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saturday benefits

Again no morning alarms, it's Saturday!

I enjoy my Saturday benefits:
  1. Wake up late at 9:30 am
  2. Breakfast in front of TV, spongebob ;-)
  3. Online chat, check mails
  4. Eat lunch while watching noontime show
  5. Online chat
  6. Have Siesta from 2:00 pm until 6:00 pm
  7. Watch TV news
  8. Eat dinner at 7:30 pm
  9. Do net surfing, chat, FB...
  10. Blogging

How cool it was, if you have life like this everyday.
No schedules, no deadlines...*-*

Indeed life is not... thanks for the Saturday ;-)



Taking a snap about others...

Last night i had my first post on the "'Girls Talk", with the topic "I love me-emotionally". Now, i take time to read all the post entry of the other members... exciting and really inspiring. I may not know all this girls, but I manage to picture it out what and who really they are through their writings. Am right to say, that everybody would agree that girls are common emotionally.

Its nice to read about emotional feelings of others, the ups and downs of life, with the sadness and happiness, being hot temper, cool, wacky, have the self control attitudes and a like. Maybe for others it's boring but for me it's not... it's real life story, that i can relate and reflect to myself too. I may haven't experience it all what they got, feel and survive for. But their experiences can give me a great lesson.

Happy weekend everyone ;-)


I’m emotionally glamorous

Glamor of emotions in me...

The glamor of being so in love: Yes, I have been so deep in love with someone. All time we spent is full of magic. Don’t want to miss any single moment when we’re together. I’m Feel so beautiful when I’m with him. No dull moments just full of laughter.

The glamor of being broken hearted: Yet, I’ve been broken; love lost its magic between us, for some reason untold. I cry and grief for it's too painful within. But behind that bloody heart, there is a sensational emotion within me not to be defeated at all. For being broken, does not makes me less as a person.

The glamor of being healed: Process may tough, no short cuts, so tiring it seems, maybe easy to forgive but not to forget, many sleepless night and loss of appetite. I’m a little weak, but not to be beaten. Yes, to cope up is really fascinating. This is the new “ME” ready to conquer.

The glamor of being inspired: Life is indeed exciting. I’m single but too much inspired to do something. With the love and affection I’m gaining from my family and to the rest of my friends.

The glamor of being flirty like: Trilling! Anyone can say anything about me, as they please… but I am what I am and that’s something no one else can ever be, coz I’m one of a kind and there will be no another “ME” … lolz

To my family thank you for the unconditional love.
To all my friends thank you for the love, care, support and respect.
And, to all the people I've been with, thank you for the smile.

I owe you this "glamorous ME"

This is my first time to join here... Thank you GT
Hope everyone would love my stay, (^-^)


Have this in Mind? ^-^

I had a little conversation with my friend last night over the phone. Catching about how's life going on, particularly in terms of our work. And he ask me this questions, how do i see myself 20 years from now and do i still want to work even at the age of 45 or 50... wow! hypothetical questions, that needs me to have a second thought. How and what really would be "ME" 20 years from now??? grrrhhh!.. That leads the conversation open to the "Insurance things", but sad to say... Globe network was down, connection was cut... PAK!

But, yes! I agree that we need to plan a head of time. Personally, if I have a choice, and God would allow me, I don't want to work anymore at the age of 45 up. With that age, i want also to enjoy the fruits of my labor.

Since now that I'm employed and one of our benefits is, 24 hours life insurance. That is why I'm not mindful with this matter. Plus the factor of being single... I'm always on the go ... hehehe! But because of that conversation, it makes me think to be conscious enough with the future especially in terms of my financial aspects... that leads me to do some research and here is what I got...

This is from
Advantages of Life Insurance

* Risk Cover - Life today is full of uncertainties; in this scenario Life Insurance ensures that your loved ones continue to enjoy a good quality of life against any unforeseen event.

*Planning for life stage needs - Life Insurance not only provides for financial support in the event of untimely death but also acts as a long term investment. You can meet your goals, be it your children's education, their marriage, building your dream home or planning a relaxed retired life, according to your life stage and risk appetite. Traditional life insurance policies i.e. traditional endowment plans, offer in-built guarantees and defined maturity benefits through variety of product options such as Money Back, Guaranteed Cash Values, Guaranteed Maturity Values.

