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Hi mga Sis... am back, sorry am too less for the shopping things that is why i wasn't able to hit the month of November agenda galore... ^_^

EAT OUT... though am not fond of eating, but I love to see lots of foods on top of table... hehhehe, Eating outside is one of the best bonding we could ever have, with our family and friends. To eat together is really fun, especially with good ambiance and best foods.

And here WHERE i go...

If am with may family, since we always do have kids, we always prefer to go to a restaurant or a food chain that they could have the food they want and love to eat, foods that all of us will enjoy...

If am with may friends, it depends... if it's KKB... I dragged them to EAT ALL YOU CAN (kahit lugi lagi ako sa ganito hheheh) it's nice to be there especially if you're five persons or more, see who's plate would be full and yet too empty after, lots of food choice... which one gonna go first to pick and taste... be there until closing... hhehehe, If it's a treat, Two thumbs up to a place where there is a different variety of foods, consider also a group meal in there menu, were everyone will enjoy, yet not too expensive... Like with the picture, no doubt, we really enjoy the food... Thank you Nel ;-)

Happy GT... more WHERE to eat OUT, click the badge!


Happy Christmas ^_^

Yaahhhoooo... It's Christmas ^_^

Other than to my birthday, Christmas is my favorite. I love the spirit everywhere. The Christmas songs, cool breeze of air, Christmas lights and lanterns along each every house... WOW!!! Plus Christmas bonus and lots of gifts... hhehhehe... All people wearing their big smiles on the street (^_~) .

And it's in the house... my ate put already our Christmas tree, decorate it with silver, red and green christmas balls, Poinsettia flower and a Christmas light, not only that, our stairway handrails, windows and doors she put Christmas decors on it... and all this Christmas "bling blings" she manage to buy it at Divisoria last last week with Andrea... maybe by next week, she gonna put the Christmas curtain also... hehehe, I love more the house now... (am so pretty beside the Christmas tree... heheheh)

Before am the one receiving gifts, and am so happy with those little candies with different colors, dolls, chocolates and more... same thing now that am the one who's giving gift to my nieces, nephews and inaanak, same feeling of happiness, even with just simple gifts. To see their sweet smile once they receive their gift and say thank you... it's priceless... ^_^

But of course, am still looking forward to those people, who always surprise me with a gift... wishing for this year... they come more... hhehehe, Come more for more HAPPINESS!!!



Lasing Ako... ;-)

I must admit that I love hanging around with my friend/s. That is why I love Alabang... and I miss it now being there... haayyy!!! Just got this one, and I think this would be best reminders for this season... hehehe

Christmas is on the air, almost everyone are busy doing some stuff for this special occasion that happened just once in a year... but this is also the season were get together are almost everyday or every night. And everyone is enjoying it and am one of them... and for sure YOU also.

In every occasions or get together of a family, barkadas or any group... one thing is sure, a bottle of drinks will not be left behind, it's always in the top of the table, added with a funny stories that everyone will laugh out loud.

But what is funnier is, after couple of rounds... definitely one or two will act differently, that on the next day... they say don't know about it... ohhwwsss common... hahaha! Sorry, again it's in Tagalog... and for me it will sounds corny if am going to translate it. hehhehe

· Umiiyak kahit walang dahilan

· Nagbibigay ng advice sa kapwa lasing

· Kumakanta ng sintonado

· Tinatawagan o tinetext ang ex para makapag-usap ng walang sense

· Nai-inlove na lang bigla

· Ginagawang unan ang inidoro

· Nagiging galante

· Ikunukuwento ang buhay ang buong angkan

· Nagiging english speaking kahit wrong grammar

· Panay ang sabi ng "Hindi na ko iinom!" habang nagsusuka!

There you have it... and I have experience some on the list... hahahah


Pressure :-(

I really feel it now, it`s getting into my nerves. Almost a week doing it, but it seems to less for good. Studying something new only by myself is a big challenge to me. Doing it start from scratch. Only a book manual and online i could run for help. But not assured to have the answers i needed. Things too broad to strat to established. I really don`t know if what am doing now is correct. What would be the basic of thes basics i really needed.

Yes the pretty me is pressured now. Sorry, but there is a moment that i have to stop because i could feel my mind is not working anymore, it can`t digest all, inputs just pass by. But I konw this one is just a little part of my profession. A challenge that i have to passed.

