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Meeting Deadlines...

Being part of Design Department, we always have a schedule and deadlines we need to meet. Personally, I'm very particular with my deadlines. In every work load that I have, I want it, as much as possible be finished ahead of time so that if there is any unnecessary problem that may encounter I have still time to fixed it up... I have this first thing first policy.

Last Monday afternoon, I have received a job request, an Analysis with a report to be submitted by Wednesday, In my time calculation, I can finished it before the given deadline. I started it right after I finished my prior job request. I set aside first some of the etc. that I need to update. I work it this whole day, the analysis and the report and I finished it around 4:30pm in the afternoon. So, I send to our executive manger and to my supervisor for their final checking. The checking will not go for an hour, so I can send the data today ahead on its deadline which is tomorrow. But on the contrary, after the checking they have an additional request for it, and they want me to submit it by 8:30 tomorrow morning, meaning I have one hour to do the additional request tomorrow. OMG!!! Yes I'm maybe super girl but not to the extent that I have to run after or within the "thik" of the clock... lol :-). As much as possible I want to commit to meet their deadlines, but this time, I really can't 'coz it's really impossible to finished it in one hour. It's difficult, for we may stop for a second but the time will not.

Good thing is, before the end of the day, the schedule has been settled to the client. Thank you to my great Executive Manger, Mr. N and Mr. S my partner in charge in Japan. It's nice working with you... *=*

f e R r y j H o i  – (July 21, 2010 at 11:05 AM)  

aja lang gilay ^.^ I know - oh!! I mean WE all know that you can make it.
Pressure is not always meant for stress, it can also be a form of knowledge and strenght.

Good thing that you have met all your deadlines anyway. ^.^

Happy Wednesday

Gilay  – (July 22, 2010 at 12:00 AM)  

thanks Ms. ferry...

but sometimes it's too hard to commit, especially if u know that you will go beyond your limit, it's okey if its only at me, but,to put company's name at risk, in design "NG". hehheehhe

in addition " pressure lift u up" ;-)

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