*Protection against rising health expenses - Life Insurers through riders or stand alone health insurance plans offer the benefits of protection against critical diseases and hospitalization expenses. This benefit has assumed critical importance given the increasing incidence of lifestyle diseases and escalating medical costs.

*Builds the habit of thrift - Life Insurance is a long-term contract where as policyholder, you have to pay a fixed amount at a defined periodicity. This builds the habit of long-term savings. Regular savings over a long period ensures that a decent corpus is built to meet financial needs at various life stages.

* Safe and profitable long-term investment - Life Insurance is a highly regulated sector. IRDA, the regulatory body, through various rules and regulations ensures that the safety of the policyholder's money is the primary responsibility of all stakeholders. Life Insurance being a long-term savings instrument, also ensures that the life insurers focus on returns over a long-term and do not take risky investment decisions for short term gains.

* Assured income through annuities - Life Insurance is one of the best instruments for retirement planning. The money saved during the earning life span is utilized to provide a steady source of income during the retired phase of life.

* Protection plus savings over a long term - Since traditional policies are viewed both by the distributors as well as the customers as a long term commitment; these policies help the policyholders meet the dual need of protection and long term wealth creation efficiently.

* Growth through dividends - Traditional policies offer an opportunity to participate in the economic growth without taking the investment risk. The investment income is distributed among the policyholders through annual announcement of dividends/bonus.

* Facility of loans without affecting the policy benefits - Policyholders have the option of taking loan against the policy. This helps you meet your unplanned life stage needs without adversely affecting the benefits of the policy they have bought.

* Tax Benefits-Insurance plans provide attractive tax-benefits for both at the time of entry and exit under most of the plans.

* Mortgage Redemption- Insurance acts as an effective tool to cover mortgages and loans taken by the policyholders so that, in case of any unforeseen event, the burden of repayment does not fall on the bereaved family.

Folks, having all this advantages that Insurance company are offering, it's also a little bit risky because of bankrupt history of some Insurance company. We need to be careful enough, particularly in choosing the Insurance company we want to join with. Its history or the company profile, who and what mostly their clients are, other business they are inline with and other things that concerns us that we know relevant to the decision we're going to make. So that the money we work hard to put to them will not be wasted, so we could really enjoy it in the years to come. (*-*)

"If you want to harvest something tomorrow, plant NOW"


The crazy "ME" ;-)

Have you ever try to cross on the expressway???

Me? Yes... I did, heheheh

No! not really, I just do it along the C-5 road.
Crossing there is strictly prohibited, because
of past vehicles running down there, maybe
in an average of 80 - 100 kph, past enough
that when anyone hits, definitely would say
"bye bye" ... *-*

The first time I did it, I'm quite scared.
I'm catching my breath when I made it
to the other side, but on the second time
no more, and until now, you just need
the right timing, when is the time you're
going to run and cross to the other side.
Just like playing patintero or tubigan
the only difference is you're playing with
the vehicles but if you're good to it,
for sure you can make it... ;-)

" don't try it if you're not CRAZY, because if you do, you're STUPID"


Tiny Fingers and Toes

Jerrah but I called her George, One of my bestfriend since highschool visited me, I know already that she is pregnant and I'm so excited for her pregnancy, her baby would be the first baby of the group... "RiverHeights". She is almost 8 weeks pregnant, and she has this pregnancy difficulties, the morning sickness, vomiting, craving on some food, but she can't eat much because she would vomit it off, and also there is some kind of allergy on her skin. She already consulted to her OB-gyn, and her OB said it's normal but need to be careful.

Take a looked on the baby inside, the tiny fingers and toes are being develop on the 8th week of pregnancy...

We looked on some articles about pregnancy, and its really amazing how the baby are being form in the womb of the mother. From week one to week 40, we imagine during the times that our mom carrying us also to their tummy. We also like this, our hands are to short, we have this big head, we don't have neck yet, our eyes is like a spot,...until we reach 40 weeks and we're totally a complete human being.

