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Itchy eyelids

It's been a week I'm suffering with this itchy eyeleds. It started a week ago when I don't have enough sleep. I'm in night shift and I have to wake up early, just to 3-4 hours sleep, for I have to work on something.

I try an over the counter medicine, but it doesn't work for longer hours. My eyeglasses can't do anything because I already need to change its lenses...Ggrrrr!!! ang sarap kamutin... huhuhu!!! I think I really have to go for a check-up... I hate it!!!


Earth Hour 2011

It`s a good thing that the whole world showing its concern about theEarth. Started at Sydney Australia in 2007, and now the whole world already participated in this event. For this year it was night, 03.26.2011, 8:30 pm to 9:30 pm, local time, a one hour of darkness for goodness.

Here in the Philippines, the countdown were held at the Mall of Asia grounds. Thousands of citizens joined for the main switch-off. At exactly 8:30 pm the lights of the Big globe and the rest of the light around the mall area has been turned off. And candles been lighted. Beautiful.

Indeed Earth hour campaign, been successful this year. Billions of people around the globe respond on its calling. Protect and preserve the Earth.

Protect me for I an yours - Earth


Earthquake - 03.21.2011

Earthquakes has been a big news since last week when Japan was hit of 8.9 magnitude.

Today, different regions of the country (Philippines) was jolted with a different range of intesity levels. Here in the office, around past 6:30 pm we do feel the abrupt shaking. The first shake, is like someone bumps my table. And we`re in chouros " oh... lumilindol"... and it get slower little by little... may be the shaking also took a minute,`till gone.

No one panic... we`re all in our seats.... except for one, Sir Ian, who stands up with Mr. Nakashima who is already standing at his back when the shaking starts. We just observed, if the intensity will go further, and if we need to evacuate, go outside which is an open area or any place which is much safer. But, thanks God... it was gone after a minute...

Hope no one was harmed out there...


Facebook 101

Here I go again...

Just updated on my FB Home from Jelly Marasigan (my co-associates GF) something goes like this "To my DEER girlie angel....I don`t want to be mean... ( it`s an animals... week)" I didn`t bother to get the exact wall post... my instinct say it was for me and angel since obvious it was our names.

To make it sure, I also make a most... "Cge ikaw na ang TAO... kong yan angikasasaya mo... ung nga lng isang "TAONG INSECURE"... KAMAOTE... UTAK din!!!For sure, she will post again if its really for me, but if not he will not react...But, she just confess by her own action... posting again with like this, "I don`T fight ugly......and at the end "d kita makita ang dilim"

I really appreciate her beauty, she is in my friends list because she invite and add me,which also I confirmed. But now, too disappointed to her with her attitude, so worst. What ever her reason to act like that, she never used her brain if she really have.

There is nothing better than a good looking woman who doesn`t know it yet. For some girls are very much confident with themselves turns to be conceited. Fall and emphasize their insecurities for attention. Beware of them!


Summer getaway 03.19.2011

First company event of the year. Company summer outing.As planned it was a joint event with our sister company FPMI.Canyon Cove in Nasugbu Batangas was the venue, great placefor summer getaway. Clean beach and big swimming pool.

I don`t have sleep... most of us from R&D don`t have because ofour jamming the night before this event. But still, we all havemuch energy to be alive and kicking.

Prepared games was super fun, especially the obstacle race... hahaha!!!Serve food was good particularly during lunch time. But what is awesomewas riding in the banana boat. My first time to experience riding on it,really it was great... especially the flip... " one more flip"... yahooo!!!

What a tiring day, yet super enjoy!!!



Night of LOL

This is the first time the two group jam together, since shifting schedule started. Due to the time difference, it`s really difficult for us to find timethat would suite for everyone. So, we really grab this rare opportunity.

Tj, is really the master mind of this, I`m just a second the motion. Having inmind that this would also the key to "break the wall"...nothing big issue, I just feel that there is a little gap, maybe we just really need to catch up things.

Design group Assistant Engineers are all present plus one adopted Assistant Engineer from testing ( Leo ). It`s really a fun night, no dull moments. LOL is really on the air. With us are 1 bottle of matador light, 3 bottles of Gin Blue and lots of junk foods that add more fun to the group.

Mar and Ferdie thank you for your apartment, and sorry to your landlady if she got sick with the noise. hehhehe... Thank you guys... untill next time! Also to our former associates Paulo for joining with us...


Survey says :

Tanong : Kong wala ka dito, saan ka kaya ngayon?