I know there are people around me doing something to extend help to me, with that i can feel a little confort and relief for what am feeling right now.


Responsibility and accountability

This two words are among those words that defines our character, not only in our profession but in all our words and deeds.

Doing your job properly and finished it on time is being responsible. Sending the output of your job is being accountable.

Lots of things we may encountered everyday, it may be on our side or in another way around. And, what ever may our response to those, it's our responsibility and accountability.

In company working in a group or in a team, we have a supervisors, leaders or any seniors, and of course we have subordinates. Supervisors and leaders has the responsibility over his subordinates. Assuring they are properly trained, giving proper and well enough instruction in every project, yet subordinates also has responsibility over to his superiors, they are to proper response on the training, and giving their best for the project, these are just few to mentions, and this is what we called shared responsibility. For responsibility can be shared, but accountability cannot. For accountability could be define as our ultimate responsibility.

But there is no perfect environment, people above may not have good response taking their responsibility, and any other mess, we may do have the listing of it and it could be lot. And, once do the blaming over those flaws, we also give up to our responsibility, and that could be the our biggest accountability.

Don't blame others for some disappointments in life, especially if the cause starts on us. Yes we do have freedom but we are the one who think, speaks, write, and do for our selves. So we held responsible and accountable over it.

"I am responsible. Although I may not be able to prevent the worst from happening, I am responsible for my attitude toward the inevitable misfortunes that darken life. Bad things do happen; how I respond to them defines my character and the quality of my life. I can choose to sit in perpetual sadness, immobilized by the gravity of my loss, or I can choose to rise from the pain and treasure the most precious gift I have – life itself." Walter Anderson


Chocolate on my drawer

I don't have good sleep because of some phone rescue advice, ^_^ hope i save one soul and heart for that...

Two hours sleep on my count, but still wild awake for the day, I don't have work load to submit in a particular deadline, but hook in certain job in trust to my hands... (sabi... hehhe), yah!!! I feel the pressure now...

Something on my mind, and rush to do preparing data for the presentation, for some visitors are coming, from our sister company in the US and Japan. I already open my drawer, but i didn't notice something inside on it... hehheh, bulag!!!... I think, i just saw it, on the third time that I open my drawer... "ano 'to? may chocolate dito... TJ may chololate sa drawer ko oh... ay may Note pala" nyahhahaha!!!

Though am not fond of chocolates, but it really makes my day... with the "Mother Girlie" on the note... again wrong spelling of my name... heheheh, and with signature -piolo-... It's from Ferdie, one of our new associates, that swapped on our shift for his training under my supervision. Last Monday, he is back on his original group, and this ferrero rocher chocolate is his way of saying "Thank you"...

Thank you also, very much appreciated... congratulations to all of you, new associates, you passed the three months and good luck for the other three months... nice working with you, keep it up... head up but feet on the ground. ^_^



Most of us got stress when we have lots of work loads, hectic deadline schedules... everything is on our table and we don`t know which would be the first... but i think, this scenario is normal from time to time when your working in a company... right?... but what is more stress full when your in the office but nothing to do... correct!!! too hard to keep yourself busy in front of others and with your Boss for doing nothing... hehehe... yah, maybe to keep busy for nothing is quite tiring... nyahhha

I got some Office Tips when you have nothing to do in your office... sorry it`s in Tagalog. I`ll do the translation later... heehhe (just to keep me busy) ~_~