My mama don't tell me about during the time that she is pregnant to me, maybe because I don't even ask...hehehe, We're six that my mama carried in her womb, and I'm the youngest, I hope we didn't gave her a hard time on that and too much pain during her delivery, because we're all in normal process and plus she give birth not in the hospital, just at home with the "comadrona", could you imagine how pianful it was... ***sign... For my mama, I love you so much and indeed we're too lucky to have you, you're the best ever! ;-)


Books of Bob Ong

It's Saturday, no early alarms to wake up...
I get up on my bed at 9:30, I had my breakfast at 10:00
Watch TV and then get bored...

But there is always a medicine on my boredom.
All this books of Bob Ong... I have all his masterpiece,
and I'm waiting for another one ,thanks to Sir. Bronx
for introducing him to me.

I had already finished all this, not only twice but more,
and definitely I will not lose my appetite reading this again.

Catching lines:

"Mas mabuting mabigo sa paggawa ng isang bagay kesa
magtagumpay sa paggawa ng wala" - Alamat ng Gubat

"hindi dahil sa hindi mo naiintindihan ang isang bagay ay
kasinungalingan na ito, at hindi laht ng kaya mong intindihin ay
katotohanan" - Paboritong Libro ni Hudas.

" kung pumasok tayo sa eskuwela para lang makahanap
ng trabaho at kumita ng pera, di nakapagtataka kung bakit
marami ang namamatay na mangmang" - ABNKKBSNPLAKo

"Hindi naman kailangan ang maramimg tao para bumuo ng
mundo, minsan isang tao lang ang kasama mo, buo na ang
mundong kailangan mo habangbuhay" - Kapitan Sino

"kung importante sa buhay ng tao ang teleponong may camera,
dapat dati pa tayo lahta namatay" - MACARTHUR

"Hindi naman aspirin ang mga libro na mabilisang
gagamot sa mga problema ko" - stainless longganisa



I don't know why, I always got a first impression of being a serious type. Which for me, I'm not. Like what I have said on my post "Being in silence"... I'm not a girl of few words, (*-*)

Sir Ian, one of my officemate, a senior engr., always say an apology everytime he joke or say creepy things on me, for having in mind that I got offended because of this "serious type" impression, No, I'm not... and where for me, he is more likely serious. He is some kind of snob, lolz... with a "bahala ka sa buhay mo" expression ;-)... but on the contrary, he has this well disciplined attitude, organized, smart, futuristic and a healthy conscious one...

This week he ask a favor from me, a hand with his personal business in life. It's just a little favor which everybody of us can do. Without any second thought I do the favor for him, for I know it could help him to accomplished this things that he is worrying about this fast few weeks.

But this morning, he give me a chocolate with almonds. He said, it is in return to the favor I gave to him. Yes I'm surprised, because I don't expect a return from the favor I gave. But what surprised me more is, that he also have this sweet things in spite of being some kind of snob ^=^. We could not really said, that first impression last... Thanks for the chocolate, we have food to share on the shuttle... ;-)


Man vs Woman

In talking who has it...

Have you observe, and its also on the studies that, girls learn to talk earlier than boys and they have also better articulation. So girls talk more than boys do. Even as adults, mostly, men can't seize it when women do the talking. lol ^-^,

In some assertions, man uses only 7,000 words per day while woman uses 20, 000 words per day, average of 12,500 words per day for a man, and average of 25,000 words per day for a woman, there is a 7,000 for a woman and only 2,000 for a man... with all the figures its seems that woman double or almost triple it up.

When it comes to "subject"... man and woman talk about different subject. Mostly, woman talk about people, relationship, and the typical nature of being a girl. But for man, it's more on sports, politics, jobs, and how things work.

They also have different style on talking. Woman have this story telling version, she dramatize the story, with gestures, much effort to create the scene. Man is more likely, a "report talk" in summarize form.

They also differ on talking function. Base on the medical research, Woman uses more the right side of the brain, which is the center for feelings, language, and communication skills. Where as for men tends to use the left side of the brain which is more on logical, factual, analytical and aggressive thoughts.