R1 : Showbiz

R2 : Wala ako jan, dito ako! wahahahahaha

R3 : Ano bayan gerlai!!! nyahaha... BAKA DOON???

R4: Seryoso ba toh???

R5: hahahah... nasa testing room!

R6: Kong wala ako, malamang d ako pumasok (SL or VL)

R7: Cguro nasa HINO Boss aq kong wala ako dito!

R8: Malapit na hehhehehe... what do you mean by "dito" as in here in...

Note: This is just for fun!!!


Kick-off office boredom

In the office it`s supposed to be a busy/ or rather you must have something to do. But in some point, you come to this that you have nothing to do in a particular. And the boredom fill your work station and you need to kick it off.

Here is tips I can share...

1. Organize and clean all things on you table.

2. Sort all things or your cabinet/try, remove things which is not necessary.

3. Update your computer files. delete all documents which you think you don`t need anymore.

4. Get your planner/organizer make a plan for the next day, the whole week or until the following week.

5. Avoid to look at the clock.

There you got it... Goodluck!!!


Japan Tsunami, 2011

March 11, 2011... Tsunami in Japan!!!

It`s a big break news all over the world when Japan was hit by a 8.9 magnitude earthquake and a 23 feet tsunami. It`s like the movie 2012. Really scary and alarming. No one anticipated it to happened. Even the modern technology wasn`t able to detect it will occur that huge.

If this is the response of Mother earth with all the abuse that people made with its natural. I think we need to reconstruct things to rebuild it or rather to maintain what is left know and be part of the world campaign to protect the earth.

This is really a devastated event that would be written to the world history. Distressed impact throughout Japan, to its economy, government and most of all to its people. My sympathy and prayers for them.

In this kind of downfall event, all country are unify as one.
God in your mercy save us... Amen


Sadness :-(

I posted last week about Ms. Ferry`s pregnancy... I`m so happy for them as well super excited for the baby. But now... it turns to deep sadness, when I heard that the Baby was lost...

I know, it was a complete lose for the couple, for it was there first angel. My prayers for them. For they become more strong as they go through this. And for the full recovery of Ms. Ferry.

There is reason why God let it happened. With faith, what ever it was...It`s for the best. God Bless you both... your angel is watching over you now...


my dreams

They say that all dreams has something to tell to us... other says that dreams are opposite of what is going to happened or with what is the present. I really don't know!!!

It's a weird thing. As much as I want to forget or rather close it, cuz I know I can't forget it, it's been part of my life. The more it keep on coming to me. My dreams reminds me everything. Refresh my mind, that when I wake up, I can't help myself not to think about it.

Not that it bother me so much. But it brings back my fears. The more that I want to say "Yes" to have something new with me. It let me think twice and make a little step backward. I'm not weak yet not that strong... maybe I'm not just ready to take risk again.

You let me go... so please, leave me on my dreams...


I admire him ^_^

This is funny... to realized that I have still hangover with my high school life... It almost ten years past. I had the best high school. Build good friendship... and all the fun as part of the early teenage life.

Although during high school I was considered as one of "Mga anak ni Rizal" as Bob Ong categorized and define it in his book ABNKKBSNPLAKo... naks... hehehe. But I doesn't skip myself to the world of having a high school crush. I only have one ultimate high school crush. It was started 2nd year and I keep that admiration to myself until in mid of 4th year. I share that little secret to Ate mich because she already trap me at one point... until it was blown to the whole batch a month before our graduation, but to good I've been sick so I skip from all the teasing moments, when I came back to school we're all busy for the practice...

He don't posses the tagline of being tall, dark, and handsome. He just a common student not being notice so often. But what captured me about him is his silence yet with firm character. He doesn't talk much, but ones he did, it has a substance.

And know, after almost ten years, finally we meet again, though I already expect because I'm the one who make the call and text him to come to our batch get together. But still I was surprise when I saw him... until I realized... yah! ten years... there is no big changes on him, just a build on his body. And he still get may attention with his character and attitude like before. I have admired that boy before and now I still admire this man... ^_^


My prayer

Father, I bring back all the glory and praises in your almighty name.I thank you for all that I have. And sorry for all the trouble the cause you in pain.

I know it`s been a rough days for me. I know myself but you know me more than that. And you know what is best for me.

Spare me from evil, enlighten my mind and give me wisdom that my intellect wins than to the earthly command. Embrace me tight, for me not to stumble as I let go my all my fears. Give me strength to let go all my angers as much as I hold it. Touch my heart so I can forgive others that do no good to me. Help me to seal my lips, my hands or my whole body perhaps, that it would not bring harm to others.

With your love, let all your well be done.


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