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Speed of a bullet... ( July 16, 2007 )

In my nine years living here in Taguig and in my entire life this is the the first time I experience to see a real crime scene, where the dead body laid on the street shower on its own blood, which is mostly I just saw it on TV or in movies. A man was shot to death, and it happened jut a few steps on our gate. Shock and scared, my whole body is trembling and I almost vomit when I saw the body. Maybe 20 steps I'm already home, but I can't passed through because SOCO had already barricade the crime scene plus lots of "USI" people around.

I don't know the real story of the shooting, but the fact that it happened near us, for sure it will leave a trauma not only to me but to the whole neighborhood. There is no place now that we could say "SAFE", just be keen and be more careful, we will never know, if we're going to lost our LIFE in just a speed of a bullet and or a crime will be next to our door (cross fingers)...

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