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101 years of GOODNESS

More than to celebrate and to be thankful as my grandmother, Lola Piya celebrates her 101th birthday today. This is really a great blessing for the whole family as she stay strong and healthy.

Lola, Happy birthday, more years to celebrate and stay as healthy as you are now. Your love to us is such a great example. You`ve been our inspiration. Thank you so much for all the goodness that you shared and thought us.

We love you so much. See you soon :-)


My B-day

I bring back the glory and praises to God for the wonderful life He had given me.

What could I ask for more. Yes, my life wasn`t near to perfect, but I would say, I had a great one. I had the best family, my parents raise me well and love me unconditionally. I have my brother and sisters who loves me, and supported me to the best that they could. And I`ve been surrounded by my friends, who are willing to give a hand whenever I need one. My life, had an overflowing love and care from all the people around me. More than enough reason to be thankful.

I`ve been bless with good job. I love my work. I`ve been compensated well. Enough to provide my needs and tolerate my material wants. Allowed me to enjoy and feel content. I meet people, whom I build good relationship, more than a colleagues but become my 2nd Family.

One year is gone, other year to explore, days is not sure, just a promise. But whatever may come, I will embrace it and enjoy my life to the fullest.

To all, thank you for making my day so special. I love you all. May God bless you all in return.


I write

This is my entry to Techie She Lucky Blogger Weekly Giveaways Week 17. This week’s prize is $10 paypal credits from Mys of Written by Mys.

Before, I`m more on reading than writing, but now that I already have this blog... I write more. This blog become almost my diary. I write what is in my mind and what I feel. Reading is my pastime if I`m not busy at home. And writing is my medium, to go out with my emotions, either happy or sad. To write, is just like telling story... story of my life!


Advance Celebration

I always looked forward for my birthday every year. Because it`s the day, when God give me the gift of life. And I have to be thankful and be merry for this gift.

This year, Sept. 27, would fall on Tuesday, since it`s weekday, it`s hard to gather all in one day event, so decided to have an advance celebration with my high school friends and my family. Just a simple get together with them, that I could share my happiness in life, and the blessings that God give me throughout the years of my existence.

We had it last Saturday, and thank you to my Ate Goya for helping me with the preparation, from grocery down to cooking. The whole night celebration was great. I`m really happy, that once more... I was able to celebrate my birthday the way I want it. And I`m so grateful that God allowed me.

Thank you to all my friends, who made it last Saturday. For adjusting your schedules to celebrate with me. I`m so bless that I have you all in my life. Thank you, for your love and care! And thank you for the gift of friendship that I would treasure forever. I love you all...



Personally orange is not my color. Maybe because of my "fair" ( hehe) complexion. But I have this orange jacket. The first time at saw it at the store, I really want to own one, but I don`t have budget that time, so I waited for the payday. Lucky to have it, before it goes out of stock. This is my favorite jacket, very comfortable to wear. And this photo was taken at Baguio in Burnham Park last December.

And of course, if I have white caps last week, and red one last year. I have also orange one on my collection. This one is from an old flame of mine, Ryan ( oh ha! I named him). If I`m not mastaken, he gave it to me, before he finished his contract on the company were worked together before. ( love life trivia )...hehe!

More orange story... clik the badge ^_~


It`s your B-day


It`s past 12 am here... Sept. 20, 2011 already.
And It`s your birthday now...
Happiness and good health for you.
May God shower more blessing into your life.
I don`t have b-day present for you,
but I want to remind you how special you are to my life.
Happy Birthday my dear, and many happy returns of the day.
Enjoy your special day, be safe.

I love you...
Gerlie C. Estremera


Mhean and Udith

This is my entry to the Week 16 of the Techie She Lucky Blogger Weekly Giveaways. This week’s prize is $10 paypal credits from Mel Cole of The Jolly Toes.

I`m so lucky to have this two ladies as my friend. Mary ann, short for "mhean" and Judith for "udith". We`re friends since highschool, though we have different circle of friends during that time, still we considered ourselves as friends.

Our friendships become more stronger, we become more closer to each this time. This two ladies are very jolly to be with. Every time we`re together, there is no room for sadness and dull moments. We laugh as if there is no other people around. :-)



When it comes to t-shirt I love white. It makes me feel fresh and clean. Though mostly it getting used to mess. And for someone like me, which is too clumsy "sometimes"... I need an extra effort every time I`m in white.

Last year, I shared also here in GT in color RED, my Red cap. Now... as added on my cap collection I have two white caps. One is from my brother-in-law Kuya jr and the other one is from our manager Mr. Nakashima. And, if anyone wants to add on my collection very much appreciated... hehehe

Happy GT ^_~


Our Louise

This is my entry to Techie She Lucky Blogger Weekly Giveaways Week 15. This week’s prize is $10 paypal credits from Sheryl of Contest Fan.

This post is late already... but as they said, better than never.. ( lusot )

My nephew Louise is a grade two pupil and he maintain his rank to be on the top three of the class. Last month, as Buwan ng Wika has been celebrated, again he was chosen to represent his section on the Oration Contest in their school. He was forced (hehehe) to memorized a tagalog oration piece with 8 stanza. And I`m ( proud tita ) the one who trained him on how to deliver his piece. Though, he didn`t bring home the bacon. He still the winner for me.


One day Change :-)

This is my entry to Techie She Lucky Blogger Weekly Giveaways Week 14. This week’s prize is $10 paypal credits from Sheila of Picture My World

Past weeks, I`m emotionally disturb... hehehe! So, to blow away the bad vibes I decided to have a little change in my looks... just for one day, and also since we`re going to have our family day in the company. I should feel good, enjoy and have fun.

One day change on my hair... this is my first time to be curly ;-) ... and I feel so gorgeous in my new look. Picture of being refresh and I love it.


The letter


It took me a lot of time, because I need a lot of courage.
Thank you, I really appreciate that in one point of your life. You`ve like me...
Thank you, that even a short period of time that
you are mine, it makes me happy,

And I`m sorry for whatever I cause in you.

I love you... but I have to set you free.
I`m letting you go now, so you could find your
true happiness.

God Bless my Dear.

Best Regards,
Gerlie C. Estremera


I won... yahoooo!!!

I`m a little bit pre-occupied for the past weeks... sorry :-), Just last night, I read the good news... I `m the lucky winner of week 10 Techie She Lucky Blogger... I don`t expect this one, and I`m so happy because this is my 1st time to win as a blogger.

Thank you to the host Techie She and to Mel the week 10 sponsor. God bless you ladies ;-)



I don`t have much pink stuff on my room and closet. So girls please bear this one... hehehe! I`m a little bit daring today... and allow me to feel my sexiness... Lolz ;0)

My pink stripe top and handkerchief. This photo was taken last year during our vacation at Bicol. And my family explore the Paguriran Beach in Bacon, Sorsogon.


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