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I have the best Back up :)

Last night, I`m having problem finishing the analysis and report for today`s deadline. I`ve got troubled with the license of software we`re using. It happened, when my computer crashed once and I wasn`t able to retrieved the licence again. I tried to shutdown my PC and log-in to other work station but nothing happened to get the license back. I need system administration and on the sad note; we don`t have system administrator during night shift.

I don`t have other option, but I have to handover my unfinished report to the other shift. No worries, I know I have the best back. Jeff can do the job and can finished it very well. And he accomplished more than to the favor I asked. When I come to the office this afternoon, job is finished and already sent to our partner in-charge at Technical center. Thank you Jeff. This is one thing great, working with people with good working attitude.

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