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Man vs Woman

In talking who has it...

Have you observe, and its also on the studies that, girls learn to talk earlier than boys and they have also better articulation. So girls talk more than boys do. Even as adults, mostly, men can't seize it when women do the talking. lol ^-^,

In some assertions, man uses only 7,000 words per day while woman uses 20, 000 words per day, average of 12,500 words per day for a man, and average of 25,000 words per day for a woman, there is a 7,000 for a woman and only 2,000 for a man... with all the figures its seems that woman double or almost triple it up.

When it comes to "subject"... man and woman talk about different subject. Mostly, woman talk about people, relationship, and the typical nature of being a girl. But for man, it's more on sports, politics, jobs, and how things work.

They also have different style on talking. Woman have this story telling version, she dramatize the story, with gestures, much effort to create the scene. Man is more likely, a "report talk" in summarize form.

They also differ on talking function. Base on the medical research, Woman uses more the right side of the brain, which is the center for feelings, language, and communication skills. Where as for men tends to use the left side of the brain which is more on logical, factual, analytical and aggressive thoughts.

For whatever they have about talking... when this two collide at one point... It's a big BooM... (*-*)

feRry jHoi ^.^  – (July 27, 2010 at 3:54 PM)  

yeah i must agree with you.. Pero Didn't you know na ang mga lalaki ay mas may sense kausap kesa sa babae (in most cases huh). Minsan kasi tayong mga babae may ugali tayo na may "MASABI LANG" hihi

Nice info you have here Girl, I love it ^.^

Juan Marco  – (July 27, 2010 at 4:29 PM)  

Less talk less mistakes and vice versa. that is why man like me quiet open a topic especially when dealing with girls kasi kahit may sense ang words eh over powered kami kas ang dami nyong sinasabi.

@ferry dearie I agree mas may sense talaga ako este kaming lalaki

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