  1. Huwag aabsent
  2. Huwag male-late
  3. Pagkaupo mo sa iyong lamesa, buksan isa-isa ang drawer at magkalkal. Kunwari ay may hinahanap.
  4. Pagkatapos mong mgakalkal, tumayo ka at tunguhin ang mga filing cabinet. MAGHANAP KA NG IPIS. Kung walang mahanap, tignan mo ang iyong incoming & outgoing tray. Kalkalin at maghanap ng mga natira sa iyong mga kinutkot kahapon. Huwag kakainin muli. Labag sa kagandahang asal. Kung naglalaway ka sa mga iyon ay kunin mo ang nagamit mong tissue paper na nailagay mo sa iyong front drawer at ipunas sa laway mo.
  5. Kung biglang dumating ang iyong boss, hawakan kaagad ang telepono at magsalita. Kunwari ay tinatanong ka ng iyong kausap tungkol sa mga dokumento. Sumagot ka ng �Oh! I am sorry but I will bring that to your office immediately.� Kumuha kaagad ng kahit anong folder at magpaalam ng maayos at buong giliw sa iyong boss. Lumabas ng nagmamadali
  6. Pumunta ka sa CR. Magsuklay. Tignan mabuti ang sarili. Mag-retouch kung babae. Tignan kung baligtad ang underwear na naisuot at kung lalaki, maghilamos at basain ng konti ang buhok. Magtiris ng mga taghiyawat. Magtagal ng mga limang minuto.
  7. Pagbalik mo sa iyong opisina, buksan ang computer. Hintayin matapos ang Auto Scan. Marami ring minuto ang magugugol dito. Magbukas ng isang file�Isa pa�at isa pa uli�.!!! Pumunta sa ccmail, tiganan ang inbox kung may hindi pa nababasa. Magbasa. Kunwari ay bagong pasok ka lamang sa Grade One.
  8. Pagkatapos ay kunin ang mga dapat gawing report. Titigang mabuti. Pag-aralan ang klase ng papel na ginamit. Bilangin kung ilang words ang nagamit.
  9. Kung may tumawag sa telepono, kaagad sagutin.Huwag mong hayaang ibaba kaagad ng kausap. Kamustahin. Tanungin tungkol sa mga National Issues katulad ng tungkol sa mga jokes kay Erap o ng pagtaas ng langis. Kamustahin din ang latest style ng kanyang damit pati kung saan nagpapa-manicure at pedicure. Huwag lalagpas ng isang oras ang pakikipag-usap. Magagalit ang iyong boss
  10. Kung may report na tatapusin, tapusin ng eksakto sa deadline hour. Kung may ita-type, magtaype ng 10 wpm.
  11. Tunguhin ang mga file na naipon sa loob ng ilang araw. Ayusin isa-isa habang ini-imagine ang sarili na sumasahod ng 35,000 pesos isang buwan. Huwag tatapusin. Magtira ng para sa ilang araw na gawain.
  12. Palaging magtungo sa CR. Kunwari ay may LBM. Palagi ring bumisita sa ibang department, makipagchikahan.
  13. Huwag mong titignan ang iyong relo habang ginagawa mo ang lahat ng nasa itaas. Kapag ginawa mo iyon lalo kang maiinip. Hayaan mong mag-enjoy ang sarili sa iyong katamaran. Magugulat ka na lamang na �time� na pala para umuwi.
  14. Ayusin ang lamesa na para bang napakarami ng iyong trinabaho. At bago, umuwi, dumaan ng CR. Tignan at hipuin ang mukha kung gaano kakapal. Huwag pansinin ang mga kasamahan na mula umaga ay tingin ng tingin sa iyo. Hindi naman sila ang nagpapasuweldo...

So, you have it... Goodluck and be a Good empployee !!! ^_~


BEERday Mo Eman

I konw you... yet not quite sure with that

Yes, maybe by name, but not within

To vocal may seems, inside, so privte intense

Person, who had a great self discipline. ^_^

You have the brain, okey! the looks I may add,

But not with the body, nor with the height ^_~

Peace Pare! just for fun to make you laugh

It`s your day, have it... claim the day @_@

My Alabang buddy, my phone 101 too...

You hated colt 45, cheers to SMB light (^_`)

You share business in life and opportunities got

And have the best laugh trip in life... LOL

Happy BEERday Pare!!!

Cheers! Kampay! wish more years

Good health, best carreer, and happy life.

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Crave for Baguio

Have you ever had this feeling craving for something, and you feel so bad beacause you can`t have it?... grrrhhh!!!

Am here again with my craziness, and I hate it. This is not about food because am not fond of it. This all about going somewhere. This month i really want to go somewhere else, new place I haven`t been yet. Experience and see new things, perhaps feel relax and enjoy every moment being there. Am thinking of Baguio... and now am craving for it. I really want to go up there. I don`t know what kind of spirit pushing myself to go. I hate this... because I can`t do it, I can`t go up there just with myself. Am a little bit anxious to travel alone. I tried to asked and convinced my friends. But they have a negative response, due to a very short period of time staying there. Is there any capsule or tablets that I can take just to get out of this "wanting"? ... haisssttt :-((

For the sake of the word "Pateince", as they say it`s a virtue. I will grip to it. If I can`t be there in this days to come. I know soon I will. Maybe a basket of bravery for an adventure could be the best remedy.


