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Happy Christmas ^_^

Yaahhhoooo... It's Christmas ^_^

Other than to my birthday, Christmas is my favorite. I love the spirit everywhere. The Christmas songs, cool breeze of air, Christmas lights and lanterns along each every house... WOW!!! Plus Christmas bonus and lots of gifts... hhehhehe... All people wearing their big smiles on the street (^_~) .

And it's in the house... my ate put already our Christmas tree, decorate it with silver, red and green christmas balls, Poinsettia flower and a Christmas light, not only that, our stairway handrails, windows and doors she put Christmas decors on it... and all this Christmas "bling blings" she manage to buy it at Divisoria last last week with Andrea... maybe by next week, she gonna put the Christmas curtain also... hehehe, I love more the house now... (am so pretty beside the Christmas tree... heheheh)

Before am the one receiving gifts, and am so happy with those little candies with different colors, dolls, chocolates and more... same thing now that am the one who's giving gift to my nieces, nephews and inaanak, same feeling of happiness, even with just simple gifts. To see their sweet smile once they receive their gift and say thank you... it's priceless... ^_^

But of course, am still looking forward to those people, who always surprise me with a gift... wishing for this year... they come more... hhehehe, Come more for more HAPPINESS!!!


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