For whatever they have about talking... when this two collide at one point... It's a big BooM... (*-*)


memory gap

just want to share this funny but a little bit serious thing happened to me. Maybe some had already experienced it too... hehheh

We're on the shuttle service on our way home from the office... we're all having fun with some usual his and who's of each other, when I remember something... I lifted myself on my seat and blasted out " hala! wala akong pera" (I don't have money left). I forgot to get my change in the canteen. During lunch time, they don't have bills for change, so they just advise me to get it in the afternoon during coffee break, since this pretty girl is to much busy... lol ;-), I didn't go for a coffee break, then I forgot all about the change... Maybe I have also less twenty peso coins in my coin purse... This is what we called "Memory Gap". Good thing to me, there is gorgeous ferry at the back, she handed me 50 bucks, more than enough for my travel fare... that's the funny thing!!!

The serious thing about it, comes from the word " What If"... what if I didn't remember it while we're still on the shuttle service, and just found it out when I need to pay for my fare, I will say " sorry I don't have money" huh, shame on me... or I will walk from Alabang to Taguig... Goodluck to me.

Doctors recommended, mind booster and memory enhancer tablets... heheheh

Big thanks to Ms. ferry, I didn't walk from Alabng to Taguig, and I have been home safe and sound ^-^


Meeting Deadlines...

Being part of Design Department, we always have a schedule and deadlines we need to meet. Personally, I'm very particular with my deadlines. In every work load that I have, I want it, as much as possible be finished ahead of time so that if there is any unnecessary problem that may encounter I have still time to fixed it up... I have this first thing first policy.

Last Monday afternoon, I have received a job request, an Analysis with a report to be submitted by Wednesday, In my time calculation, I can finished it before the given deadline. I started it right after I finished my prior job request. I set aside first some of the etc. that I need to update. I work it this whole day, the analysis and the report and I finished it around 4:30pm in the afternoon. So, I send to our executive manger and to my supervisor for their final checking. The checking will not go for an hour, so I can send the data today ahead on its deadline which is tomorrow. But on the contrary, after the checking they have an additional request for it, and they want me to submit it by 8:30 tomorrow morning, meaning I have one hour to do the additional request tomorrow. OMG!!! Yes I'm maybe super girl but not to the extent that I have to run after or within the "thik" of the clock... lol :-). As much as possible I want to commit to meet their deadlines, but this time, I really can't 'coz it's really impossible to finished it in one hour. It's difficult, for we may stop for a second but the time will not.

Good thing is, before the end of the day, the schedule has been settled to the client. Thank you to my great Executive Manger, Mr. N and Mr. S my partner in charge in Japan. It's nice working with you... *=*


Being in SILENCE...

I'm not a girl of few words. I talk if I want to talk. I comment if i want too. When I'm mad, I will say, I am. I laugh and cry loud like others do.

But, there is a time I need to be in silence. Being in silence, doesn't mean I have nothing to say, for its better to shut up if there is no good things, on things we want to say. Being in silence, doesn't mean I have no words in my mind, for its better to be quiet if you don't know the right words for it, for once the words has been spoken it's not easy to take it back, even sorry is not enough, worst thing is, you may lost it all. Being in silence doesn't mean I don't want to talk about it, for its better to stop for a moment... to listen... to think better. There is no need to rush for everything, sometimes we need to be in right timing, right place, right prospect, and right composure, for all GOOD things came from the right one. Being in silence doesn't mean I don't care, I do... but I don't want to say it often, because the more we say it the more it lost its true meaning. So with love, it's more likely to feel where eyes are closed, to believe it's real that to hear it quite loud but just blast on the air.

But sometimes, I just want it too, because it's the best thing to do. Be in silence. It can heal my restless body and soul. Where I can go deep down to myself, listen to my inner being. In silence I'm free, and sometimes it's my sweet great escape on something.

In this world, mostly the greatest experience we have is in the most quiet moments and the things that can make us really happy can be found in our silence within... (*-*)


I'm a Certified GOOD Cook

Yes, I love cooking, but I'm not used into it, maybe because I'm not a fan of eating, its obvious on my body (hahaha)...

I only cooked when...