It`s in the BLOOD

It`s really in the blood... hahaha. Am happy today, my sister-in-law, ate yvet, shared the good news that really makes me proud... Colen (their eldest daughter), won the First Place for the Photo Journalism in Division unit. And for that, she is going to compete for the Regional Division in Baao Camarines Sur on December 1-3, 2010... Bravo, congratulations in advance ^_~

Ian Colen is Grade six pupil of Bacon Central School, she belongs on the top ten of their class. This is not the first time she won in a competition, When she`s in lower grade, she also bring home the bacon, winning the first place for Story Telling competition in Legazpi City, if i don`t have a bad memory, she won it twice in two consecutive years. Aside from this, other thing that makes us proud of her is, she is the current President of the Pupil`s Government in their school. She won on the election last year, by landslide... (yabang... heheh). She may be a little too busy with her extra-curricular activities, she able to manage and balance it with her academics.

I could remember when i was in my grades school, i usually compete also, but am more on sports, athletics in particular, that`s why aside form being a salutatorian, i also have an special award, athlete of the year during graduation hehehe. I go also for the poster and slogan making contest, DAMATH competition and essay writing, but i never won first place in this category.... nayhhaah! just runner up and special award. What is good with this kind of school activities is the exposure that the kids could have. To be chosen among others, to represent theirs school can boost good character with the kids. It can build self confidence at their early age, a good start to discover their skills and capabilities. To the parents out there, support your kids with their school activities, it could be a good help as they grow up. Definitely I`ll do the same when i have one.

With Ate Colen`s competition for the Regional Division in Camarines Sur, I know she can make it. I`ll be her number 1 cheerer, and whatever may the result, she will be always the winner for us. Keep it up Ate Colen... I AM ONE PROUD TITA

tolally carbon copy


NO to Oversleeping

I have a lazy Sunday!!!, blamed it to my excessive sleeping... toink!!! I have a normal sleep time of 5 to 6 hours during weekdays, but during weekends i usually got 9 hours sleep or more.. hehehe, reason i don't have work so i don't have to get up early... ^_^

But, have you notice it that when you have an excessive sleeping, you feel so drained, have less energy, you got headache, that after an hour or less you still want to go to bed??? Yes, so true... So, No to oversleeping!!!

Anything which is Less and to much is not good. Oversleeping or excessive sleep is not healthy habit. It can cause health hazard. When we sleep, that is the time that our body is repairing itself to return it normal function when we wake up, but it doesn't mean that when we sleep longs hours, it's more better. Base on what i have read, side effects of oversleeping includes heart disease, obesity, depression, diabetes, and Parkinson's disease. weeeewww!!!

Health is wealth, have a healthy habit...


My manager

In lieu to the October 25, special non working holiday due to barangay election, for our group, today is our regular working day... the other group had it last Saturday together with the other associates who are working at the regular time schedules, and it includes our Executive manager, my manager, my boss, my mentor... Mr. Nakashima ^_~, though he already work last Saturday, he still join us today, without /;@$^%...without driver... and he stay with us until 5 pm, for some urgent reason from us... this is something "WOW"... thanks a lot!

Mr. Nakashima is one of our Japanese expat at FRDP, he is the Executive general manager of the R&D department, under with him is the Testing and the Design group. He start working at FRDP last year, and we're too lucky to have him as our manager... If am going to evaluate his performance... i would give him a perfect 10, excellent...(sipsip!!! hehehe), true, not because he is perfect, coz he is not and no one does... but for me he got and possess the perfect quality of a Good manager... in little more time, that spirit will come out and he will be fully equip.

In spite of the communication barrier, Japanese to English and perhaps with the Tagalog too, he stand on it very well (with the help of Sir jun), He really make an effort on it. With all the challenge of explaining everything, he was able to share his ideas and knowledge to us. His enthusiasm to his work, boost enthusiast to us particularly with our deadlines. He was able to create a productive environment within the group by providing information that empowers and level up our skills, be more innovative and creative. Having differences, he manage to build a good morale within the group. He has the great sense of responsibility and accountability, able to accept and correct his mistakes without hesitations. With all the hectic schedule he has, with all the emails, phone calls, design and drawing checking, plus the analysis... he never failed to be jolly everyday, and this is something the best to him... His commitment and dedication to his work is really incredible. With all that have been mentions and other plus plus... I salute to you Sir Nakashima, two thumbs up ^_^


Won't die Empty

This week is so tiring to me, i don't have much work schedules but a don't know why, i feel weak and tired... losing energy... am i dying??? weeewww!!! am not afraid too, 'coz i know am not empty though not yet full too...

