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Night of LOL

This is the first time the two group jam together, since shifting schedule started. Due to the time difference, it`s really difficult for us to find timethat would suite for everyone. So, we really grab this rare opportunity.

Tj, is really the master mind of this, I`m just a second the motion. Having inmind that this would also the key to "break the wall"...nothing big issue, I just feel that there is a little gap, maybe we just really need to catch up things.

Design group Assistant Engineers are all present plus one adopted Assistant Engineer from testing ( Leo ). It`s really a fun night, no dull moments. LOL is really on the air. With us are 1 bottle of matador light, 3 bottles of Gin Blue and lots of junk foods that add more fun to the group.

Mar and Ferdie thank you for your apartment, and sorry to your landlady if she got sick with the noise. hehhehe... Thank you guys... untill next time! Also to our former associates Paulo for joining with us...

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