1. My sister ask me to do the cooking.
2. My sister is not around and the two kids left to me
3. I'm alone at home, of course I have to cooked for myself ;-)

And the #2 is the reason why I cooked today. Time to show off my skills on cooking. Everytime I cooked, I always want a complete ingredients, I'm not satisfied if one is missing (hahaha). My favorite menu is Spare Ribs. I learned it from my Mama, but until now, I can't make it perfect as my Mama cooked it. Hope I can make it perfect ten too...(someday?)

But, the funny thing is, everytime I do the cooking at home. Louies, my six years old nephew was always excited on it, he always say " tita, ang sarap mo talaga magluto" ( i cooked great ) even he haven't tasted it yet. Kids don't lie... hahaha. Whatever it taste, for Louies "I'm a certified good cooked..."


Speed of a bullet... ( July 16, 2007 )

In my nine years living here in Taguig and in my entire life this is the the first time I experience to see a real crime scene, where the dead body laid on the street shower on its own blood, which is mostly I just saw it on TV or in movies. A man was shot to death, and it happened jut a few steps on our gate. Shock and scared, my whole body is trembling and I almost vomit when I saw the body. Maybe 20 steps I'm already home, but I can't passed through because SOCO had already barricade the crime scene plus lots of "USI" people around.

I don't know the real story of the shooting, but the fact that it happened near us, for sure it will leave a trauma not only to me but to the whole neighborhood. There is no place now that we could say "SAFE", just be keen and be more careful, we will never know, if we're going to lost our LIFE in just a speed of a bullet and or a crime will be next to our door (cross fingers)...


Just a glimpse of moments...

Life of full of moments, every seconds of it has its own story I may not that clever to notice, but looking back its full of my own craziness that makes me laugh and cry out loud...

when I'm just a kid, my classmates and playmates always bully me as ''ningit" ( pili black color) 'coz of my black complexion, I always go home crying with it... moments of my childhood that makes me really smile.

I was in my junior year at St. Anthony Academy, it was a catholic school run by Daughters of Charity Sisters, we're having a our 3rd final exams, it was happened in our last exam in the morning if I'm not mistaken it was a Christian Living subject, last 5 minutes of the exam, I already pass my paper to our class adviser ( Ms. Daisy Diesta), when I saw the test paper of my classmate (Julio Em) empty, since almost everyone are already standing to pass their paper in front, I got the chance to dictate my answer to him while standing as if I'm fixing my school stuffs, but I didn't notice that our School Principal is already standing at the student's door, I just awake on my senses when she called my name " Gerlie, you are dictating your answer to julio" I have my second thought to say "NO", but I say "Yes, Sister" that time all the eyes is on me, I wish for a lighting and thunderstorm to hit me, or the floor to swallow me off but it did not happened. Being on top, being a student leader, that is a big disgrace, but I have to swallow it all while my knees is trembling... this is the most embarrassing moment in my life. But now, every time we talk about it during our hangouts, it's a disaster of laughter.

The moment of being heartbroken, it the most difficult one, August 13 2008, when my 3 years relationship has ended, for the reason of "NOTHING" I don't know (damn its really hurts). Feeling of something is missing on me, feeling of being empty, feeling of being not worthy enough... 3 years I live with a certain that full of dreams, love and happiness that I thought would last forever, but I wake up one morning it has changed, I don't know where and how to start, this is the moment I really cry out loud, but this is also the time, when my whole family turned their faces to looked back on me, this is also the moment I feel so weak and seek for a confront zone, a place where no one would ask, say anything, just be there, like a wall for me to lean on. Yes, (hahahahaha) I had passed all this, and I have no regrets, that once in life I have love a man more that he knows and got broken, but now I will love again as if I'm not hurt and broken before ;-)

As the saying goes " After the storm there is always a rainbow"... After graving, it's the moment of healing, after someone turns back on me, there is someone came back and embraces me, unexpected... not even on my list that he would be the one who will be there when I need someone to be with. A friend who has a big ears to listen, go with my craziness, respect my weaknesses, and hold on to my worst... He open and introduce me again to the world with full of laughter. This the moment, I finally said " I've moved on, I'm whole again and ready to conquer everything what ever life may bring".

All this, is just a few of all the moments I had before, and I know I will have a lots of it, in every seconds that would pass by in life, whatever it was... IT WOULD BE THE STORY OF MY LIFE...

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