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Spoiled Girl

Just last weekend, Him transferred to a boarding house just few blocks from home. Actually, that was my great idea. hehehhe... Now, I can easily bragged his door, if I need something.

For for his 1st week, I asked him a favor to help me bring our computer to the repair shop. Since I`m on the night shift I asked him to fully take charged of everything needed with the repair. He buy new hardisk for the replacement, testing and brought it back home... by the way, he is also night shift our difference is I`m 5:25pm-3:20am and he is 10:00pm to 7:00am. My reason is, he has more morning hours than mine. Anyway, I didn`t hear any complain from him, he just said Okey to every favor I asked. hehehe

Aside from the computer repair, for two days, I wake him up as early as 1:00pm because I want to him to come with me to Alabang going to the office. This afternoon, when I said... "Hon, hatid mo ako ulit sa Alabang"... he replied to me, smiling.. "hhmmmm, spoiled kana ha, sobra..." just liked that... still, he comes with me.Ohh yah>> I`m spoiled lucky girl... heheh

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