We're here for a purpose and we always think that all things need to do and finished it before we go... I know am not yet finished with mine. People, wake up early for work, stay up late for same reason, avoid having fun ( good to me am not... hehehe)... People, to much preoccupy themselves with their schedules... do the listing to be done, but forgetting others which is more important, with their minds that after they get through with what is listed, they could give time to others, which is too rare to happened, because as we cross out one, other new will fill in. Your wristwatch is too much demanding on you... get it off!!!

Just reminding, that there is nothing more important than to our own internal being, and the happiness of life that we could share to our loves ones, and definitely you could not have it if you're too preoccupied and obsessed on what is on your list to do. Don't put yourself always on emergency, just be at ease and focused, everything will be in done in due time.

Purpose of life is to be happy, enjoy life along its endeavors and struggles and live life full of love. For it's proven, that when you die there will still be unfinished business left, but you don't have to worry about those things, because someone will take care of it for you...

Have all the moments of life with all the inevitable... so you won't die empty but full.


To my friend i never met

Dear God, I have a friend i never met yet, and for sure i will never met...He said it`s his birthday today and he ask a gift from me, I don`t know if he would like and appreciate what i have prepared, but this is my gift, my prayers to him.

Dear God, may all his wishes come true today, grant him good health together with family. Bless him with knowledge to excel in everything he do, inspired his heart to be always kind and do good to everyone. Shower him with grace of joy and happiness though out. Make him more strong in every endeavor and struggles he has to face in life. And make him safe everyday.

In your almighty name, i claimed it, Amen...

Have a blissful life... Happy birthday



Here in the Philippines, this is one of the event that most people waited and prepared off. The "UNDAS"...November 1, which is the "all saints day" and the November 2, the "all souls day"... Wherein we commemorate the death of our loves ones and the rest of our brothers and sisters who passed away.

Although, everyday they are always in our prayers. This is the day, where we give our time to them to visit their grave, offers flowers, lighted a candle, offers specials intentions and prayers. But here in the Philippines, it's also become the day, wherein the clan have their reunion. A celebration of a happy family, where everybody could share anything.

I remember when i was a kid, it's a fun day, aside from being a holiday at school, it's time to play around... running around the grave, jump on it...Yes, i'm not scared jumping on it, or even stand on it...(sorry may they all rest in peace), but what i love most is the ball making over with the melted candles... with different colors and scented.. ^_~

To all our love ones who are already there, i know all of you are in God's hands now, watch over us, we miss and love you... ;-)


Unstoppable DENZEL

I'm not a movie goer, but when it comes to Denzel Washington movies I don't have to think it twice... i really have to go for it and catch it a big screen... like with the last two movies he had "Taking pelham 1 2 3" and "The book of Eli"... I don't want to miss this one... UNSTOPPABLE.

With the Wikipedia :
Unstoppable is loosely based on the "Crazy Eights" unmanned train incident in 2001. The train, led by CSX Transportation SD40-2 #8888, left its Walbridge, Ohio rail yard and rumbled on a 66-mile journey through northwest Ohio with no one at the controls, due to the throttle being applied on full instead of a brake. Inspired by actual events, this is an adrenaline rush fueled by director Tony Scott's signature mark of propulsive action rooted in the reality of ordinary people placed in extraordinary circumstances. A veteran train engineer (Denzel Washington) and young conductor (Chris Pine) race the clock to stop an unmanned runaway train to prevent a big disaster.

100,000,000 TONS OF STEEL,


My Apology

Dear Myself,

You`ve gone through a lot of things this past days,
Exhausted and drain in some DAMN thnigs,
You feel too much anger inside, Hell can`t be compared,
Too much fire within, in one look anyone would blast on air.

Myself my apology, I know it cause much trouble in you,
Damage your heart beat and affects your brain capacity,
You`ve lose your appetite, down to sleepless nignt,
Bring wrinkles on you that fades the pretty you.

With those, again, my apology, fear not, it will not take long,
Each day that pass it would be lessen,`till it will gone forever,
Myself, take a smile and enjoy, for best life is in you,
And thank you for being that STRONG PRETTY YOU...


