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Earthquake - 03.21.2011

Earthquakes has been a big news since last week when Japan was hit of 8.9 magnitude.

Today, different regions of the country (Philippines) was jolted with a different range of intesity levels. Here in the office, around past 6:30 pm we do feel the abrupt shaking. The first shake, is like someone bumps my table. And we`re in chouros " oh... lumilindol"... and it get slower little by little... may be the shaking also took a minute,`till gone.

No one panic... we`re all in our seats.... except for one, Sir Ian, who stands up with Mr. Nakashima who is already standing at his back when the shaking starts. We just observed, if the intensity will go further, and if we need to evacuate, go outside which is an open area or any place which is much safer. But, thanks God... it was gone after a minute...

Hope no one was harmed out there...

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