Change the things that can be change, accept those that cannot and have the wisdom to know the difference... for Life is always sum up in with three words " IT GOES ON"... Welcome to my Blog and thanks for dropping by!

All my bags are packed, I`m ready to go :)))

It`s the day... its time!!!! I`m so much excited to go home. I`ve be travelling this evening going to Bicol and by tomorrow morning I`ll be home, by then I`m 28. wwoosshhhh :))). Ten years or more, I wasn`t able to celebrate my birthday in bicol with my Mama and rest the of my family, But this time, I will be there in surprise. I didn`t told them I`ll be home on my birthday, but I make a request to Mama, to cook for me on my birthday even I`m not around.. hhehehe

Thank you in advance to all the greetings, wishes and prayers. And I really thank God for giving this rare opportunity to be home for couple of days to be with my family. I`m so blessed, nothing I can asked for more, just good health for me and to HiM, to my whole family and friends. 

Dear God, guide me and be with me on my trip. I love you and thank you for everything... Amen


Don`t make decision when angry!!!

Don`t make decision when you`re angry. When we are angry our mind loose the state of balance of what is good and bad. Most of the time, we make decision base only on our emotion, on how much we get hurt. We utter words and make actions out of control.

By the time we are already calm, we`ll realized that we don`t really mean it. It was just the result of our annoyance or being pissed off. What we have said, already said, what we have done,already done, and everything is not that easy to take it back. The word, SORRY can`t fixed everything.

Better to be careful when we`re angry. Let everything subside first.  Better not to say anything util you`re calm and relax. Or you`ll find your self regretting on one thing you don`t really mean too.


Spoiled Girl

Just last weekend, Him transferred to a boarding house just few blocks from home. Actually, that was my great idea. hehehhe... Now, I can easily bragged his door, if I need something.

For for his 1st week, I asked him a favor to help me bring our computer to the repair shop. Since I`m on the night shift I asked him to fully take charged of everything needed with the repair. He buy new hardisk for the replacement, testing and brought it back home... by the way, he is also night shift our difference is I`m 5:25pm-3:20am and he is 10:00pm to 7:00am. My reason is, he has more morning hours than mine. Anyway, I didn`t hear any complain from him, he just said Okey to every favor I asked. hehehe

Aside from the computer repair, for two days, I wake him up as early as 1:00pm because I want to him to come with me to Alabang going to the office. This afternoon, when I said... "Hon, hatid mo ako ulit sa Alabang"... he replied to me, smiling.. "hhmmmm, spoiled kana ha, sobra..." just liked that... still, he comes with me.Ohh yah>> I`m spoiled lucky girl... heheh


I have the best Back up :)

Last night, I`m having problem finishing the analysis and report for today`s deadline. I`ve got troubled with the license of software we`re using. It happened, when my computer crashed once and I wasn`t able to retrieved the licence again. I tried to shutdown my PC and log-in to other work station but nothing happened to get the license back. I need system administration and on the sad note; we don`t have system administrator during night shift.

I don`t have other option, but I have to handover my unfinished report to the other shift. No worries, I know I have the best back. Jeff can do the job and can finished it very well. And he accomplished more than to the favor I asked. When I come to the office this afternoon, job is finished and already sent to our partner in-charge at Technical center. Thank you Jeff. This is one thing great, working with people with good working attitude.


Preparation :)

September 27, is getting too close. I feel I don`t have much time to prepare for my project on my birthday. I`ve contacted two friends to ask for a help and support. And I`m so thankful I`ve got positive response from them. Getting their words make me more excited for my birthday to come.

I want to do something new on my birthday. So I planned to make project for this year. Since, this is my first time to do this, I will not go for its details. But, promise will share it here, after I accomplished my mission. I asked God to guide me and be with me doing this project. I really hope that I can make it this time. I`ve been thinking to do this many times, but for not valuable reason, I was`t able to do it. Crossed fingers, hoping for smooth planning and preparation for the upcoming days before my big day.


Superb Family Day

A little late for this post. Sorry :)... But I really want to share our super enjoy company Family day last Saturday with the theme: I cross.... I change Family adventure. Held at Camp Benjamin, Alfonso Cavite.

This is a family day, every regular associates are entitled for a one companion for all out free expenses. Of course, I`m with HiM ^_~.  Almost one and half hour travel from Alabang to the venue with the shuttle service we`re able to relax and enjoy the beautiful morning.

Raining the night before the big day, add more fun and give justice to the main event, obstacle course: Get clean and dirty... plus, I`m being blindfolded as if I`m the disabled person in our team... not only dirty... super dirty :).

Nothing bits the happiness when you`re with your family. The time spent together even just for one day is a moment that you can share for the rest of your life. Every smile and laughter of each and everyone is a medicine that can tear down stress and sadness. The day maybe tiring but in the faces of everyone total happiness can`t deny.

Good job for the recreational committee. Until next :))


Birthday wish :)

Its September!!!and the countdown for my birthday has started... proud turning 28, thankful and blessed. Birthday wishes are not only for kids, so I will have mine... and I claimed it, so help and me God.

My wish is for my sister Nene, and to Mama, may God give them more strength and keep them in good health especially Mama who is taking care of my sister, who has Schizophrenia. In God we trust. He knows best. I`m wishing, that my sister, can recover and regain her memory. I miss her so much.

For this year, I`m not really looking to celebrate my birthday partying or going out. I want to do something new, that I could reach out to other people whom close to my heart. An activity that I could share and help in my own little way. I`m thinking of starting my small advocacy. Though, I don`t have much budget but I know this could make my big day more meaningful.

Well. then I`m wishing myself the best of luck on 27th day of September. ^_~

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