Change the things that can be change, accept those that cannot and have the wisdom to know the difference... for Life is always sum up in with three words " IT GOES ON"... Welcome to my Blog and thanks for dropping by!

Just a glimpse of moments...

Life of full of moments, every seconds of it has its own story I may not that clever to notice, but looking back its full of my own craziness that makes me laugh and cry out loud...

when I'm just a kid, my classmates and playmates always bully me as ''ningit" ( pili black color) 'coz of my black complexion, I always go home crying with it... moments of my childhood that makes me really smile.

I was in my junior year at St. Anthony Academy, it was a catholic school run by Daughters of Charity Sisters, we're having a our 3rd final exams, it was happened in our last exam in the morning if I'm not mistaken it was a Christian Living subject, last 5 minutes of the exam, I already pass my paper to our class adviser ( Ms. Daisy Diesta), when I saw the test paper of my classmate (Julio Em) empty, since almost everyone are already standing to pass their paper in front, I got the chance to dictate my answer to him while standing as if I'm fixing my school stuffs, but I didn't notice that our School Principal is already standing at the student's door, I just awake on my senses when she called my name " Gerlie, you are dictating your answer to julio" I have my second thought to say "NO", but I say "Yes, Sister" that time all the eyes is on me, I wish for a lighting and thunderstorm to hit me, or the floor to swallow me off but it did not happened. Being on top, being a student leader, that is a big disgrace, but I have to swallow it all while my knees is trembling... this is the most embarrassing moment in my life. But now, every time we talk about it during our hangouts, it's a disaster of laughter.

The moment of being heartbroken, it the most difficult one, August 13 2008, when my 3 years relationship has ended, for the reason of "NOTHING" I don't know (damn its really hurts). Feeling of something is missing on me, feeling of being empty, feeling of being not worthy enough... 3 years I live with a certain that full of dreams, love and happiness that I thought would last forever, but I wake up one morning it has changed, I don't know where and how to start, this is the moment I really cry out loud, but this is also the time, when my whole family turned their faces to looked back on me, this is also the moment I feel so weak and seek for a confront zone, a place where no one would ask, say anything, just be there, like a wall for me to lean on. Yes, (hahahahaha) I had passed all this, and I have no regrets, that once in life I have love a man more that he knows and got broken, but now I will love again as if I'm not hurt and broken before ;-)

As the saying goes " After the storm there is always a rainbow"... After graving, it's the moment of healing, after someone turns back on me, there is someone came back and embraces me, unexpected... not even on my list that he would be the one who will be there when I need someone to be with. A friend who has a big ears to listen, go with my craziness, respect my weaknesses, and hold on to my worst... He open and introduce me again to the world with full of laughter. This the moment, I finally said " I've moved on, I'm whole again and ready to conquer everything what ever life may bring".

All this, is just a few of all the moments I had before, and I know I will have a lots of it, in every seconds that would pass by in life, whatever it was... IT WOULD BE THE STORY OF MY LIFE...

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