Life time favorite: Nancy Drew Mystery

Nancy Drew mystery books was introduced to me when I was 1st year highschool by my Ate Myra, The secret of the foggoten city... she used to barrow this book series in our library, and every time she finished i read it too... since i`m not fond of going to library... heheheh

Until now, when i was in a NBS i never failed to take a snap on it, though a little different from the old published books, but i still love it. I really love the character of Nancy Drew, her being a young detective, genius in all form, sweet teen, lovable daughter, good freind, perfect girlfriend.

This book series is all in one, a whole package, mystery suspense, drama, comedy, love story, all genera... I know you will never go wrong with this, especially for books collection... though, quite expensive, reason why I don`t have one... LOL

More books to read here... Happy GT ;-)



It's seven months to go before the alumni, yet our batch start to do the planning for this event since we are the co-host for the 2011 alumni home coming of our dear school St. Anthony Academy.

This would be my first time to attend to our alumni, if ever... though we have lots of "baragat" (get together) here in manila, still am excited for it. Last night we have our meeting at Chowking, Mall of Asia, to discuss all the necessary things we have to do in preparation for the the alumni next year, June 9, 2011.

Since most of us are working already, and busy on some stuff both personal and business... we expect that not all who are here in Manila would be visible on the said meeting. Out of 94 headcounts of our batch we are only 6 persons who are presents. hehehhe!!! But with that small percentage of attendees we still manage to start the planning and come out with a good output that we know best for all. Congratulations to us... ^_~


GT: Tell Me Your Dreams


I almost miss it today, the Pretty ME is a little bit preoccupied... heheheh

Anyway... ^_~... great book for suspense??? I highly recommend this book of Sydney Seldon "TELL ME YOUR DREAMS"

Meet the character of Ashley Paterson, Toni Prescott and Allete Peters. Witness the crime. Follow the tale of investigation, heard the Court proceeding... and knows who's the murderer, and be a Judge if...Guilty or Not!!!

Enjoy reading and have more books for suspense, click the badge. Happy GT everyone ^_~



Funny issue but more on insulting...

This morning, i have a post on my wall, from someone Sourdnaxela Sanera qouted "inlove kpb kn ton2"

Past track :Tonton (johnson) is my childhood sweetheart, he is my by best enemy during elementary, we're like cats and dogs everyday... but it has change when we enter high school, although we go separate school, we build a good friendship together with our childhood friends. After high school i came here in manila for my college, I just went home in Bicol during summer and I was in 2nd college, when he courted me, in short "naging kami", she is my first BF, but we ended up after a year... i've been in new relationship, and he also had, but nothing has change to the scenario every time i go home, the bonding event that we used too have are same, even i had with me my new BF, and i salute tonton for being such a good sport, because i know i hurt him in some way. Year 2007, his GF (cheche- cousin of this someone who posted on my wall) got pregnant, but they don't get married, this time a little change, we just have "chikas" when we got in same place, and sometimes a bottle of beer with my cousins and with his kuyas... yah, ever since am close with his two kuya... with her GF, we're not friends, just civil, we haven't introduced, we just know each other by name. In fact, am one of the fairy Godmother of their son, boboy, but before i accept the invitation, i ask tonton if che knows about it, and he say "yes, she knows about it and it's ok to her"...

Until now... Tonton and I are good friends,and am civil with her "wife", but i try to be friend with her, but it seems she don't like... and i don't want to be "feeling close naman" if she don't want... recently i went home for my Lola's 100th b-day( Sept. 30), Oct. 02, is tonton's b-day, it happened that i'm still there, so he invited me to come over (tonton's parents house),so i come with my cousin, some of our friend are also there, che is there, but we don't have a word to each other... i have a little conversation with Tonton's parents and i didn't stay longer, after 1 bottle of beer i decided to go home, but he brought me home, that's one thing never change, even i will insist to him that i can manage to go home alone, i'll never win, even he say "ok" when i looked at my back he is there following me... I already talked to him about the issue, of what people or Che may say ... he answered me "kong hindi kaya ng ibang tao intindihain ang pagiging kaibigan ko sayo, hindi ko na kasalanan yon, basta wala kong ginagawang masama, ikaw, kong iiwasan mo ako choice mo yon, bahala ka pero ako hindi ko gagawin yon, dahil lang sa sinasabi at iniisip nila, dahil alam ko tama ako..." i didn't manage to react, to say a word, i just nod because I know he has the point. Sometimes he send message and missed call me, just simple "kumusta", I do same also, but it's too seldom to happened, once in three months or a little less...

