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Birthday wish :)

Its September!!!and the countdown for my birthday has started... proud turning 28, thankful and blessed. Birthday wishes are not only for kids, so I will have mine... and I claimed it, so help and me God.

My wish is for my sister Nene, and to Mama, may God give them more strength and keep them in good health especially Mama who is taking care of my sister, who has Schizophrenia. In God we trust. He knows best. I`m wishing, that my sister, can recover and regain her memory. I miss her so much.

For this year, I`m not really looking to celebrate my birthday partying or going out. I want to do something new, that I could reach out to other people whom close to my heart. An activity that I could share and help in my own little way. I`m thinking of starting my small advocacy. Though, I don`t have much budget but I know this could make my big day more meaningful.

Well. then I`m wishing myself the best of luck on 27th day of September. ^_~

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