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Preparation :)

September 27, is getting too close. I feel I don`t have much time to prepare for my project on my birthday. I`ve contacted two friends to ask for a help and support. And I`m so thankful I`ve got positive response from them. Getting their words make me more excited for my birthday to come.

I want to do something new on my birthday. So I planned to make project for this year. Since, this is my first time to do this, I will not go for its details. But, promise will share it here, after I accomplished my mission. I asked God to guide me and be with me doing this project. I really hope that I can make it this time. I`ve been thinking to do this many times, but for not valuable reason, I was`t able to do it. Crossed fingers, hoping for smooth planning and preparation for the upcoming days before my big day.

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