With the post... i don't know where she got that issue, at first i thought i was just a joke... but ohhh may... it's not, i try to control myself not to respond to her comments, but i can't ... yah funny but too much insulting on may part, the fact that she didn't know me, maybe just by my name! i confronted Che, about her cousin's post, because the night before, i send a text to tonton "muzta", but Che is the one who replayed with me, and with exchanged message its seems we're okey!... make me shocked this morning with this post... What a coincidence!!! Che replayed to my confrontation text that she doesn't know about it, and she say sorry on what ever her cousin said to me...Sorry, honestly, i don't believe her, i just give her the benefit of the doubt... as gorgeous ferry and my cousin said... don't trust anyone of them and don't let them dump you... agree, and i will give them a good fight if that is what they want!!!

Well... i'm happy with my life, and no one can ruined it! ^_~


GT: Alamat ng Gubat

The pretty ME is back... yap, i miss the GT last week, not much reason, jst I`m not in mood to write... lolz (shame on me, during the voting of topics i vote for books then now, i miss one... bwahahaha, sorry I`m some kind of moody lazy one last week... lolz)

I`m more on reading than watching TV during my pastime... it may be a books, magazine or alike... but now I`ve hooked on reading articles in net and social network thread... But speaking of books, a FUNNY ONE---- what i have for all of my you sistah is,one of the book of Bob Ong, the "ALAMAT NG GUBAT"...

Kwentong Pambata na Pangmatanda... a little differrent to the other books of Bob Ong, kwentong chalk at kwentong barbero, this one is a comic type, funny yet there is a meaning behind those humurous line. Grab a copy of it now NA...

More funny books here, click the badge.... happy GT everyone!!!


Sir Allan's wedding...

Wedding is the exchange of vows of two person who loves each other and promise to live together through sickness and health, for richer and poorer 'till death do them part...

Today is the wedding day of Sir Allan Uniforme (our IT in FRDP) to Ms Eloisa De Jesus. Congratulations and Best wishes... thank you for inviting us to be part and witness this important event of your lives.

Everytime I'm on a wedding ceremony, I really looked forward to the part wherein the couple do their exchange of vows... it's so touchy for me, to heard the "I do's" of both... their words of love when they are asking to wear the rings... hayiist hehehe ^_~...

When we're in out seats during the ceremony, I can't resist myself to say what I want on wedding with Ms. Rhea and Ms. Jenn also with Gian... hahahah, why not... it's every girls dream!!! daahhh bahhh!!!

But another part that i like with the wedding is in the reception... hhaahha! I know everyone would agree with me --->>> Ms. Rhea, Ms. Angel, Gelo, Gian, Kua Ogie, Sir Jun, Mr. Nakashima, Mr. Nakakura and especially Ms. Jenn...tama!!! The food... " Sir Allan, ang sarap ng pagkain... kahit malayo pinanggalingan namin, sulit naman sa pagkain... hahhaha"

Again... Congratulations to the Newly Wed... Best in life and happiness throughout the years...


Lola's 100th birthday

Our family is so blessed that until now we still have her... we can't merely express the joy that we have in hearts as our Lola celebrated her 100th birthday last Thursday, September 30,2010... Me personally, i waited for this day to come, and i really claimed it to happened.

We just prepared a simple celebration, yet fun and memorable. It was started with the Thanks Giving Mass followed by a simple get together lunch by the whole family who is present, relatives and some family friends.

Lola and lola Angustia (lola's youngest sister)

Since it was my lola's birthday, of course most of the guests are lolas also... and this is the most funny and super enjoy to witness. The way they talked to each other, seems both of them don't understand what they are saying, most of them the have memory gaps, when you ask something to them, they would response with out of this world answer... hehehe, yap funny! but they are admirable... to come up with that age is a achievement, what kind of lifestyle they have in the past or it's more on because of the kindness of their heart and faith to God or maybe both...

To lola, happy birthday... if God will grant more years to come, it's plus bonus to us, thank you for the great life and best inspiration that you give to us. We love you so much...


