it is...I really do got annoyed when I receive text message from anonymous person ->>> meaning there is one person knows my phone number which I don`t know him/her... for me it`s like invading my privacy...

Not all people that I know and knows me... have my number.And, yes... not all individual that ask it from me get it too. For me, phone numbers are private and personal property and that no one is allowed to give it to others without consent/approval form its bearer.

This person...yah, I know HER -> this girl give my phone number to a guy, she just meet in a store...!!! I care to call the guy, coz I really want to know, where/how he got my number... and this is the story...

The guy is working in a store, and this HER is one of their costumer for that day... for some talks... the guy ask for the phone number of HER, but HER refuses to give her number for the reason that she is already had a boyfriend and that she is getting married soon, and HER said she will give him a number to be his textmate, but he must not said so that she is the one who give the number for it might get angry with her... and that number is MINE... wow...bravo! nice attitude huh!!!

Though before I make a call, I had already a suspect who`s the culprit. My intuition says it, when I saw some writings, how my name being spell, it same spelling when the guy ask me if I`m "GERLI"... in our conversation he said, he was not able to get the name of HER, so I let him describe HER....Gotcha... I am`s really HER!!!

Really "disappointed"... you pissed me off!!!

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