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Superb Family Day

A little late for this post. Sorry :)... But I really want to share our super enjoy company Family day last Saturday with the theme: I cross.... I change Family adventure. Held at Camp Benjamin, Alfonso Cavite.

This is a family day, every regular associates are entitled for a one companion for all out free expenses. Of course, I`m with HiM ^_~.  Almost one and half hour travel from Alabang to the venue with the shuttle service we`re able to relax and enjoy the beautiful morning.

Raining the night before the big day, add more fun and give justice to the main event, obstacle course: Get clean and dirty... plus, I`m being blindfolded as if I`m the disabled person in our team... not only dirty... super dirty :).

Nothing bits the happiness when you`re with your family. The time spent together even just for one day is a moment that you can share for the rest of your life. Every smile and laughter of each and everyone is a medicine that can tear down stress and sadness. The day maybe tiring but in the faces of everyone total happiness can`t deny.

Good job for the recreational committee. Until next :))

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