GT: Color & Me : PINKalozzz :-)

I run out of color!!! heheheh , i don` have much pink in my wardrobe and stuffs... when i was a kid i love pink but as a grow older i much less for this color... I don`t know why, heheheh, lolz ... but so timing with my birthday last September 27, my birthday present form the company is a pink one... every usefull in my everyday routine, PINK bath towel... I would like to acknowledge the effort of the gorgeous ferry joy for this one... love it, love yah...

Also from the archive of my birthday pictures last year, only pink t-shirt i have, my first Tribal t-shirt, a gift from someone before... hehehe, memories... ahu ahu ahu!!! My b-day celebration, the day after the big tragedy because of Ondoy... hayyysst... ;-(

More PINKalozzz on the badge... happy GT everyone ;-)


Post birthday post ^_~

I really don`t know how to do the writing about my birthday last September 27, lots of words to describe the whole things that happend... to make it easy for the pretty ME... i`ll make it short and simple heheehe ;-)

Am super Happy @_@

Thank you so much... my life is indeed great and wonderful @_@


Birthday blues ^_~

hayyissst... I'm not getting younger anymore... heheehe, anyway i will stick on the old man's saying that "only Carabao goes old" hhehehe

One year is so fast and now another year to come... but each day is still not sure, just a promise...

Last year, i started my year with something not so good, it's right after the "ONDOY" yah, the first time we had experienced that flood water came inside the house... but thanks God no one get hurt in our family, i give my sympathy to all who lost their love ones and valuable things because of Ondoy...

For a couple of years, I haven't celebrated my birthday, the way I want it to celebrate it, because of some uncertain reasons happened... it's more on the typhoon and other personal matters... hhehehe, ssshhhhh___!!!

Before I'll sleep tonight, i will ask God, to give me "tomorrow", to make my day the way I want to celebrate it... I know, i have the strong feeling He will grant it to me.

And for my birthday wish...

I'm not asking for the best, just wishing for something real...

Thank you for the wonderful and blissful years of my life... ^_~


Love ko 'to

I really treasure all people i have been with before, even it's not often i get in touch with them, the memories and learning's i have with them will not be take for granted... ;-)

It's a lovely Friday night at Mcdo... ate ja peret treat me with a yummy cheese burger Mcdo with sundae Mcfloat together with ate love.

Ate ja and ate love are just the two among the people, i know loves me and care for me... hehehhe, they are my co-workers when I'm still in Amertron Inc. i work there as a QCI. I have lots of fun and stories being with them for more than three years.

Being in Amertron, is indeed a big part for what I have achieve in my life, people who sacrificed their own time just two give way on my schedule, cover up on my mistakes, partners in crime, lolz... me as their younger sister and friend.

To my PLASTIC family, manager (ate azi) and kua Pau (couple I admired most)... 'te love, 'te ja (medium), 'te ja (large), 'te caren, 'te kaye, moymoy, joel, elie, oriel, kua egay, 'te annie, 'te love (liit), 'te ren,jocelyn, joyleen. To my SMART family, 'te emhil, tintin 1, tintin 2, shei, 'te rona, 'te lotis, cel, louise, 'te I, venus, bless, jomel, erickson, 'te polang, 'te nel... and to the rest for both department, i may not say it personally, but deep inside my heart,"THANK YOU SO MUCH", and I'm so blessed you've been part of my life.

Miss all those days... ;p



I love black... aside from having a black heart... lolz, hheheh, just kidding! it's very easy to match in any color... WOW to the brand new Black Toyota HILUX on the expressway... and oppss, i have this in my mind that during my wedding my motif would have a touch of black, i'm thinking for a black and red or black and yellow...vintage, hhehehe, anyways my wedding is quite far from now... @_@

For now.... hehehe, here is my stuff in Black...

My super love black dolphin, I bought this at Ocean adventure in Subic during our Company outing last March 20. A little expensive but I really love it...

Another black in me is my everyday backpack...this is my bag going to office, I'm more comfortable with a backpack than any ladies bags that most girls do and have... hehehe, i have also a ladies bag but I'm not using it more often ^_~

And the latest black of me is my R&D t-shirt during our company family day, last Saturday at Casa San Pablo... Big Fun Day, super enjoy. ;-)... this is Ms. Rhea and Me... that's what we called picture of victory... heheehe

Happy GT : go for black, just click the badge...

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