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Facebook 101

Here I go again...

Just updated on my FB Home from Jelly Marasigan (my co-associates GF) something goes like this "To my DEER girlie angel....I don`t want to be mean... ( it`s an animals... week)" I didn`t bother to get the exact wall post... my instinct say it was for me and angel since obvious it was our names.

To make it sure, I also make a most... "Cge ikaw na ang TAO... kong yan angikasasaya mo... ung nga lng isang "TAONG INSECURE"... KAMAOTE... UTAK din!!!For sure, she will post again if its really for me, but if not he will not react...But, she just confess by her own action... posting again with like this, "I don`T fight ugly......and at the end "d kita makita ang dilim"

I really appreciate her beauty, she is in my friends list because she invite and add me,which also I confirmed. But now, too disappointed to her with her attitude, so worst. What ever her reason to act like that, she never used her brain if she really have.

There is nothing better than a good looking woman who doesn`t know it yet. For some girls are very much confident with themselves turns to be conceited. Fall and emphasize their insecurities for attention. Beware of them!

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